Smelly Washer Anyone?

Contest is closed...the winner is MEL. Send me your mailing address to have your bottle of SmellyWasher sent to you directly. Thanks to all that participated.

I was recently asked if I would be willing to give a new product a try and then write a review. When I read what it was, my initial reaction was that I didn't have a "smelly washer" so I didn't think that I would be an appropriate tester.

What would I try it on?

However, Jeff at SmellyWasher.com still asked if I would give it a try; I shrugged and said okay. Little did I know at the time that I would have a washer situation that might just require SmellyWasher help.

I recently started a 30 day Bikram Yoga Challenge and let me tell you something...the towels I use during class are DRENCHED with sweat after class and by time I get home & throw the towel in the laundry room...PEEEEEWWWWWAAAAAHHHH! If you let them sit too long - the towels and my workout clothes smell like ammonia. I had to get a separate laundry hamper for my towels and yoga clothes becuase they just STANK something fierce. If I washed them with the "regular use" towels there always seemed to be just a faint ammonia smell still there on all of them.

Enter SmellyWasher!

My jar arrived. First, I followed the instructions for cleaning the washer machine. I didn't really think my washer itself smelled, but I was gonna do like the container said..."Your washer must be cleaned first". The only drawback to this part is that it is a tad time consuming. You ave to stop the washer after about 2 min. and let soak overnight; completing cycle in morning. It doesn't really take up your time if you do it right before bed, but I always throw in a load before bed (well, most times) and that might throw you off a load.

Time to clean my smelly yoga towels.

You put all the towels in (I threw some funky yoga clothes in too), agitate for 2 min, stop & soak for 2 hours (again time consuming unless - like me - you have a soak cycle on your washer), complete cycle. Rewash with detergent. Dry.....

...and WHALA! My towels smelled like...towels. No hint of ammonia. No residual sweaty, funky smell. Fresh towels. Me liked.

Check out the video...

I am happy that SmellyWasher made my yoga towels smell fresh and new again. The only thing that is the downside is the soaking business. I don't have time to do that every time I want to do my yoga towels - 2 hours is a long time for my laundry room to be out of commission. I intend to go to the blog page of the site to see if you have to do that soak step each and every time for super smelly towel washing.

N.E. Way...I would like to share the NO SmellyWasher (Towel) joy with you! I am authorized to giveaway one SmellyWasher Bottle to one of my loyal (if not also jaded) readers. So here is how you can get an entry (multiple possible):

1. Leave me a comment on this post. - one entry

2. Twitter about this contest (if I'm not following you, come back here and leave me a note that you tweeted) - one entry

3. Write a post or link from your blog to this contest on your blog (leave comment with link) - one entry.

Happy Contesting. CONTEST ENDS NOVEMBER 1st.

If you don't feel like entering a contest and want to just give it a try with a direct purchase, go to http://www.smellywasher.com/ to place an order and get 10% off by entering The Promo Code: traveldivastories

Pumpkin Decorating Party

CreoleInDC hosted the most awesome Pumpkin Decorating Party for the kids in her neighborhood yesterday. What a treat! She went all out with the decorations, prizes, food, music, pumpkins and more. A great time was had by all.

Happy Halloween!

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Social Network of Idiots

The most awesome squirrel in the world - FOAMY - that takes a rant to a whole new level, yet always manages to sum up pretty much what most people are thinking in 3 min or less - waxes eloquently on Fa.ceBo.ook & Social Netwoking. I LOVE FOAMY!

Tales from Italy - Day 4 - April 26, 2005

Fountains & Ancient Rome

Our last day in Rome and we technically oversleep. We woke up to the maid coming into our room for cleaning. I guess it would have something to do with the room darkening curtains and the force marches around Rome that I've been putting mom through. We jumped out of the bed (well, I did) at 10 am and I announced that we would be doing a "short" walk in our neighborhood to see the fountains. Using our "Jeanne Oelerich's Rome Walking Guide" - Map D (www.walkinguides.com), I marched mom down Via Veneto toward the Piazza Barberini where we found Bernini's Triton Fountain - pictures taken. Next we made a hard left and walked uphill on Via Quettro Fontana to the Corner of the Four Fountains where from this corner you can see the Acqua Felice Fountain (with Moses in the center), St Maria Maggiore - one of Rome's four major basilicas, the Spanish Steps with the boat fountain by Bernini, and Piazza Quirinal - the highest of seven hills of Rome - pictures taken. We made a right turn down a very narrow road ( Via Del Quirianle) past the Presidential Palace to the Piazza Quirianle - there is a beautiful statue there, the entrance to the Presidential Palace where we saw the changing of the guards, and you can see St. Peters Basilica in the background (see enclosed pics). We walked down a very steep staircase to the Trevi Fountain where you are supposed to throw a coin over one of your shoulders to be sure we return to Rome. Since we did not know which shoulder, we did
As I can see that mom is about to pass out - I did not allow for breakfast - we marched back uphill to the hotel where we decided to eat at the Cafe de Paris - also known as "Il Café della Dolce Vita" - the Cafe of the Sweet Life". I'm not sure if I can come back home to a boring ham and cheese sandwich and no alcohol at lunch. It is just standard here to have a little something with a meal - it's cheaper - and it makes for leisurely people watching.

After lunch we went on the Ancient Rome tour which took us to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, Circus Maximus, the Arch of Constantine, The Arch of Titus, and St. Paul's Basilica Outside the Walls. (see enclosed pics). We now can say we have done Rome. HOWEVER, we had to finish it off with an over indulgence of food and wine and chose probably one of the most expensive restaurants in Rome - Harry's Bar (http://www.harrysbar.it/)

Quote: Fashionable society gravitated around the "in" places along the Via Veneto such as Doney, Harry's Bar, the Cafè Strega, Carpano, the Pipistrello and, the most famous of all, the Café de Paris, exclusive haunt of pleasure-loving dandies and film personalities... Legendary Harry's Bar is the unique place that evokes the "Dolce Vita' as if it were a clip from the film, creating a vivid flashback to the golden era of the Via Veneto, when Frank Sinatra sang at the piano and all the stars made their appearance in this bar/restaurant full of glamour and style. As in the roaring sixties, you can still sip an aperitif, enjoy the live piano bar every evening and dive into the magic of the Via Veneto from the exclusive and fascinating Harry's Bar.
You can not rush dinner here. The first reservation you can get is at 8pm. We were one of the 1st people in the restaurant. You don't go to your table (even if it is ready) right away. You have a cocktail first. Once finished, you are escorted to your table where we were given a menu that has 4 courses. You also don't order wine by the glass. When you ask for wine, it comes by the bottle. Make sure you ask "quanto costo" - how much does it cost - or you could be in for a big surprise. Mom and I had all 4 courses - like the pigs were - and the final tab came to a shocking 250 euro - YOU DO THE CONVERSION. Holy cow. However, the food was to DIE for. Absolutely scrumptious. I think I was able to get a picture of the cappuccino with HB writing in the froth.

Well we are back in the heavenly beds....our train leaves for Florence at 1pm tomorrow. Moving on the second leg of the adventure.


Pumpkin Carving & Decorating

We carved and decorated some pumpkins on Saturday. Let me tell you...carving pumpkins is NOT for young children...no matter how simplistic the face is. It involves a sharp knife (even those pumpkin carving tools are sharp) and just a little bit of muscle. No child of mine was gonna be handling a pumpkin & knife without help...which means I did the actually cutting part.

Princess Cara scooped & scraped (I didn't really want to do that part anyway), helped trace the pattern she picked onto the pumpkin, connected the dots with a pen and then I did the carving. To keep her occupied while I was cutting, we had another pumpkin that she could paint & decorate as she chose.

Worked out well & she had a great time.

Who does the true carving (if you do it at all) at your house?


Comedy Central Jeff Dunham Widget

Tales from Italy - Day 3; April 25th, 2005

Vatican & Sistine Chapel
We picked the second day in over 2 weeks that the Sistine Chapel was open for our tour. In fact, it was also the 1st day after inauguration of the new Pope. So just imagine the number of people that came out today to visit. the crowd and line was UNBELIEVEABLE. The line went around 3 walls of Vatican City and was as thick as the sidewalk was wide. We thought we had a prepaid, private tour - NOT. I wish I could have captured the look of shock and awe on peoples faces as they walked down Via Vaticano, turned the corner and realized they have almost 1/4 mile more
till they get to the end of the line.

We were entertained by street vendors working the line selling "blessed" rosaries 5 for 10 Euros (approx $13). Little wooden rosary beads on a string in a plastic case with the picture of Pope John Paul II on it. After about an hour and a half we finally made it to the entrance.

Vatican City is the smallest state in the world with the Largest church in the World - St. Peters Basilica. The Vatican Museum is the 2nd largest in the world behind the Louvre and has 4 miles of corridors to explore. The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel is the 1st painting Michelangelo ever painted. He was 38 years old and it took 4 years to finish. The restoration (which was actually
only a cleaning - nothing was changed, altered or repainted) too 20 years and was finished Christmas of 1999. At 60 years old, Michelangelo was called back to paint The Last Judgment on the walls of the Sistine Chapel. It took 6 years for him to finish The Judgment.

We jostled, pushed, and strained our way through the museum, which is absolutely amazing. You are allowed to take pictures without flash in the museum, so mom and I fired off a few rolls. It was so hard to decide what to take pictures of. We finally decided that if it moved us, film it. Took almost 5 rolls between the two of us. When we got to the Sistine Chapel - you are not
supposed to take any pictures whatsoever. Now, with thousands of people shoving their way through the museum and chapel and about 10 guards the entire 4 miles, who do you think won that battle.

It wasn't the guards.
I managed to get a few good pictures in the chapel before I got busted. "No compredo Italiano" seemed to get him to just shake his head at the "ignorant American" and tell me to move on. Never mind that the instructions were given by an English speaking guide. Yeah - Whatever. Ma says I'm going straight to hell with gasoline draws on and will hang out in that middle layer of hell - Purgatory. Well, make sure none of you ask to see my illicit pictures - wouldn't want you to turn to a pillar of salt.

After the tour ended, we nearly collapsed outside the gate.

Mom followed the red rag on a stick (the tour guide), while I got us some water. We regrouped on the tour bus and decided to have the bus drop us off near the Spanish Steps again. This is the shopping district - Ferragamo, Burberry, Fendi, etc. etc. We were saved that the stores were closed today due to some type of holiday. After a perusal and orientation of the map (I am the keeper of the map), we decided to mosey over to the Piazza Augusto Imperatore where "The Best Food Piazza in Rome" is located as described by Food & Wine Magazine, May 2005.
'Gusto', Rome's only food emporium, houses a restaurant, wine bar, pizzeria, osteria ( a neighborhood trattoria), and a cheese shop. We ate at the Wine bar and had the most wonderful ham and cheese sandwich. You don't know hamand cheese till the Italians do cheese. They sure do get it right. After the wine and snack. I marched mom through the shopping district and up the Spanish Steps. At the top we ran into the street artists again and we had our portraits done. They look great and will be a nice addition to the ones we had done in Paris. After the portraits were done, we went back to the hotel for a little rest before our Dinner Cruise down the Tiber River.

Okay, this sucked.

We had to had to walk down a staircase to the river to catch the boat and almost chocked on the stench. The staircase smelled like a urinal in Port Authority Bus Station. I thought I was going to gag. We get to the boat and it is delayed a half and hour due to some "accident". While waiting we were attacked by killer knats and had to keep swatting and running away from them. The staff finally allowed us to wait on the broke boat for the dinner boat. There were a whole whopping total of 4 couples including us on the trip. Little did I know that there was no real scenery and the food would be so.

The best thing was the wine - when you think your asking for a glass you get the whole bottle. Best Part.

Worst Part - walking back up those stairs.

After a super quick ride in a Roman taxi, we made it back to the hotel and our heavenly bed.


Tales From Italy - Day 2 - April 24th, 2005

Today we went on a day long tour to Naples & Pompeii which is a two hour drive from Rome.Our tour guide picks us up and takes us to meet the group. We load up on a bus at 7:30 am and off we go. We are immediately humbled by our ignorant American status when we realize the tour guides all speak a minimum of 3 languages. One of the guides (we had 3 in total during the course of the tour) spoke English, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. It was just downright embarrassing. Most everyone on the bus spoke at least their native language and English - "ugly Americans." We ought to be ashamed that we barely can speak 1 language....Anyway...I digress.

The tour bus takes highway A1, known as the Highway of the Sun that parallels the Appennino Mountains - also known as "The Backbone of Italy." The ride was very scenic and green. Seemed as if every home had its own garden of grapes, oranges and olives. Two hours later we arrived in Naples - City of the Arts and a major port.

We were a tad deceived about the tour. I thought we would be able to walk around Naples a bit before we went on to Pompeii...NOT...a quick drive through as the guide pointed out some major landmarks and we watched the Napoli Marathon. Then we were off to Pompeii.

We stopped on the way in Torre de Grecco and learned how Cameos are really made. They are made from shells from the sea, mostly Conch shell. We watched on of the artists work on a new cameo and then went into the display area. The craftsmanship was superb. Sandy was eyeing the most expensive pieces in the cases, but after doing the conversion, we decided we could not part with 5000euros = $7000+ US Dollars. I did find a beautiful miniature cameo outlined in gold filigree to put on my charm bracelet at a significantly more reasonable price.

We moved on to Pompeii where we stopped for lunch first. The minestrone soup was excellent yet different. Clear broth, not red. The spaghetti was good but the sauce tasted kinda like spaghetti-O's. The veal was fantastic. We were partnered up with a 28 year old Australian girl named Maria Schiavello, traveling alone on "holiday" for 8 months around Europe. Mom and I were impressed with her tenacity.

Next we took a two hour walk through the excavated city of Pompeii. It is huge - 65 acres of which only 45 have been excavated. Excavation officially started in 1748, almost 150 years after Pompeii was rediscovered in 1600. Pompeii was buried under the ash from the eruption of Mount Vezuvio on 24 August 79AD.

I was in awe of how many metric tons of lava and ash had to be removed to uncover this city. The soil was moved to locations all around the mountain to make this the most fertile soil in the region. Hanging in the street market outside of Pompeii were lemons the side of your head. I've never seen a lemon so huge. They cut them in half, sprinkle salt and olive oil on them and serve
them to eat as if you are eating a hunk of watermelon. Wish I could upload these pictures.

Another 2 hour bus ride and mom and I were back in Romearound 8:30 pm. We visited the bar - AGAIN - and had a nightcap and snack.

Tomorrow we have a tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel followed by wandering around and a dinner cruise.


Random Thoughts

I can't stand those bumper stickers that are all over How.ar.d Cou.n.ty...."Choose Civility". Bahh Humbug. It seems to me that the people with one plastered on their car are the FIRST ones to try and snap crazy.

HUMPH. To the lady who I parked crooked next to, apologized, and moved car again so you could get in - YEAH YOU - the one with the sticker who then had a smart azz remark....

I Choose Hostility.

I was not really surprised that the judge felt the way he did. I only have to turn on certain news or talk radio stations to know that that kind of mindset is alive and well. I was a little surprised that he would articulate his thoughts so well to a major news source and then kinda shrug his shoulders like "Whaaaaatttt????"

Doesn't matter...I have piles & piles of black friends and I even let them use my bathroom & kitchen.

I am looking into whether I can sue my mother for all the years of suffering she caused me by marrying a black man.

Doesn't make much sense though...she lives here - what would I get?


Yes, I was fascinated by the giant mylar balloon zooming across the Colorado sky. After a while, even my limited knowledge of the science of lift & flight made it apparent that the boy was not in the balloon. SO WHERE WAS HE?

Hiding in the attic? Really. "But you said we did it for the show" *Cue vomit*

I agree 100% with HandyHotNESS-KY...I don't think they should go to jail at all. Give them a bill for all the services they wasted perpetrating this hoax and then make them have to spend the rest of their lives working to pay that bill off.

Every last dime.

How many times/ways do I have to say NO! No, Nerp, Nada, Never, Not Happenning.

Stop asking.

I'm AM the 12th Man on the Army Football Team! So, every Saturday until after the Army-Navy game on December 12th you will be subjected to my On Brave Ole Army Team rants (win or lose).

Don't interrogate me about my product, tell me what can't be done and then ask me how you can get a job in my industry. Byatch, What?!

I had a wonderful time this weekend at a wedding. The FireMarshall and I still got it and can cut a rug. We were showing the young folk how to really dance.

Then we needed Mo.trin & Be.nG.ay.

I just tested my first commercial product. My review and contest coming shortly. Stay tuned.

My house has been taken over by a 5 year old. There are toys on every level - in every room of my house. Barbies in every state of undress. A tea party going on in my family room. A classroom in the sunroom.

And you wonder why I self medicate.

Heroes is just not doing it for me. I've switched to House. He chooses hostility. Me likey.

Soiz...shouldn't we kidnap HH-KY for her birthday? I think so. *looking at airline tickets*

What's she gonna do. REFUSE? Humph!

I can't wait for my son to come home from college for Thanksgiving. GMa Sandy and I are working on the FAB menu.

Our Army-Navy Football Party is DA BOMB! Dec 12th...be there or be square.


Tales from Italy - Day 1 April 23, 2005

Before I started blogging, I used to just send an email home to a few friends & family of my travel adventures. Recently, I stumbled upon the emails that I sent home from my first trip to Italy...a 60th birthday trip for my mother. I thought I'd share those emails with you over the course of the next week or so...

Tales from Italy - Day 1 - ARRIVAL IN ROME
Welcome to Italy...or so we thought. How about there is no customs in Rome. We walked off the plane, waited an hour for bags that did not arrive with us, and then just walked out of the airport without so much as a how do you do or a by your leave. Good thing we're not on the wanted list.

Our flight out of Philly left an hour later than planned, so we arrived in Paris at the same time our connecting flight to Rome was boarding. After an OJ Simpson run through the airport, we made it to the gate as the doors to the plane were closing. They let us on, but doubted our bags would make it. They did not.

So we get to Rome, and stand around with a million other people arriving in Rome to see the inauguration of the new Pope trying to find our luggage. Lots of priests and nuns from all walks of life/nationalities. While standing there waiting for the luggage, I felt a hole being burned into the side of my face by some man. I turned to look at him in hopes that he was the Italian Stallion, and found out that I was being visually molested by a priest - an American one at that. We exchanged pleasantries, but it was quite obvious that he wanted to take the collar off for a moment or two of carnal knowledge.

An hour later, no luggage and our "private car" left us. I managed to get someone to call the agency and get them to come back to get us. We then put our lives in the hands of the "holy see" as the driver took off like a bat out of hell through the narrow streets of Rome.

The Westin Excelsior is beautiful. We arrived looking appropriately exhausted and were treated to a free cocktail on the house while we waited for our heavenly beds. We finally got our room and decided to go out for a walk. We walked to the Spanish Steps where there were artists and street vendors doing paintings and portraits. We plan to go back to get our portraits done like we did in Paris.

Then we braved the Metro - which the Romans call "The Underground" and went to St. Peters Square and the Vatican. It is much more beautiful in real life than on TV. Standing in the center of St. Peters Square - which is round - was breath taking. You don't notice the beautiful columns surrounding the square on TV. The throngs of humanity was intense. People from all over the world just walking around, hoping to have a space to stand for the 1st Mass on Sunday. They had chairs set up for the VIPs. We have a tour on Monday so we didn't stand in line to go inside. We did some window shopping and mom added some Roman Soldiers to her Fontanini collection.

We mosied back to the hotel. Took longer since the travel fatigue started to kick in and we realized that going back was uphill. Do not daydream or gaze off while walking the streets of Rome or you might wake up next in the hospital. You are taking your life into your own hands in the streets here.

We arrived back at hotel - still no luggage - and had dinner in the bar where we sang along with piano guy who played all American songs. There must be some VIPs besides us staying in Westin, since there are camera crews and lots of body guard looking people hanging around.

We passed out in the Westin Heavenly beds. I managed to get my ear plugs in before mom started sawing down entire forests. We received a call at 3 am, announcing our luggage had arrived. We had some XS Energy drink explosions in our luggage but no damaged. Lost 5 cans of liquid crack. We might be able to ration - doubtful.

Well, we are going to try and go back to sleep for an hour or so before we have to get up. Off to Naples and Pompeii tomorrow. Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "Sandy & Lisa Do Italy"



Umm...No, I am not going to let you borrow my Nordstrom Card to let you buy a new dress for an event we are both going to. You are grown and have your own money. Use yours.

Man approaches me at O.ff.ice De.pot and asks if I'm Ethiopian. Umm...No. He then proceeds to ask if I am married..."Yes." He then says, "Darn, I really wanted to be your friend.

Umm....HELL NO!

I've raised to adulthood one of your kids (& still paying for college) and now raising a kindergartner with a her own set of "college like" expenses. You have NEVER contributed one dime to their care. You call me for money to put on your cell phone.

Umm...F&%K NO!

A colleague of mine does business with friend of mine who owns a company that makes promotional items and such. The friend does everything that was asked of her, including rushing the custom order & overnighting it...all at the persons request. Shocked by the cost of rush & overnighting the stuff (which you were warned about) the purchaser gets amnesia, then indignant and refuses to pay the bill...and we got our panties in a bunch 3 months later. Said purchaser also want to now say business owner "sucks."

Umm...No. You suck.

I love all those "Bod.y Ma.gic" promotions I see and how you are supposed to lose 3-5 inches instantly when you managed to stuff your rolls into this Victorian era torture device. I've tried one on and it is exactly as I've described...like subjecting your body to a torture by suffocation machine. Spanx or a Body Shaper - Yes. I am a firm believer in the proper underpinnings (as my GMa calls it). Bod.y Ma.gic at $140+....Umm...No. I have a surgical compression body suit that costs about $70 dollars and does just about the same damn thing...squeeze all the fat and blood up to your neck & down to your knees until they pop. Umm...No.

And BTW, I read one woman's testimonial regarding the torture device. She said that now her boyfriend would stop caller her fat now that she had the Bod.y Mag.ic.

Umm...No, darling...You are STILL fat and he's STILL gonna see all the fat especially when you manage to peel your body out of the contraption.

I have been shopping for Christmas, large ticket items when decorating or doing a DIY project...it has happened to me when traveling overseas. I've bought a bunch of stuff in various places and something triggers a flag (the amount, the location, the item) at Credit Card Fraud Center Central and BAM, my next purchase...credit card declined. I don't usually run around with a lot of credit cards so depending on what it is, I may or may not be able to complete the purchase at that time. Does that make me a dead beat? Does that mean I should turn in the H3 for a Honda or that I should downsize my home?


However, if you are in line with food stamps and WIC arguing with the cashier about why you can't purchase the junk food you have on the belt, pushing an Ed.die Bau.er stroller and driving an Escalade...Imma need you to rethink ALL of your purchases & stop wasting my tax dollars. Umm...Yep.

Umm...No, you can NOT speak to me any ole way you want to. You found out the heard way that I bite back, didn't ya?

Umm...No, you are not the sole authority on all things foreign & domestic. You are not the divine sole knowledge and authority of every single thing on the planet and/or the who, what, where, when, why or how of all things. You have your opinions. I have mine. Imma do as I please; what pleases me. Humph.

Umm...No. I am not Suzie Pushover; PTA Nazi. I'm The TravelDiva; Princess of Power and I'm not insulted if someone says "Your Momma wears combat boots." Thus, I don't give a rats azz that some of the other parents might be upset "that we walk Princess Cara to class, give her a hug & kiss and they don't get to." Tough shyat. I do what I want with my kids.

Umm...No. I will not "try to post things about other grads/classmates" instead of just my husband. He IS my classmate and as long as I have breath in my body, I will always be his biggest fan & promoter. Kick Rocks. Beat Navy.

Umm...No. I will not be rocking my hair wash & wear anymore. My hair has been "natural" for the past 4 years and it is straight with/or without a relaxer. I look like a wilder beast when I just rock it without the flat iron. NOT A GOOD LOOK AT ALL FOR ME. I wear my hair the way that makes me happy and all of the hair fanatics that think if you don't wear it by their definition of "natural" can kick rocks. I do what da hell I want.

Just Umm...No.

What you got?

I Once Was A Girl Scout...

Please don't mess with the Girl Scouts. Just buy a friggin box. Please.


Handy HotNESS - The Tile Backsplash Video


Another Handy HotNESS Project

I am hanging out in KY with my Handy HotNESS sidekick and we tackled a tile backsplash today. I am friggin exhausted and can't figure out why I am sore. I'm too tired to put the video together right now, so I'll work on it later.

Enjoy a few pictures from our handiwork today.


Mom Gets a New Toy!

My mother picked up her new smancy-fancy bike today. She hasn't rode a bike in over 20 years and just up and decided to get her a new hobby. She done joined a local bike club and everything...ALREADY. She brought home brochures of Bike & Kayaking trips. Seriously?! How bout we work on getting up and back in the driveway. This out to be fodder for many new adventures.

Go get em, Mom.


Where in The World Has TravelDiva Been

I saw this on Babs & PSerendipity's site and thought I'd check it out. Looks like the TravelDiva really does get around although I got to do better with the rest of the world. We've only covered 11% of the planet while I've got 68% of the US down pat.

Check it out at World66

visited 25 countries (11%)
create your own visited country map

visited 35 states (68%)
create your own personalized map of the USA