No Headphones Allowed

Just about every sing race that I have entered this year has a “No Headphones Allowed” policy on the race course. It is a sound policy. I understand. It really isn’t safe to run, bike, walk…whatever on the open road with headphones obstructing your ability to hear traffic or sounds around you that might give you a warning of imminent danger of becoming road kill.




I just can’t run without my music especially for any significant distance. Well, I can and have, but I just don’t want to. I hate it. Nothing but random thoughts of WTF was I thinking, this sucks, it hurts, the pain, when will this be over running ram shod through my head. (Oh, and GOOD FOR YOU to those “elite athletes” out there that have the ultimate control over their minds to not need music. Way to go! WHATEVER). I want my music, even if sometimes it is just my cadence tracks to keep me on a pace, to keep me company, to sing along to and to give me that burst of energy just at the right moment. (Playlist organization is KEY here).


Well, I have been searching high and low for an alternative to headphones in my ears. Some kind of wearable speakers or something that wont be in my ears and will not get me disqualified on the race course. AND I FOUND IT.


photo 1

Tuck Away Tunes


They are wearable speakers that go under your shirt right about your shoulders. They attach by a magnets that are pretty dang strong. *don’t put near anything that might get demagnetized*  I put them on under a sweat jacket and those puppies didn’t come off at all…I felt I was going to break them when I tried to just pull them off. DON’T. The music is loud enough for you to hear the lyrics and still hear what’s going on around you. I suppose if someone is close enough to you on the race course that they would hear your music too. OH WELL. They didn’t say NO MUSIC on the race course, now did they.

             photo 2   photo 3

So, I am RET TO GO! for Sunday’s Cherry Blossom 10 miler. NO headphones, just my wearable speakers…they won’t even see the cord. MUWAAAAHAAHAAAHAA! Ya’ll need to get you some of these.


Total Compensation


I find it amusing when talking to colleagues in my industry (medical sales) that scoff at what some companies are offering as a base salary these days for management level jobs. I just kinda stare & smile as they go on about what they use to make in base, and what position they used to have, and how they won’t accept anything less. Sometimes I might ask how long have they been laid off on the market or (if feeling bold) how many weeks/months of severance they got. Sometimes. Usually those who throw their nose in the air at the District Manager job with the base that is at least 40% lower than their previous base haven’t been optimized long or still have their severance kicking in & medical subsidized.


They haven’t been out there long ON THEIR OWN DIME. It hasn’t hit them yet that they now have to pay for their own internet service, cell phone, car (note, insurance, maintenance & GAS). They haven’t received that notice that they are now on COBRA to the tune of $1800/month for a family of 4 and/or haven’t had to try to get their own private medical insurance (try paying those premiums your damn self- GRUESOME). Their severance hasn’t ran out yet and they haven’t had to apply for unemployment benefits – YET. They probably also don’t have a spouse that is building a company (self-employed) and thus can’t just shift over to their medical/dental coverage.




I am of the firm belief that some people just don’t do the math. They have never had to. It’s just easy to NOT think about the TOTAL COMPENSATION package that you had/have until you actually ARE that package & have to come out of pocket. It hurts. There is suffering & noshing of teeth. Sacrifice. When it hits you square up in the face with bills that don’t go on an expense report (phone, internet service, MFn GAS), with having to get a car since you have always had a “fleet vehicle or car allowance”, with paying COBRA or your own premiums, THEN you will actually find value and calculate TOTAL COMPENSATION when you are given an offer.


Been there. Doing that. Starting your own company & building it successfully is awesome, rewarding AND expensive. I decided to go back to work for an employer recently to take some of the pressure off of the coffers (I’m tired of cat food; gives you hella bad breath – Just Kidding) as we build the Empire. No biggie. I have always played my position on the team.


I just accepted an offer from a company and I tell you, I had a moment of PURE GLEE when I got an email about making arrangements to have my “fleet car” delivered.




Outside of my base salary & bonus/commission, the FM and I sat down and calculated the “value” of the rest of my offer (car, gas, cell phone, medical/dental/vision, internet, PTO)  to make sure that it was worth accepting. We calculated together the value…and it came to over $25K. FIX YO FACE. Yep.




Take your cell phone bill, internet service, car note, insurance, average gas spend/month, medical premiums (guess or pull it off your paycheck since you don’t pay it yourself), multiply it by 12 and see what you come up with. (Now, if you are in a different industry you will have to use other things that you get COMPENSATED for at your company that you take for granted cause it doesn’t really come out your pocket – THINK)


So, here’s the deal. Before you just up and jump ship to go to another gig, before you refuse an offer cause the “base” salary seems a tad low or not what your accustomed to – calculate your TOTAL COMPENSATION PACKAGE. You might also want to put a number on the cost of your 401K, Life Insurance and other bennies that your company gives you to that over & above base calculation. Once you have the total VALUE of your compensation – you can then make a informed (and financially savvy) decision about what to do or not do.


I’m just sayin


Randoms of a Traveling Lacrosse Mom


I got up at the crack of dawn on Friday to catch a 6am flight to Ft Wayne, IN to attend Parents Weekend at Indiana Tech and get me some WARRIOR LACROSSE in. I was worried about the whole trip as Prince Jordan has not had much luck in traveling to & fro from school in the past couple of months.


The trip was uneventful. I even got the opportunity to “volunteer” to give up my seat and catch the next flight out of Detroit to Ft.Wayne. Since I didn’t have to be there until 7pm for the game, I volunteered and scored a $400 travel voucher on Delta.


Our Memorial Day vacation is going to be that much better when our flights (The FireMarshall has a free ticket as well from another trip) are taken care of. And NO, I don’t have a problem traveling on a different airline than the FM. We will arrive at the same destination and have a rip roaring time.


Do I take this Warrior Lacrosse Mom business seriously? YEP. I’ve got my colors on, my bling on & even my nails are painted orange. I also go a tad overboard with capturing pictures of my Warriors.


I did some research on great sport telephoto lenses and came up with the Canon EF 400 mm/ F2.8 L IS. (“The Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens is the ultimate Canon professional field/track sports lens.”) Of course I went back to www.borrowlenses.com to rent the lens for the weekend. I rented from them before, but this time I was asked to verify my identity by sending over various scanned copies of my id & the CC I used to prove the it was IN FACT me that ordered it. Then I got an email asking all kinds of questions (was I a professional photographer, did I have a website, business EIN – if so, do I have any references, etc). I was taken aback a bit…at first…and then I went to look at how much this sucker costs.


$7-$8000 DOLLARS. GTFOOH. No wonder they wanted me to verify and put up a kid as collateral. I finally satisfied all their questions and they sent me the lens. It arrived in a friggin suitcase.


I got skerred. DA HELL DID I ORDER?


I am lugging all my camera equipment around in a piece of luggage on wheels.


NO! I am not from ESPN. Warrior Fans – stop asking me – I’m just an overzealous Warrior Lax Mom/Fan.

   cameramom   cannonlens2

Let me tell you what I’ve learned after the first night game:

  • I still suck at night photo’s even under lights & with a $8k SUPER LENS
  • I have to take LOTS (like a gazillion) to get some great shots, especially at night. I SUCK.
  • That lens is HEAVY even using on a monopod. Also, you just do jump up and move locations. Did I say that sucker is HEAVY!
  • Have back up batteries. For some reason this lens sucked the life out of two batteries in two hours.
  • Use that hood. They sent it to me for a reason…I think.


No, I am not a professional photographer. STOP ASKING. Why did I rent it? CAUSE I DO WHAT DA HELL I WANT TO DO. Yeah, sure. I’ll take your picture…IF YOU GO STAND ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD.


I am having a wonderful time hanging with some of the other Warrior Lacrosse Mom’s. They now know that I only need a nudge to act out a complete LAX COUGAR MOM fool. Diana – yeah, you! And as for “Doris Day” – once she took off that apron, it was on & poppin. I’m still working on a comeback after she threw me under the bus last night over the “bathroom” incident.


I haven’t laughed so hard and cut up so much with these ladies, their husbands & our Warrior Lax Men in ages. I think I punctured my spleen.


Another game is up late this afternoon with a SLAMMIN’ TAILGATE! I’m Girding My Loins for when the INDIANA TECH WARRIOR LACROSSE TEAM releases THE CRACKEN!



Photo of the Week

I recently submitted these two pictures to www.laxallstars.com for their Photo of the Week Contest:






This week’s Photo of the Week is another shot featuring a goalie.  What can we say?  We love those crazy keepers!

Lisa Steptoe (another great last name!), a mom of a player on the Indiana Tech team (we think it’s number 30!) sent over some pictures from their games against Liberty and Palm Beach Atlantic and for her effort, the entire Indiana Tech team has won Grow The Game Helmet Stickers!  Fantastic work, Lisa!  Good enough that you’re taking home the winning prize as well as the Honorable Mention.  Here at LAS we reward hard work, dedication and skill.  And Lisa’s got all three.

Thanks Lacrosse All Stars and a big shout out to www.BorrowLenses.com where I rented the lens that helped me to capture these awesome pictures. Friday isn’t going to get here fast enough. WOO HOO!!!


Yeah – this was a real, bonafide shameless plug. So.


Travel Drama–Episode 29


I swear on all that is Holy that there HAS to be a Travel Demon between BWI & Ft.Wayne, IN. HAS TO BE. It seems that every time The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm tries to come home or go back to college, there is some form or TRAVEL DRAMA involved in any of the journey to or fro.


Today started off innocent enough. Prince Jordan & his First Knight, Sir Tony enjoyed a week of Spring Break at True Blessing Estate. For an entire week, they got run of the Kingdom under the watchful eye  of Emperor FireMarshall & Empress TravelDiva (more TheTravelDiva since the FM is actually a KOJ – Killer of Joy). After the week of festivities & “socials” every night, they boarded a plane back to Indiana.


The United flight left BWI at 1212pm…but didn’t touch down in Chicago. You see, there was this “act of nature” called a rain & lightening storm. So the United Flight from BWI to Chicago Ohare landed in Indianapolis, IN instead to wait out the storm.  That flight sat on the runway in INDIANA for 2 hours waiting out the storm, never went to a gate, took off and went back to Ohare. SERIOUSLY?  The Prince & Sir Tony got in the line with the rest of humanity to reschedule their flight. I KNEW that if The Empress didn’t intercede, those boys wouldn’t get back to college until before next weekend Parents Weekend. I got on the phone with United & they quickly booked The Prince & Sir Tony on the next flight out…the only flight out on any airline to Ft. Wayne…until 6 am THE NEXT MORNING.


So…what are they supposed to do until 5am the next morning? I work on finding them lodging. I find a very reasonable rate at a hotel called Baymont Inn & Suites Ohare/Elk Village. Well, let me tell ya – YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I made the reservation on an online travel site and went about my business. The Prince & Sir Tony get to the hotel and THOSE SUMBYOTCHES at the Baymont Inn & Suites Ohare put them back on the street saying that there was a “law” in Elk Village stating that it was illegal to house any person under the age of 21. SERIOUSLY. ARE YOU FUGGING KIDDING ME. So if a 20 year old SOLDIER, SEAMAN, MARINE 20 years old or less that is SERVING their country and protecting your right to even own a MFn’ hotel could stay at your piece of shit in the woods. GTFOOHWTBS. Law my ass.


But put them out on the street they did. Told ME – The EMPRESS – that it wasn’t personal, it was the law. UH HUH. Wanna see one of the 4 horses of the apocalypse? That was me. On a rampage. I called in some Woop Ass Supply Ships for lands as far as TX & FL and become my campaign of rendering you’re the BAYMONT INN & SUITES OHARE’s reputation to dust…and I haven’t finished. I will make it my personal MISSION to get on every travel sight known to man and render a review that would make Atilla the Hun look like a nice guy. LAW MY AZZ.


While Prince Jordan & Sir Tony were riding on the shuttle back & forth from the airport and the piece of shyat hotel, The Emperor got on the phone with Starwood and secured a reservation at the Four Points Sheraton Ohare where all they requested was a signed release authorizing what charges we would allow The Prince & Sir Tony to put on our bill. Ms. Anna at the Four Points Sheraton Ohare took care of the young men, got them settled and whatnot like the professional I have always met & expected from a Starwood Property.


I still wait with baited breath to see that they actually get out of Ohare. May God grant our young men Travel Mercies and get them back to college without any more incident. Thank you for granting us the wisdom and patience to find a solution & the strength to deal with irrational, rude & disrespectful organizations with force & authority. I am thankful for all of your blessings.


I’ll keep you posted.


The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


Are you familiar with the “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”? The story is often associated with the mental disorder of split personality wherein within the same person there are two distinct personalities. In this story, the two personalities in Dr Jekyll are apparently good and evil, with completely opposite levels of morality.


I am living a true case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, except in this reality show the characters are two distinct people born of the same mother, raised in the same household, given the same opportunities & largess of the family fortune (how big or small that was) and yet are the complete opposite in terms of our moral compass & clarity of right & wrong.


One sister (Dr. Jekyll) has a moral compass pointed true north – at least for the most part, when there isn’t a full moon,  a solar eclipse or the core of the earth stops spinning(then all bets are off).


The other sister (Mr. Hyde) has no compass at all.  Her compass is so mangled that it no longer works.


…and Mr. Hyde has come to live again with Dr. Jekyll because we have burned so many bridges, our criminal escapades have ruined your chances at just about anything, our health is failing and we have no where, no body but your mother & sister left to turn to.


So here Mr. Hyde sits, in Dr. Jekyll’s home and despite every effort to take a hammer to the needle in Mr. Hyde’s compass and straighten it out if only to get it to spin again – that mofo just doesn’t think that they are doing ANYTHING wrong.


Dr. Jekyll has raised 3 of 4 of your kids and now Mr. Hyde is living off of the generosity of Dr. Jekyll and that sumbyotch got the nerve to raise their voice, to yell & blame & point fingers about how they still can’t get a break. Mr. Hyde has the audacity to think that throwing $50 at Dr. Jekyll “for rent” (where you got that money…Dr. Jekyll doesn’t EVEN want to know) makes breaking your word, not doing what you need to do to get back on your feet, running the streets & then asking Dr. Jekyll to come pick u up, lying and…shall we go on…that it make it A-OK.


Perhaps Dr. Jekyll should not be reading Atlas Shrugged while she has a “looter” & user living under her roof - for my attitude is becoming a summation in this paragraph from the book:


“Perhaps I woe you an explanation, if I have misled you. I’ve tried never to remind you that you’re living on my charity. I thought that it was your place to remember it. I thought that any human being who accepts the help of another, knows that good will is the giver’s only motive and that good will is the payment he owes in return. But I see that I was wrong. you were getting your food unearned and you concluded that affection did not have to be earned, either. You concluded that I was the safest person in the world for you to spit on, precisely because I held you by the throat. You concluded that I wouldn’t want to remind you of it and that I would be tied by the fear of hurting your feelings. All right, let’s get it straight: you’re an object of charity who’s exhausted his credit long ago.  Whatever affection I might have felt for you once, is gone. I haven’t the slightest interest in you, your fate or your future. I haven’t any reason whatever for wishing to feed you. If you leave my house, it won’t make any difference to me whether you starve or not. Now THAT is your position here and I will expect you to remember it, if you wish to stay. If not, then get out." Henry Reardon, Atlas Shrugged


I believe Dr. Jekyll is about to have this conversation with Hyde. She will reflect on it, remember it OR she will be hitting the fugging door.



Where Dogs Come to Party


The Royal Dog, Romeo, definitely got the ultimate royal treatment today when Zander’s Boomin’ Goomin’ Room showed up to give Romeo his spa treatments. Romeo seemed to know what was in store cause he chased the truck up the driveway and then did circles around it waiting for them to open the door so he could get his hair done, nails done, everything did.


Oh yeah, The Royal Dog IS fancy!


IMG_2897   romeo

CAUTION: Pawty in Progress


The lady was VERY friendly and efficient. Romeo was in the truck & out in under 45 minutes smelling all FANCY. We love the Doggie Party Grooming Truck! If you are in the Maryland Area you have to check out Zanders – “Where Dogs Come to Party!”


Yoplait & National Nutrition Month


March is National Nutrition Month and there´s no better time than now for all of us to commit to more wholesome snacking options…or least make a concerted effort at it.

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In order to help Yoplait help you, they are expanding their community on Facebook to keep up us up to date with all the exciting news and offers they have in store for fans.


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I have already participated in the Two Week Tune up and let me tell you…those Delight Parfait’s are DA BOMB! Check em out for a tasty treat that won’t blow the whole weight management plan out the water.


So, if you want to learn more on how to incorporate Yoplait Yogurt into a healthy diet, visit

Happy Eating!

“I was provided with product information and the opportunity to win a Yoplait prize pack, courtesy of Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.”


Outside my Sunroom


I stepped outside my sunroom last night, looked up and this was the view. Made me feel a little melancholy, but perhaps it was because I was very tired (been training hard this week). It was also a little surreal & beautiful.


I wish I had captured the moon better with this shot. Had me looking up photography classes online, and then I fell asleep with computer on my lap. That reminds me…*look up lens to rent for Parents Weekend*.


Remember it is FLUFFY FRIDAY!!!! Make it a great one!


#22 Indiana Tech Men’s LAX falls to #2 Davenport

#2 Davenport Defeats Warriors

March 12, 2011

For Immediate Release

Grand Rapids, MI – For a second straight weekend, the Indiana Tech men’s lacrosse team faced off against a Top 5 ranked team. The 22nd ranked Warriors fell to the No.2 ranked Davenport University Panthers 21-7.


Davenport took a 2-0 lead to start the game before sophomore Brent Nichter (Ft. Wayne, IN/Bishop Luers) scored to cut into the lead. The Panthers then scored 10 unanswered goals before halftime to take a 12-1 advantage into the break. The Panthers then outscored Tech in the second half, 9-6.

Tony Cremeens (St. Charles, MO/Hazelwood), Craig Schaepkens (Davison, MI/Davison), and Josh Puckett (Cincinnati, OH/Mason) all had two goals each and Nichter added one. Schaepkens also dished out two assists while Josh Ambrose (Brooklyn Park, MN/Armstrong), Nicholas Lichtsinn (Ft. Wayne, IN/Snider), and Nichter had one assist apiece. Nichter was big on face-offs and picked up a team-high six ground balls. Shaun Lewandowski (Tecumseh, MI/Tecumseh) played great on defense and Tony Loftus (Fishers, IN/Hamilton Southeastern) and Jordan Steptoe (Ellicott City, MD/River Hill) played well in goal.

The Warriors will be back in action on Indiana Tech’s Hall of Fame Weekend on Friday, March 25 against Purdue University at 8:30 p.m.


…and this Warrior Lacrosse Mom will be there!


This was a tough one to watch, but watch & cheer them on I did, while freezing my patootie off. I’ve got Prince Jordan and Sir Tony for a week of Spring Break – Time for KOOLAID MOMMA’S HOUSE to open. Let the mixology & shenanigans begin as the revolving door opens for all of my “kids”.


Enjoy another Warrior Lacrosse Mom video production.


Mission Michigan–Road Trip Random’s


The FireMarshall, Princess Cara and I are on the road RIGHT NOW enroute to Grand Rapids, MI to watch Indiana Tech LAX and, more importantly, pick up Prince Jordan & Sir Tony for a little Spring Break Fling in DC. Yeah, they called on afternoon and snookered the Queen into this whole adventure.

Last night, around 11:30pm, The FireMarshall asked me to check the weather as we packed to see if we needed to bring some artic gear to watch the game in. I flipped on the Weather Channel and – SHOCK & AWE! A frigging snow storm dead smack in the middle of our route (10 – 12 in of snow in Cleveland). Ummm. Yeah. I went to the cloud (no, really, I just opened two windows on my ‘puter) between MapQ.ues.t & weather dot com we tried to make a command decision on what to do:

  • Leave later waiting for storm to pass
  • Leave now – didn’t make much difference
  • Plot a different route – that was the ticket (or so we hope)

Instead of going the most direct route through Pittsburg to Cleveland up to Grand Rapids, we are staying a little south (on I70) to Columbus, hook up to Ft Wayne, IN then up to Grand Rapids. Keeps us south of the storm and only adds about 1 hour to the already brutal 10/11hour travel time.

VIVA EL INFORME RICO! or at least noaa.org

We are on the road now (in West Virginia to be exact) and while cloudy we have clear skies. Pray for travel mercies. Since there is always some grins, giggles & shenanigans on every adventure we embark on, I’ll be back from time to time to update you with…


So, obviously we have taken so many road trips in the Party Van that the drivers seat is a tad worn down. Why was The FireMarshall’s solution to the problem to sit on Princess Cara’s Bumble Bee Pillow Pet? You don’t even WANT to know where the face of the bee is. SMH.

If Princess Cara as ONE MORE DAMN TIME if we are almost there, I'm going to throw that American Doll out the dag on window! Kill me friggin NOW! Uggaaahhh. So, she realizes that we are at our wits end and asks for one of her blow pops. Sure, we give it to her. SHUT THE EFF UP!

We got played.

What possessed me to teach Princess Cara how to get the truck drivers to blow their horns. DUMB AZZ.

Guess the whole go an hour out of your way idea is paying off. Except for a little bit of flurries in the mountains of PA, we got zilch since we hit OH & still nothing outside of Ann Arbor, MI.

I LOVE having a mobile hotspot on road trips. I'm roaming all over deeze here innanets even registering for the ZOOMA Annapolis 10K. I refuse to watch video - OVER & OVER of the devastation in Japan. I'll just pray instead. I don't need to watch it a gazzillion times to know that it is awful.

Princess Cara is a great Road Dawg. She's fun (except when she asks if we are there yet).

Da Hell is that thing?


Daddy Does Hair

This sight bring me joy EVERY SINGLE TIME. The FireMarshall can handle himself a flatiron and bump a mean curl to Princess Cara's ponytails.

Brings me pure joy!


Gas Anyone?


Anybody else fell my pain? I am seriously entertaining riding my bike more & more. *opens Mr. Google to look up saddle bags* or utilize my Tri-Transition Backpack to carry stuff. This is RE-DAM-DICULOUS.


Sigh. Bright side – I’ll be fit as damn hell.


A Sunday Afternoon in Central Park

A wonderful afternoon in Central Park to round out a special weekend in New York City with The FireMarshall & Princess Cara.


Sunday in Central Park