IM70.3 Cozumel Training: Equipment Failures


The past few days has been a lesson of overcoming, pushing through challenges and, most important, remaining calm when your plan falls apart.


Thursday, I went on an open water swim with a plan to at least 4 300 meter loops before the sun went down and the storm off in the distance got closer (and they pulled us out of the water). I was doing great on the first loop but near the end my goggles kept fill up with water and my swim cap kept kept sliding off my head with my hair getting in my face. UGGGAAAHHH! I let the water out of my goggles, tried to pull my cap back on and started my second loop.


FAILURE. The goggles just would not cooperate. I don’t mind not being able to see but I do mind not being able to see with water in my eyes – make even sighting difficult. I was getting aggravated. My stroke and pace was crumbling because of all the adjustments and the swim cap was hanging on now by only my goggle strap with my hair all in my face. Panic was creeping up on me. What to do?


I kept saying “remain calm, remain calm”. I flipped over on my back and floated for a min. I pulled off my cap & goggles, tucking one into my suit while I worked with the other, kicking to keep may face above water. I put my cap on, and floated. REMAIN CALM. I adjusted my goggles and put them back on – that was hard. I expended a lot of energy treading water to get it back on, but I did it. I floated for a bit to get my breathing under control and went on to finish the loop.


My goggles were still filling up. SIGH. So, I got out. I didn’t feel like fooling around with them anymore. I think a 1 1/2 years of racing & training with these goggles that they finally said put me to rest and give a new pair a try. What do you think?



Yesterday, I went on a ride with the OC’s and the plan was to do about 35-45 miles (or more…because G-Note lies). I was feeling great. I did a short run before hand because I wanted to be done with my training and have some weekend left to me & my family for a change. We finally got on the road after the first major climb, I got dropped (I SUCK at hills) and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t catch the group no matter how hard I worked. Frustration was kicking in, but I figured I would just keep pushing and just ride on my own. Perhaps I was just having a bad day – despite the fact I was feeling good. About 17 miles into the ride, I was so far back that one of the guys came back to bring me up and noticed that my back wheel was not centered & wobbling. Another mile and we stopped to take a look.


SIGH. I had a broken spoke.

bikespoke   bikespoke3

My roadside savior mechanic, Burt, flipped it over and went to work, wrapping the broke one and attempting to tighten the spokes nearby…but of course that kind of throws the balance off the rest of the tire. I decided to go back and take my bike directly to my bike shop. That was one of the hardest rides as it felt like I was dragging the back of the bike and the wobbling just got worse as we went along. Instead of giving up, I kept pushing & working despite the mechanical issues and made it back to the car – slow but stead for a total of 30 miles in.


Thanks to the 3 cyclist that went back with me so I wasn’t alone out there. Thank you to the OC’s that rendered assistance and didn’t just drop me…they never do BTW.



Dominique Diva Dawes in the the bike hospital till about Tuesday. Poor baby.


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IM 70.3 Cozumel Training: I Should Know Better

photo 2

Late Saturday afternoon, I got a text from one of my doctors I call on that cycles asking if I wanted to go on a 45-50 mile ride on Sunday and bring some of my Tri Unify buddies.


I posted it up to our FB page and I got one response from Becca that she would join us.


I didn’t put too much planning into my ride – AS IN A NUTRITION PLAN- since I was busy having a date night with The Prince and just pulled some stuff together when I got home – AT MIDNIGHT – threw it in my bag, set the clock for 5am and went to bed.


I got up, grabbed a yogurt & some granola to eat on the way (didn’t want to be late), grabbed 2 bottles electrolyte drink, the frozen coconut water I had in my freezer, an apple, some potato wedges and figured I had some gels/bars in my Tri bag.




I was fine the first 30 miles and then…and then my casualness about my nutrition plan on a long ride tagged my ass AND HARD. I literally fell asleep on my bike (or dozed off) and when I mentioned  to Dr.W that I was feeling odd, sleepy and a tad shaky he pulled us off for a stop and I practically fell off my bike. I had the shakes like you wouldn’t believe. I was hypoglycemic and probably volume depleted.




We got some fluids in me and I ate what I thought I could keep down, which wasn’t much. A protein bar that made me gag after 2 bites and what ever I had left – 1 energy gel. We were 10-15 miles out from the car with one BIG A HILL at the 5 miles left mark.


I gave it a good ole try and made it another 10 miles, but just as we started to climb that last hill…I WAS DONE. I was disoriented and just couldn’t pedal anymore. Becca stayed with me to walk up the hill and we sent the guys on ahead to the top.




As we were walking up that hill – which the top seemed to get farther away with each step – God answered prayers when a car with a 4 bike rack on it pulled over. Two ladies got out and started walking down the hill to check to see if we needed assistance.


YES WE DID! Well, YES I DID…and I cried for joy…I cried over my stupidity…I cried because I didn’t want to hear TheFireMarshall’s mouth…OR MY COACH (they both let me have it too!)…I cried because I love this sport – where there is a camaraderie – a KNOWING of the trials & tribulations – where people help, advise, cheer & render assistance…I cried.


Barb & Karen – THANK YOU! You saved me and resorted my belief that people are decent & kind. You pulled me off that road, fed me and gave me a ride back to my car when I didn’t know how in the world I was going to make it 2 more steps let alone 5 more miles. I mad that we didn’t take a picture.


Barb & Karen – THANK YOU!


Lesson Learned – Plan to Train, Race the Plan. Take the time out to eat & follow my nutrition plan. DO IT…or be VERY SORRY FOR IT…(DNF, crash and/or get hurt – bad)


See…When you don’t follow your nutrition plan on a long ride, you get hypoglycemic. When you get hypoglycemic, you get disoriented & shaky on your bike. When you get disoriented & shaky on your bike, you cycle into a tractor trailer.




Just Sayin’


Cooking With Love: Homemade Funnel Cakes

I saw a recipe this week on The Chew to make homemade Funnel Cakes. Having just got back from Ocean City and enjoying a hot funnel cake on the Boardwalk, I thought a lazy Sunday afternoon would be the perfect setting to gather the family around & reminisce over about our vacation over hot funnel cakes in my kitchen.

photo 1 photo 2

I followed the recipe - Daphne Oz's Funnel Cakes – but I had to had about a 1/2 cup more flour to make the batter just a tad thicker. You could probably use a box of pancake mix, but I would add sugar & vanilla to get the same taste.


MAKE SURE THE OIL IS H.O.T. by dropping a bit into the oil and making sure it fries up.


Don’t walk away cause they cook fast.Like 30 sec on each side fast. I used two spatulas to turn it over and placed the hot funnel cake on a napkin covered plate.



photo 3 photo 4

photo 5

We topped with strawberry compote & powdered sugar. You can do any number of combinations.


It was a good evening with the family.


Growing Champions


Wednesday, Strive2Tri Youth Triathlon Club (of which I am a proud board member) had their group training session with the kids. We did a group ride, run and then a relay with the youth…all in preparation for a “Splash & Dash” we are putting on in September.


I brought Princess Cara along because she has been constantly asking to go with me to workout since she learned to ride her bike. She likes to ride while I run and lately she has been eyeing my bling and is always asking how she can get a medal.


SHE LOVED IT!…and she is a natural. Fast, strong & enthusiastic.

IMG_2343 IMG_2341

IMG_2340 IMG_2351

I loved working with the kids who all tried so hard, had a positive attitude and were enjoying themselves. Two older kids who had just learned to ride a bike last week, gave a demonstration of their new bike skills and did 2 laps around the lot. AWESOME!!! We are so proud of them.


Princess Cara, my junior triathlete, the future IronWoman is primed and ready for swim practice on Friday.





Princess Cara’s Garden: First Harvest


We returned from our family vacation, unpacked and I checked Princess Cara’s Garden. Lookie. Lookie. We have a huge Zucchini, a cucumber and some banana peppers. WOO  HOO.


Once again Princess Cara’s Garden is coming along quite nicely and we were met with a wonderful surprise…watermelon’s are growing. Now, we didn’t plant any this year, but they must have been still there, dormant, under the soil, because all of a sudden…I had to weed around and train on a trellis the watermelon vines. Those suckers will cling to anything it can get ahold of, chocking out anything in its way. GardenDiva & Princess Cara Rock.

 IMG_1276 watermelon2

Now I have to do some research on when to harvest my Kale before it gets totally ate up by rabbits and bugs. Also, how do I know when to harvest my carrots? Lastly, are my cauliflowers a done deal? The leaves look healthy enough, but I don’t even see a bud of a “cauliflower” yet. What ta do? What ta do?

IMG_1278 IMG_1275

                          Kale                                                      Carrots

                cucumbers peppers


How’s everyone’s garden coming along? Did you plant one this year…even a small one? And NO Terri…I AM NOT getting chickens or a goat…yet.

5 Pointed Star–Super Reunion II


Super Reunion II – Service Academy Graduates-
Leadership * Diversity * Mentorship

Honoring Service with Service


Super Reunion II is more than a follow-up to the incredibly successful and historic 2010 Inaugural Super Reunion in Washington, DC.


Interested in Honoring Service with Service?  Super Reunion II (www.superreunion.org) is open to all. We are; however, putting out a special "CALL TO ACTION" to our diverse graduates & individuals that value diversity interested in RAISING THE NATION through service to underrepresented populations.




Super Reunion II is more inclusive and extends a special invitation to African-American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Pacific-Islander and Native American graduates from each of the 5 service academies and all graduation years. We will again honor service academy graduates who broke race and color barriers. Super Reunion II also provides professional development seminars and a jobs related career fair. Additionally, we will have a full day of teen oriented seminars and a Youth Inspiration Luncheon.




WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU? We added a session about starting your own business and winning government contracts, we added a session for 200 kids to help raise their GPA and we beefed up the discussions to add more grads who our young grads like you need to know (execs at companies like Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and Disney).


Who might you meet and mingle with while at Super Reunion II? Keynote Speakers/Panelist include:

  • General Lloyd J. Austin, III, US Army Vice Chief of Staff (USMA)
  • Maj Gen Chris Cortez, Senior Executive at MICROSOFT (his son is a Naval Academy Grad)
  • Maj Gen Ronald Johnson, Senior VP Referee Operations, The National Basketball Association (USMA)
  • Captain Barrington Irving, Youngest Pilot to fly around the world solo
  • Donna O. Johnson, Founder, Guaranteed 4.0 Learning Systems
  • LTC Rodney Lewis, The White House, Office of the First Lady, Joining Forces Initiative
  • Dr. Leo Mackay, Lockheed Martin, VP Ethics and Business Conduct (USNA)
  • Dr. Kevin Roots, Lockheed Martin, Program Mgt Director Information Systems & Global Solutions (USAFA)
  • Kia Silver Hodge, Northrop Grumman, Corp Manager Diversity Recruitment programs
  • Cheri Griffin, Northrop Grumman, Corp Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Craig Griffin, Senior VP Bradley-Morris (connects military vets with jobs)
  • Nate Hope, Lucas Group, Executive Senior Partner (military search firm/recruiter for private sector jobs)
  • Bryan Zawikoki, Lucas Group, VP Military Transition Group
  • Pillip Dana, Amazon.com, Talent Acquisition Manager
  • Brian Britton, Walt Disney Company, VP Global Park Operations & Initiatives (USNA)
  • Young Grad entrepreneurs Ron Steptoe (USMA), Antoine McNeal ( USAFA), Richard Lewis, RTL Networks, CEO, Cisco Small Business Partner of the Year 2011 (USAFA)
  • USAA Team of Wealth Management Advisors
  • Kelly Edwards, NBC-Universal, VP Strategic Initiatives & Diversity
  • Eric Garvin, Northrop Grumman, Manager, Global Hawk - $13 billion high altitude reconn program (USAFA)
  • Afredo Sandoval, Member, USAFA Board of Visitors (USAFA)


RECRUITERS RECRUITERS RECRUITERS from our Sponsors and Supporters!!!!!


Bradley Morris

Carter Industrial Automation

Comcast-NBC Universal

Edward Jones

Harvard Business School


Liberty Mutual

Lockheed Martin

Lucas Group


Northrop Grumman

Olive Tree Publishing


State Street

T-Mobile USA


Walt Disney World






PLUS you meet your counterparts from other services.




Registration Link


Vacationing Despite a Derecho


Friday night we were all staging stuff for a family vacation at a house we rented with some friends in OC when all of a sudden – like out of nowhere – it sounded like a freight train was speeding THROUGH our house and before we could even start severe storm preparations (filling up tubs with water, staging candles etc.) the power went out.




I got up the next morning and decided to go “foraging” for some food, more water etc. since out power was still out and I didn’t want to open the fridge to even pull anything out. Less than one mile up the street at our local shopping center, power was restored and doing brisk business.




I called the rental company to make sure we still had power – we were a GO – and we packed up the van & cars, sweating like I was doing the most intense workout EVER and rolled out, leaving The Prince at home to check on things (he went to a friends house/Grandma’s house in between) and take care of the Royal Cats & Royal Dog…and NO…we didn’t throw The Prince under the bus – he wanted to stay at home so not to miss any of his training & hang with friends.


But he is living up to his name – Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm…when he isn’t playing Xbox or at the Martial Art Center.


The trip to OC was uneventful and we arrived at the house by 4pm. We rented well! The house is awesome and when just when you think that four levels is going to be too much – there is a friggin ELEVATOR in the dang house. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!

IMG_1050 IMG_1062

IMG_1058 IMG_1043IMG_1049

We had a loverly time just walking on the boardwalk – watching the sights. Let me tell you…the shenanigans, clothing choices and just plain “honey badger don’t give a fug” about anything mess going on down here…brings me joy for a people watcher lover. JOY!!


…and {{{O_O}}}



IMG_1133 IMG_1131

  IMG_1105 IMG_1117

Yesterday, we spent the day on the beach…a BEAUTIFUL, RELAXING DAY…made all the more better with Sippy cups filled with special juice – FOR ADULTS ONLY! – and made FANTASTIC by the fact that the house was a block away from beach for refills. AWESOME!


The power is still out at home – almost 72 hours since it went out – but we got plenty here. Back to the Beach!


DMV – do you have power back on yet? How did you fare the Derecho? What are your plans for the 4th of July?


Have fun! Keep your Sippy Cup filled!