The TravelDiva Swim Bike Run’s…Skip, Hop, Jumps Too!

Most of my friends & family know me pretty well and know that I plan out my run, skip, jump, leap tall buildings calendar out pretty far in advance. See…all this Wonder Woman business requires sponsorship, small business loans or, if necessary, time on the pole.


Since the New Year, the most popular question I’ve been asked is NOT what my resolutions are but what races/adventures are you up to this year. Well, after a meeting with my coach to develop a 3 year plan to IRONMAN GLORY for my 50th birthday, here is the plan of attack for 2014!


PRINCESSHALF                    Marine-corp-17_7k-logo

Princess Half Marathon – Feb                        Marine Corp 17.75K – Apr



Columbia Triathlon – May                             Rebel Race w/HardBodies - June


MD Olympic Du – July                                MD Sprint DU – August


                                        IG Rocky Gap Relay Team – Sept


                                            NUFF SAID – September 2014


There will be some grins & giggles races added in cause my coach said so – group training (Icicle Ride, 6 Pillars) – I generally do what she tells me – mostly. Also, I’m waiting to see if I made the second lottery drawing for the NYC Half Marathon March 16th - from Central Park through Times Square to lower Manhattan! WHAT FUN!



Plus I would get to mooch off my BFF Val in Manhattan. Now that is how to race.


So, stay tuned for the occasional picture update from all the suffering training and adventures. Really, this is actually what I consider fun. REALLY!

          photo 4   photo 1

                                     SWIM         BIKE             RUN

photo 5