Journey to IMMD - Six Pillars

I decided to do Six Pillars because one of the course routes was the 56 mile Eagleman course (which I would have to do for IM70.3 Eagleman in June) and cause my coach said so. My mother, The Queen Momz decided she wanted to start riding again and decided to join me by doing the 37 mile family fun ride...that don't even sound right, does it?

Well I put Momz through the paces on a trainer and found someone who would ride the 37 mile course with her while I knocked out 56 miles. My classmate and good friend, Connie, came in town, rented a bike and crushed it out with my Momz.

I came and did what I needed to get done for my training day. Nevertheless, I am super proud of my Momz, 75 years young this November, that has the tenacity and resilience to do something epic and outside her comfort zone. Where do I get it from?...The Apple don't fall far from the Tree.

Thank you, Connie for joining us for the weekend. What a blast.