Race Report–RipIt Events EC5K


                                                    NUFF SAID!!!


This is what exhilaration and victory look like. Victory over pain, victory over fear, doubt and uncertainty. PURE JOY. Did I complete the 5K in a pace to write home about? NOPE. However, there is victory in the small blessings…

  • I RAN the whole way, even uphill.
  • I RAN without pain. The foot is on the mend. FINALLY.
  • I was not DAL (dead ass last).
  • I finished feeling like I could have done the 10k.

The journey to IM70.3 Princeton is looking good. The plan is coming together and I’m gaining ground week by week. I do have “bad” days…like when you are in the lane with some kid from the swim team and they lap you doing the damn back stroke. BASTID. Or when someone 20 years your senior passes you on a hill climb on a gosh darn hybrid. SERIOUSLY?!! And EVERYBODY runs faster than me, so I’m at least over that.



Truth of the matter is that I’m competing with only myself and I am whoppin’ her ass day by day.


Let’s RIP IT!!


Race Report: Team HardBody @ Rebel Race

IMG_5575 IMG_5579

Team Hard Body Outdoor Fitness under the auspicious leadership of Shawn Chavalier gathered together a group of fitness crazies to tackle the 2014 Rebel Race. Erin and I, for grins and giggles joined the team and off we went.


I had a blast and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the team. It was a 5k course full of ‘relatively’ easy obstacles, a bunch of trail running and a good amount of mud. I took it leisurely like on the course because all I could think about was the tongue lashing I would get from my coach, Suzy Serpico, if I injured myself…and while I attempted every obstacle, if I felt like I couldn’t make it or busting my azz was a certainty, then …well…I let it pass.

635393822491751286 635393823309094701

This was a lot of fun – made even better with friends – but I would not do it again. My passion is Triathlon/Endurance Events and the obstacle course races require a different type of training and skill set that I don’t possess. I can use pure strength, determination and perseverance; however, that will get you only so far and brute force and will power will end up getting me hurt. I put too much money, time, effort, sweat & tears into training (suck it up, Princess) that ain’t nobody got time for a “self-inflicted” injury.


Thanks for the great time Hard Body Outdoor Fitness! I had a blast with all of you!

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Product Review: Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror


Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.




Soooo…I was asked to try this product out and at first, I was like – “Cool, this should be interesting and fun.” However, after trying it out in my shower, I’m more “Ehh, that’s nice, but not practical in my house.”


It doesn’t fog up – ever – and I tried. Hard. It does have a cool hook to hang your razor on which I do use on a regular basis for my pits and legs…but here’s the challenge…


My husband is 6’3” tall and I’m 5’2” tall. Yeah. So where in da hell do you place the mirror for both of our maximal usage. Since I do not need to see my pits to shave them, I don’t shave my face in or out of the shower, and I don’t need to look in a mirror to shave my legs, I ended up placing it so that The FireMarshall cold use it. I can still kinda see myself if I stand back some, but who cares? I really wasn’t pressed about looking at my face in the shower  before so I wasn’t pressed now.


The FireMarshall didn’t care either. He doesn’t shave in the shower. Never has and didn’t start just because I put a mirror in there. I do look at myself as I’m washing and detangling my curls, but I was fine staring at the shower wall too.

41C4RSTUdDL__SL1500_ 518MH4WfL3L__SL1500_

Bottom line…It never did fog up, thus you can always see yourself. It has a cute & convenient hook to hang your razor on. It works as described and is esthetically pleasing in a no frills kind of way. That’s it.


If your man shaves in the shower then by all means. If you have a desire to look at your pits as you shave, knock yourself out. Get one. If I hadn’t been asked to give it a try, I wouldn’t have purchased on my own as I have no purpose for it. It you do, then I can recommend that this mirror will do the trick.


And for those of you with your mind in the gutter (I thought about it too), it really isn’t big enough for the get down and dirty watch your own shower action thing. Just sayin’



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.