Princess Cara

It is SOOOO great to have wonderful friends and "Aunties"....I know for a fact that Cara thinks so. A box arrived yesterday from Aunt Val & Uncle Mannie and Cara nearly blew a head gasket. Here is my Princess in her outfit that Aunt Val & Uncle Mannie sent...

Cara insisted on sleeping in her outfit, cried when she couldn't wear the outfit to school today, and immediately put it on when she got home today. A Diva after my own heart.


Amafights/Quixspats - Part 2

To know where I stand before I go on with another MLM rant read Amafights/Quixspats - Part 1.

I'm really pissed off now with all of the drama over Am.w.ay/Qu.ix.t.ar and the Books, Tapes Functions (Tools) business - Especially after I received the following email:

To Free URA Members,

Transition to the Top

Hi everyone,
The UR Association Board and Leadership have been considering the format of the various URA memberships and access to urassociation.com. After seven months of providing complimentary access to the community website, we have decided to discontinue this abbreviated version of access to the website. We want to offer only the best community website where business owners have full access to Events, Education, Videos, Resources, and Photos.

When will the complimentary websites be discontinued?
The website will be suspended on March 1st. We encourage you to upgrade to the basic, premium, or premium plus membership to gain the benefits of being a UR Association Member. Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work!

In other words, unless you pay a minimum of $25.00/month (basic package) and get a few tapes and other business support material automatically sent to each month whether you need it or not, you can't access the organizations website and find out about events or other resources available to you. Uh, huh. I thought (and according to the Business Support Material Agreement everyone has to sign) that the tools of the business were VOLUNTARY. Lies from the pits of Hell. There isn't anything voluntary in that letter.

Like I've said before, STOP lying! JUST STOP THE MADNESS. Everyone knows that there is a side business to this MLM and that is a Tools/Business Support Material Business. A lot of money is made off of new distributors and all of those who don't reach the Profit Sharing (or whatever they call it now...Q12 or something) Direct Distributor Level. All you hear about at business meetings, rally's, functions, night owls, team meetings..blah, blah, blah is about how "the only way to succeed in the business is to learn from the system - read the books, listen to the tapes, attend the functions." BULLSHYT.

I've been a REAL Business Owner/Entrepreneur for 8 years vs 12 years as an Independent Business Owner (MLM) and there ain't nothing independent about it. Basically, what they are telling you is that you MUST read what they tell you to read, listen to what they tell you to listen to, and attend the meetings they tell you to in order to succeed. If you don't, then they (your upline) won't help you. You can't think for yourself, you can develop your own business strategies, you can't pick the books you think would be best to help you succeed - basically you can't do anything without the consent & approval of your upline. Totally different story when you are REALLY in business for yourself - we make our own business decisions, we attend functions/conventions that we decide are relevant and make good business sense, we purchase business support materials when we NEED them, we purchase products & services at a REASONABLE price, we sell products & services at COMPETITIVE prices - that's what is INDEPENDENT. They need to change the name to Independent Business Owner (IBO) to Dependant Business Owner (DBO) cause that is what you really are.

While we still have an active IBO-ship (and we will keep it that way cause we ain't gonna throw away the little bit of change we get each month for building a network over 12 years), I am so glad we are NOT actively building this business. I don't think I could stomach listening to more Bull served up on a silver platter. I'm not gonna give UR Association $290/year to distribute amongst the upline or to whoever just to look at the calendar. At this point, I don't give a rats patootie what is going on in the organization.

And mark my words...I wouldn't be surprised if I get some nasty letter saying that because of my "negative" attitude that they are gonna terminate my IBO-ship. Wouldn't be surprised at all - it wouldn't have been the first time they've done it, no would it. And then I'm really gonna have something to say.

Build a Bear - Cara's 4th Birthday Party

Cara's 4th Birthday Party was yesterday at the Build-A-Bear store in the mall. 17 kids showed up (I really only planned for 12). Cara had a blast and I'm broke. Whew! That was a great party, but I don't ever recall my parents spending that kinda loot on me for parties. It was pizza and cake in the kitchen with a few (max 5) kids. Maybe a slumber party or two, but that's it. No entertainment (entertain yourself), no party planner, no themes (happy birthday is a theme in itself). My mother just shook her head and took pictures. Now it is a major production. Decadent is what I kept thinking.

No matter....Cara had a wonderful time and got lots of annoying toys with little pieces. If I step on one more thing. UGAAAAH!


Surprise Birthday Get-Together

My daughter and husband surprised me with a birthday get together last night with a bunch of my friends and family. I WAS surprised. I thought Ron and I were just going to dinner and when we got there...SURPRISE!

It was so nice...I felt loved....


Happy Birthday! Happy Blog Anniversary!

It is almost 2 years (in March) that I have started blogging. I started my blog shortly after my 40th Birthday after prodding from my girlfriend Terri who said that I should blog about all the wonderful trips and adventures that we (Ron & I) experience. So I started 2 years ago in March with adventures from my 40th Birthday trip to Tahiti. In my life, I've had a lot of GREAT years - very few NOT SO GREAT. While we are only into the 2nd month of 2008, Ron and I are having some bumpy, stressful times right now...not in our relationship, but in our business dealings and sometimes the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away...so dim.

What I hold onto are the GREAT years. The good times, because the not so great times are fleeting. We may not be able to control every aspect of what is going on right now, but what we can control is our ATTITUDE about it. We may be under a great deal of stress and it seems like the weight of the world is upon us, but if it don't kill us - it WILL make us stronger.

I recite this verse every day (probably several times a day right now) to keep me from going over the edge...."Blessed is the man who perseveres under trials, because when he has stood the test, he will recieve the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him." - James 1:12 (NIV)

So, even though things are a little rough right now...it is still my AWESOME 11th Anniversary of my 21st Birthday & my 2nd Blogging Anniversary. Rock On!

I hope you enjoy these videos from another GREAT BIRTHDAY as much as I did....

40 Year in a Diva's Life

Remembering Tahiti


Lunar Eclipse

The last lunar eclipse until December 20, 2010 occured tonight and I managed to capture a few shots with my Canon EOS and a tripod. Not too shabby. It was pretty cool to look at. If I still had a telescope I would have been able to see the rings of Saturn.

Tech Support Rant

The Steptoe Ranchero has just had a bad month of technical difficulties. Check out the latest IT debacle over at my ma's place:


It looks like a scene right out of The Terminator...I'm not sure what she is really building over there, but it sure looks like the precursor for Skynet.

21st Anniversary of my 21st Birthday

WOOOO HOOOO! Tomorrow is the 21st Anniversary of my 21st Birthday (and my mother-in-laws too - but more like her 35th anniversary). Just another workday tomorrow but I've been told that I must be ready for a night out on the town on Friday. I am ready for my closeup!

I'm sharing with you a little video ditty that I put together last year. When I started at my new company, we were a whole new division, all new people (just 15 of us) and we were asked to put together a presentation about who were were and what we were about. In addition to my powerpoint with all my vitals, I included this video slide show so the team would know that they had a diva in their midst...Watch out...she may be beautiful, but she does know how to kill.

Happy Birthday To Moi!


The Last Lecutre

Take 10 minutes of your time to watch this video...it will leave you thinking. What would you do? Would you be able to live like Dr. Pausch if you knew you only had a few months to live?

I know that I have been inspired.


My Valentine's Day

My day began with a kiss, a card, flowers and a new purse....

Not too shabby...The purse is just soooo beautiful...and RED - my favorite color.

I then spent the morning with Cara at her Dayton Oaks Classroom for their Valentine's Party. I'll admit right up front that I was over the top with my gifts. Especially for her teachers since I was weak over Christmas. I notices several ooos and aaaaahs going on in the back of the classroom (Bath & Body Works Shower Gel, Hand Sanitizer, Red Massage Hand Tool & Lip Balm, heart box of candy)...yeah, okay...it was all on sale.

Anyway...we made crafts, exchanged valentines and ate snacks. I just love that Cara thinks I'm the "cats meow" and is so excited that I am there. Every time I think that I'm tired or remember that I was almost done with rearing children, she looks at me with those angel eyes and I'm lost.

Ron and I went out to dinner at our favorite haunt...The Iron Bridge Wine Company. The Food is fabulous and the wine - enough said. I gave Ron an David Yurman Thouroughbred Cross Necklace at dinner over our champagne. HE LOVED IT!

A perfect day.



Black History Month Facts - Usual Suspects

In keeping with Black History month, I'm including here a couple of facts about African-American Inventions and Inventors:

1. Sarah Boone's invention is probably in every household in this country. Her invention of the ironing board in 1892 helps people keep their clothes wrinkle-free.

2. On November 20, 1923 the first automated three way stop light was invented by Garrett A. Morgan.

3. Without J.F. Pickering's invention, the air ship (BLIMP), many of us would not know Goodyear.

4. Achieving straight hair without any chemicals was made possible after Walter Sammons invented the pressing comb. (December 12, 1920, Patent #1,362,823)

5. Grandville T. Woods invented the apparatus for transmission of messages by electricity (Patnet No. 315,368 April 7, 1885), the electric railway system in 1892, the roller coster and the auto air brake among many other things.

6. The feminine care ailse has not been the same since Mary B. Kenner invented the sanitary belt. (Patent Date May 15, 1956)

7. Car repairs became easier after John A. Johnson invented the wrench in 1922.

8. P.B Downing and E.G. Becket invented the mailbox in 1891.

9. Benjamin Banneker, a 22 year old African American, became the first person in America to build a clock in 1753.

10. Physicist Robert E. Shurney invented the metal chevrons (or wire mesh tires) for the wheels of the "Moon Buggies" that deflected moon dust away from the astronauts on 1972's Apollo 15 moon landing.

There are 148 Inventions and Inventors as well as 58 List of Firsts in "Your Little Black Book, Vol 1: African American Inventions and Inventors."

FYI - I will be giving this book out to all of our fabulous guests at the February 17th USUAL SUSPECTS EVENT.

The invite has been sent out. Check your mailbox. If you haven't received your invite and want to come play and have a good time, drop me a line at ecomwealth@bww.com.

Don't miss the fun.

Black Knight On Leadership

Our classmate and best friend just started a blog on Leadership. It is great! I hope you will go and check it out....today's entry features a lesson on Focus and going back to the Basics featuring my Knight - Ron.

Recharge Your Energy, Revisit Your Compass


Daddy Does Hair

I just thought this was so cute. Ron didn't like the ends of Cara's ponytails lookin' all crazy, so he decided they need to be curled a little. I told him that I would take care of it and bump the ends with the flat iron. He insists that he needs to learn how to do Cara's hair...."what am I gonna do if your not here?"

So here are some pictures of Ron learning how to press Cara's ponytails and bump the ends....

I love this man!


A Few Good Expenses

If you are in sales, you'll love this one.... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH....just remember, you CAN NOT expense lapdances & strip clubs.


Personal IT - Part 2

Let's just start off with a good ole Foamy Tech Support Rant (this is a different one).....

Sooooooo, I get a phone call from my daughter.

Child: Ma! Should I buy a new laptop?
Me: Why would you do that. What's wrong with the one you got?
Child: Well, it won't boot to Windows. It gets stuck during the boot process. I can't do anything.
Me: Uh Huh. What do you want me to do?
Child: What computer should I buy?....or Ahhh, can you look at my laptop for me?

Kill me now.

So, she brings it over. After getting the computer to run a diagnostic and my mother and I looking up the error codes that we got, we figured out that either the hard drive has failed or the operating system is corrupted. Another 30 min online at online support, I can't find anything on how to fix the problem myself. We have to call tech support and guess what?....the computer is out of warrenty. We get "Varnum" on the phone and Erin agrees to the $39.00 support fee. We are off. After I convinced him that I have done the 1st 5 things he suggested, he decides to finally look up the 3 error codes that I had already collected.

Guess what? It is not the hard drive. It's the operating system and we only have to reinstall (which means Erin will lose everything on her computer). Erin balks (ARE YOU STOOOPIT). She wants to know how much for them to see if they can recover the PICTURES on her computer. Let's see...$159 just for the tech to look at the computer and then it starts at $100 and up for the recover/backup fee...plus you will be without a computer for 10+days. OR we can reinstall the operating system in 10 minutes and you can download you pictures back off of Sli.de and Fac.e.book....for $39... She saw the light.

It actually took 30 minutes to reinstall, adjust settings, and reconfigure stuff, but she saved about $800 dollars. Didn't offer Mom a dime. Just poured me a glass of wine. Hmmmm.

Saving the world, one laptop at a time.

Primary Election Depression

I have been voting in every elections since I was 18 years old. I have had to vote mostly absentee in the beginning because I was in the military and was hardly ever in my home state. Nevertheless, I have NEVER not voted. NEVER.

I have switched my party affiliation a couple of times as my political bent has shifted during my life, but once again I have NEVER not voted.

Today is the first time in my life that I am contemplating not voting in the primary. WHY, you ask? History is being made...why would you even think about it. This has been the most exciting time in politics in my lifetime and today I learned something new and it hit me like a lead brick....

I got my "Official Election Mail" today with my voting location and all kinds of tidbits of info. Ah, there is a "facsimile of the ballot you will be voting on Election Day" inside. Wow - Imma gonna need to keep this to put in my scrap book. WHAAAAAAAAT THE F____________K! These be the wrong people inside. Who be these people? I don't want to vote for none of these egg heads. WHAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!

AAAAAH. Hell to the Naw. This ain't gonna work. I get me on the computer right quick and look me up some dang rules. I go the Maryland State Board of Elections and look up FAQ's...

Q: Must I vote for the candidates of the party that I am registered with?
A: It depends. In the primary election, you are only permitted to vote for candidates of the same party with which you are registered. In the general election, you can vote for any candidate regardless of party affiliation.

So, guess what boys and girls. I can't vote for my boy Obama in the primary. As as far as I am concerned, voting for anyone else, just to say I voted is a damn waste. I'm so fugggin' pissed, I want to jack slap someone....like my freakin' self....for not changing party affiliations (which had to be done in Nov07). I'm so sick right now. I've gotta lay down.

I pray to God that Obama gets the nomination. Imma just die. Kill me now...put me out of my misery.


The Biggest Giver!

My fellow alumni (THE United States Military Academy - AKA - West Point) are just doing it large these days.

Angelo Adams, alumni and fellow Department of Admissions, "Project Outreach" Officer, was on Ophra's new show that airs on March 2nd.

You can view the trailer for it here...http://abc.go.com/specials/oprahsbiggive/index
My boy Angelo is the guy at the beginning of the trailer in the bright blue shirt. It goes fast so watch close. He can't/won't tell me anymore, so I don't know if he was "The Biggest Giver" or not. Tune in to find out how he does.

I Feel The Spirit

My friends & classmates, Nate & Walter, need your help....

Dear Fam and Friends,

Back in October, Walt and I submitted one of our songs, "I Feel the Spirit," to the International Song Competition 2007. Well, as of yesterday, we found out that we beat out over 15,000 entries and thus have become one of the finalists!!!!

Over the next 2 months, there will be a panel of judges consisting of top industry executives and artists that will determine the overall winner. However, there is also an award category called the "People's Choice Award," where music fans can vote for their favorite.

You can vote online by going to http://www.songwritingcompetition.com/winners.htm, where you'll see the the list of finalists (we're listed in the Gospel category). At the top of the page you'll see where to click to listen to the song and vote for us. You can vote every day, once a day until Feb 29th.

Thanks alot for making this our SUPER TUESDAY!!!! Hope you enjoy the song!!!

Be Blessed,

Nate and Walt

Check out their song...hope you like it and vote for them.


Super Bowl Fun - Congratulations Giants!

Humanity Redeemed & Some Cheer

This past Saturday, my fellow man redeemed themselves, by coming to my aid. I was on my way into my nieces high school to watch her cheerleading competition when I hit what I thought was a wet patch on the sidewalk. Turns out that it was a big ole ice patch. All I know is that my feet left this earth and I landed dead flat on my back - "THUD"....followed by the back of my head bouncing of the concrete - "WHAK". (At least that was what it all sounded like in my head).
I think I stunned myself as I just layed there for a moment. When I opened my eyes, there were two people standing over me asking me if I was okay, trying to help me up off the ground, sitting with me while they checked to see if I was bleeding and then after all checked out, they helped me into the building. I was so moved by these two stangers expression of concern and help, I was brought to tears. They didn't just let me lay there on the ice while they continued into the line to get into the competition. Humanity Redeemed.

Okay, people...move along, nothing to see.....

So the whole family gathers to watch Charlee (the only niece I don't have custody of) in her Cheerleading Competition. We all gotta see if those tumbling lessons and cheerleading camp fees have paid off.

Charlee's team came in 4th place. We are very proud. Look at my girls....