DA HELL YOU SAY - Explain it to me–Help me Understand

makes no sense

Today I read a FB status update that rendered me, of all people, speechless. After staring at it for a while and typing out a hot response, I decided to erase it and not engage in a discussion about the post with a bunch of people that, by the way people were liking it, thought the same way.


I just didn’t see the point in getting into a heated FB argument discussion that wasn’t going to change anything.


I decided to post it here, to perhaps a broader minded audience, and see if you can explain to me - WITHOUT NAME CALLING, RHETORIC & BULLSHIT ONE LINERS - why my visceral reaction to it is off base. Once again, cite your facts (not sound bites) & show your work.


Here it goes:

“While our party [GOP} might not be for gay marriage, we must have a place for all people that want small government and a fiscal conservatism. If you are gay but want to remain an achievement driven economy, consider voting for Romney. If you are pro choice but concerned about the deficit, Romney is the man for you. We can't let a difference in one policy issue out of 10 or more to drive citizens to the entitlement party."

My gut reaction was…GTFOOHWTBS! So, regardless of the fact that “your party” believes gays should have no rights AT ALL, that they are amoral, unchristian and a plague upon society that will destroy the very fabric of our nation with their “behavior”, gays should vote for the GOP candidate because its ONLY one issue out of 10 or more. It’s just one little issue that even if the gay community supports Romney, they will get the clock turned back on every advancement, consideration, law that would make them equal under the law to every other citizen. Don’t worry, the gay community will certainly be better off in that bullshit “achievement driven economy” that will all of a sudden be created under Romney as if in the past 4 years everyone just laid down sideways in the government trough and said fugg it, I’m going to hold out for the freebies.


I have to be off base, right?


And hey, you pro choicers that believe a woman should have the RIGHT to decide what is best for her and her body, that rape is NOT a form of contraception, that a woman should have any rights at all to self-determination & liberty, but want something done about the deficit – NEVER FEAR – it’s only ONE ISSUE out of 10 or more. Don’t worry, while we are working on the deficit (that the GOP doesn’t even think they can balance till, what, 2014 OR even have a plan) we will continue to redefine rape, strip women of their rights and put men in charge of legislating v.ag.ina’s & ut.eru.ses (which it looks like they don’t even know how they work) and devise a plan to get you in a burka. Extreme? When I hear what some of the GOP elected officials are saying – yeah, that shit right there is EXTREME.


But I’m off base, right? I misunderstand, right? That’s not what you meant at all, huh?


Mmmmm, okay.


What my FB friend said came across to me as the same as saying – Hey, ignore the fact that that we don’t support Civil Rights legislation or think that minorities should have the same rights, under the CONSTITUTION, that we hold so dear, it’s just ONE ISSUE among 10 or more. Don’t let that worry your pretty little head. Support us while we stomp all over anyone or anything that gets in the way of us finding ways to put all of our money in overseas tax havens. Who gives a damn about the rest of “you people”, you underachieving, entitlement hungry, lazy minions.


Did I read too much into that update? I don’t think so, but there has to be SOMEBODY who can explain it to me.  I’m starting to think that I won’t even be able to save my watch from wading in the bullshit dished out over the next few months. Not at all.

First Day of 3rd Grade

Today is Princess Cara's 1st Day of 3rd Grade! She insisted on riding the bus to school now, since she is a "big girl" now.

I wonder where she got that sparkly, coordinated fashion sense from? I just can't imagine...hmmmm.

Happy 1st Day of School, Princess Cara!!!!!


1st Day of 3rd Grade Hair

It took me a few Y.ou.Tu.be University videos and almost 5 hours but I manage to do "Senegalese Twists" in Princess Cara's hair.

My fingers hurt. I have a callus forming on my right thumb, but it is done and The Princess is very happy.

Now, I think a HUGE cocktail(s) is in order as I peruse my IM70.3 training schedule for next week. Intense! So, how to get a swim in AND see Cara off on the bus?

Swim early & swim fast.

Stay tuned for 1st Day of 3rd Grade pics.


Cutting The Apron Strings


The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm left today to go back to college…for his SENIOR YEAR!


And he took the car back this year – cause we promised – all the way to Indiana. 10(TEN) hours to Indiana Tech – car loaded, all by himself.


…TEN HOURS on the highways & byways.


senioryr3 senioryr5

My baby done gone and growed up on me. We had BIG BREAKFAST with the family this morning, watched The Prince load the car (The FireMarshall prevented all of us women from getting involved –“Let that man take care of his business.” {{{O_O}}}), said our goodbyes and watched his drive away. SIGH.


And I didn’t burst into a heap of tears as he pulled off. Not even a lip tremble.


I think he’s gonna be okay.I guess I can put away the apron and hover craft…Mmmm…maybe I’ll just park it in the garage so if I need it…


Letting go is never easy.


Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon

2012 Maryland Women's Sprint Duathlon
2 Mile Run | 13 Mile Bike | 2 Mile Run

On August 5th, I participated the the Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon with my friend, Yolanda – Director, Strive2Tri and while we didn’t break any records, we had an absolute blast.


I drove the course the day before and was surprised at how “technical” it was with fast down hills going into hairpin curves or s-curves, rolling hills with some fast breakaways. Nevertheless, it was very scenic and looked like a fun course.

IMG_1294 IMG_1304

The sprint was a 2 mile run – 13mile bike –2 mile run. I was did fab on the way out with a crushingly fast pace of 11:27 (HA! That’s BOOKIN’ IT for me) and piddled around in transition (as I always seem to do) to hop on the bike.

IMG_1334 IMG_1347

While I wasn’t busting out any serious speed on the course, I got to say “On your left” or “passing” numerous times which brought me great joy! GREAT JOY! Every single time I was able to pass someone, it gave me just a little more pep to my pedal. However, the last 3 miles was the LONGEST gradual climb on the planet. LAWD! I thought I would never make it back into transition…where I piddled again for close to 4 mins before taking it out for the final 2 miles.

IMG_1376 IMG_1404

The last 2 mile loop was done in reverse. Downhill – mostly – on the 1st 2miles, UPHILL practically the entire way the 2nd 2miles. I thought I was gonna die. As I came around the corner to climb UPHILL the last half mile to the finish, I wanted to walk so damn bad, but I didn’t. I COULDN’T. I didn’t want anybody to see me walking the finish AND my coach was watching and I just didn’t want to hear his mouth ‘bout me not pushing that last bit like I knew I could.


I dug deep and ran up that hill, bringing it home.

IMG_1419 IMG_1422

This was a fun race. I had a great time. One of the biggest take-aways for me was about transitions…




If I cut 2 min off each piddle around (4 min total) I would have jumped up the rankings in my age group – by six positions. It shouldn’t be transitions that drag me down. Not at all. I have to have my game face on not only on the course, but in transition. It is not really a rest break. (So, I’m not supposed to eat lunch in there?) Gotcha!


SIIIIIRRRRRR, There are 39 and a Butt Days until IM70.3 Cozumel. 39 Days SIR!

Swimming & Biking & Running, OH MY!


Open Water Swim–This One’s a Fighter

openwaterswim8212Until the referee rings the bell
Until both your eyes start to swell
Until the crowd goes home
What we gonna do ya'll?

Give em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life 'til we're dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes the fighter, there goes the fighter
Here comes the fighter
That's what they'll say to me, say to me, say to me,
This one's a fighter ~
"The Fighter"
(feat. Ryan Tedder​)


I love this song…and the ladies I swam with today, well, here comes the fighters. I went out to act as “swim angel” to my friend, Misty, who is doing her first Iron Girl Tri Relay – she is doing the swim – and she was not feeling it at all. Two other ladies that are doing Iron Girl showed up and both were a bit skittish.


Understandable. Open Water Swimming can/will render the strongest of us into basket cases. Its can be daunting. However, what I’ve found is that it is one of the biggest mind games on the planet and the very minute you let negative or self defeating thoughts creep in  - the race/the swim is OVER. Your done.


My goal today was to give the ladies a few “coping” skills. Things they could do when they got scared, tired, or just plain freaked out. Going out, I decided to just see what they could do, what they were doing and keep everyone calm enough to get the 500yrds to the beach. And we had the “jellyfish” challenge to contend with.


So, one of the ladies had a jelly brush up against her and it was all like “OMG!!! What is that! Why does it sting. WHY DOES IT STING!.”  I swam over to her, had her flip over on her back and said “It’s over. It’s the past. YOU ARE OKAY! Calm down. Give me 10 slow deep breaths and then I want you to drill – let’s do a glide drill.” AND SHE DID.


Everybody got to the beach! And they were amazed that they could. I wasn’t. Watching them, I knew they had it in them, they just need to stay calm. GET OUT OF THE WATER BY ANY STROKE NECESSARY!! And they did.


Here swims the fighter! What ya gonna do, What ya gonna do? GIVE EM HELL!


At the beach, we discussed our stroke and we agreed to freestyle the entire way back by DRILLING our way back. DRILL BABY DRILL. Fingertip drill all the way. Repeat after me…Elbow up, drag fingers, hand in chute, GLIDE. AGAIN. Elbow, drag, chute, glide. AGAIN. Say it in your head over and over. You won’t have time to think about jelly’s or tired or I can’t or how far. DRILL BABY DRILL


And everyone got back to the dock 2-4 min faster than on the way out. THERE WENT SOME FIGHTERS.


They are gonna rock Iron Girl. ROCK IT! GIVE ‘EM HELL, Ladies!

IM70.3 Cozumel: What a Difference an Adjustment Makes

I  put TripleD in the the bike hospital on Saturday and decided to get a complete tune up as well. I also asked about a seat adjustment. I told the mechanic that I was feeling off – not comfortable – in the aero position and perhaps I needed to raise the seat. He put me on the bike and told me that the angle was off. I told him I felt like I was sliding forward all the time and he said that he thought if he leveled the seat, that I wouldn’t need to raise it at all. Okay. Diva Dawes would be ready by Tuesday.



I got the call and went to pick The Diva up. While waiting for them to bring her out, I perused the bike pron. LAWD! Will someone please sponsor me – like 2K level sponsorship – so I can have that Cannondale TT. Anybody?


N.E.Way…I get The Diva and she is all sparkly, shiny and lookin’ good as a beginner road bike can look. I get her home and take her out for a spin…up on the training schedule is a very short brick (45min total – I decide on 30 min on bike, 15min run).




I felt like I was on fire. No more sliding forward on my seat, no more fidgeting and adjusting myself back on seat. I was able to stay aero without feeling like I was going to fall off the seat. I felt AWESOME!


I have NEVER been this fast on straight aways. NEVER. While I still have work on the hills, I felt ON FIRE!


Was it the seat fix? Was I just having a great afternoon? I don’t know for sure. The seat felt SOOOOoooo much better leveled out. I felt like I was able to put more power in my stroke & pull when I was not constantly sliding forward.


We shall see. Moral of the story…get a tune up. Get fitted. Get another couple of eyes on your bike and on you. The little things…the devil is in the details.


Just think…I do this for grins, giggles and BLING!