Warrior Lacrosse Inaugural Game

The Clan (TravelDiva, FireMarshall, ChurchDiva & Princess Cara) loaded up the van and hit the highways & byways for a trek out to visit the Heir Apparent to the Empire at Indiana Tech and to watch the Warrior Lacrosse team play their first game.

It was great to see Prince Jordan and to watch the team practice & play their first college level game. I was feeling some kind of way (a bit melancholy perhaps) because after the game on Saturday, the Prince decided he wanted to go back to school and hang with the team instead of coming back to Indianapolis and hanging with is parental units for the evening.

We said, "No problem, Jordan. Have Fun." watching him ride off in the team vans. We were left standing there kicking at the grass like Napoleon Dynamite (GOSH!!!!!) wondering what we were gonna do with the rest of our evening. We ended up going back to our friends house, watching a very disappointing Army football game, eating sushi and watching a movie. Not too bad.

We miss Prince Jordan, yet we are VERY proud parents.

Randoms of a Traveling Diva

Fir Tree, originally uploaded by TheTravelDiva.

While I am generally a nice lady, I can be just a prickly as the needles on the fir tree pictured above.

I will not be bullied. If you don't like the way I say something on my FB page or blog (IN MY HOUSE) then don't read it. Hide, de-friend, remove me from your google reader. Save yourself the anquish. Don't try and "school" me on what or how I should say something IN MY HOUSE.

I do and say what I want.

I fight back. Trust.

That alledged St. John sweater on CreoleInDC's site was the ugliest thing known to man with the added insult of the color of puke. I would not have bought it no matter what the price was.

Also, be it known that I have never bought a piece of St. John at anything above 50-75% off. EVER.

Sissy stopped by for a visit on her way home from traveling. I had a wonderful time with her, but I know for sure she thinks the TravelDiva & the FireMarshall are crazier than bed bugs.

I really wish people would not take my kindness - my goodness & light - as a weakness. My evil twin is REEEEAAAAALLLLY evil. She carries a tazer and a shank at all times. Seriously people.

How many times do I have to tell ya? Hard head makes for a soft azz.

I thought the FireMarshall was a tad country...till we went to stay with our friends in Indianapolis while visiting Prince Jordan. Here are some of the things heard round the dinner table:
- "My momma used to insist we have wild game at least 2-3x a week...consisting of BBQ Coon (tastes just like pulled pork), squirrell, rabbit or even frog legs from "frog giggin".
- "Have you ever hunted mushrooms."
-"Let me show you how to put out a trout line and catch a slew of fish"
-"That boy is c.0ck strong...He had a few too many coons."

Now that was some country mess right there.

You know...you get on NOT my first nerve, but my very LAST. You know who you are.

I kinda thought that whole People of W.aL.Mar&t thing was a cruel joke...until I visiting a Super Duper one in Ft. Wayne, IN. Yep, its real.

Princess Cara told us to kick rocks and go sit outside and watch a lax game (BOOOORING) while she hangs with her peeps and plays all day. HUMPH!

I drove 10 hours to Indiana (10 back) to see my son practice, deliver a boodle box, have dinner with him & his roomate, & watch his 1st college lax game...only to be kinda told to kick rocks again after the game. He wanted to go back to school and hang with his teammates.

We were left standing there lookin like dweebs, kickin the grass like Napolian Dynamite (GOSH!) wondering what to do with ourselves for the rest of the weekend.


I at least have 10 hours of road to edit video from the Lacrosse game.

Tell me...what is up random with you?


West Point Information Session & Benny Havens

The West Point Outreach Admissions Team were in town for the CBC and we hosted a West Point Information Session for potential candidates in the DMV Area. Many thanks to the Admissions Team, to Katie from Congressman Cummings Office, to a West Point Parent - my mother and to the "Old Grads" that came out to answer questions of the candidates and their parents.

It was an awesome turn out and awesome time. GO ARMY!


Here's What I Learned/What I Know

Here are some of What I Learned - What I Know that came out of a FB war that has gone on just way too long:

- I know that the tag line of the article was incendiary. I didn't really like it either, but I believe that some of the content of the article; some of the points made were valid:
"There are some people who just can't help seeing this president through race-colored glasses...But it is becoming clear that the presence of a black man in the oval office...[is] cause some...to cast aside any pretense of commitment to the basic legitimacy of the American system."

I am sorry that the article/tag line offended you so much and I learned over again that it is very difficult to infer meaning, tone, intent over email/Internet. I learned to be more specific in the point I want to make in the future.

I know that I was not the one who popped off with "pompous indignation" first.

I learned that when you hit some peoples hot button there is nothing you can do or say to deter them from what they believe is the correct answer - the correct response.

I know that my statement of "Whatever. We are gonna have to agree to disagree" only enraged people more. I chose not to fight and argue because I could see that it was going to spiral down into the abyss of hell, but I became the one who ended up treating "a number of white males that went to school with me...horrendously."

I know for a fact that I did not personally call anybody a racist. I know for a fact that I did not "paint with the broad brush that lazy journalists & race baiters paint with."

I learned that sometimes, no matter what you say, that when someone is in the throws of moral indignation and seeing thru the red haze of anger, you will only be swimming in a rip time...get out of the water - especially when the fight in not in person but on these here internets.
"Like I said...we are entitled to our opinions and to express them....[my bi-racial] self is outraged and disturbed by what I am seeing & hearing and I'm going to call it like I see it when I do."

I learned that for some, my acknowledgement that there is some truth to the fact that "For a growing number of Americans, the presence of a certain kind of person in the White House..." is tantamount to being a racist demagogue & guilty by association or thought.

I know that the vocal minority is getting all the press and are making it near impossible to have a civil debate on the issues.

I learned that no matter how hard you try to get off the battlefield and back to a more civil discussion, you just get dragged kicking and screaming right back on and suckered punched.

I learned that sometimes you will get made out to be evil incarnate and all of your long past & your reputation will be flushed down the toilet because you have a different opinion.

I learned that some people have a monopoly on getting offended.

I know for a fact that I do not have malicious "feelings towards [him] or the other men who dared debate me."

I know for a fact that I was not "fan[ing] the flames of hatred & bigotry." I also know that despite all that I say or try to defend with, some are just going to choose to continue to believe that I became a hateful, race baiter over night. Okay.

I know that I find it amusing that "several people...were afraid to support [him] openly, because they feared being called out by [me]." Now that is hilarious. I was not the one pontificating. I was not the one going off and labeling me as a broad brush wielding, lazy, race baiting, ignorant, flame fanning woman. Afraid of me...really? That is FUUUNNNNNYYYYY.

I know that it is hilarious that "there are a number of people that don't say something contrary to you because of [my] anticipated reaction." You are kidding me right. I have gone over hundreds of my FB posts/comments and this particular post is the 1st time that it has gotten ugly. If you are afraid of little ole me...Bwaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaahaaaa!

I know that because I tried to withdraw from the attacks I perceived on me, when I tried to explain/defend, I was ignored and deemed irrelevant. When I refused to take the bait - I was accused of not hearing them. Sigh.

I know that I was not "unbelievably rude and abrasive and condescending."...but I learned that It is okay to label me, call me out by my name beyond the scope of the of posts, to ignore & dismiss all that I have said, to tell me that I need to get it straight, to say I am "misguided" and more...I learned that I am supposed to accept your apology at face value, but I have to prove myself...I learned that those facts are NOT rude, abrasive or condescending - just me.

I know that on a separate post I clearly answered another commenter, stated my position etc. I put up 3 more comments and questions after. IGNORED. I know that I was the one not heard.

I know for a fact that I did NOT treat anyone with "disrespect" or was "dismissively arrogant." If you feel that way, I'm sorry. I do believe I am the one who has been treated with disdain, blatant disrespect, labeled and had my character called into question on my FB wall and others...but I've learned that my perception is unacceptable.

I know for a fact that I DO NOT believe your "arguments are rooted in your racist makeup." I NEVER said or implied that...but I've learned that sometimes people just want to be right at all costs, no matter what.

I am hoping that a live conversation will be able to bury the hatchet; however, know that I will continue to reject the notion that I maliciously and with pre-meditated intent did or am any of the things you say. If all that I have previously said elsewhere and here don't convince you. OH WELL. Then our online "relationship" will stay as it is, for I will not spend all of my time defending myself to you and trying to counter your very beliefs.

If you believe that I am a reactionary, disagreeable, contentious, unfair, disrespectful, arrogant person. SO BE IT. Opinions are like belly buttons...everybody has one. It seems that after several days of this, NOTHING I can say will make a damn bit of difference.

If you still feel that about me, you know what to do. Hide. De-Friend. Silence. Rant about me and my evils ways on your page/blog. Do whatever it takes so that you don't have to be "afraid of my reaction" or be offended by me ever again.

I know that it is okay and that I will go on being the decent, kind, respectful, thoughtful person (that also has a tazer) that I know (an many others too) I am.


I've Come To Realize...

I've come to realize...that to deal with some of the ish that goes on in my life, I MUST self-medicate with a cocktail from time to time.

I've come to realize...that my sister just isn't going to change, get better or point her moral compass towards north. EVER.

I've come to realize...that it is VERY important to invest in a good & expensive exercise bra lest I put someones eyes out with these DD's.

I've come to realize...that I can do without a lot of things in the process of achieving our dreams...but not for long. I'm still a Diva at heart.

I've come to realize...that standing my ground, having an opinion & speaking my mind unnerves a lot of people. TUFF.

I've come to realize...that I do NOT need to apologize, keep secret, play down my success or accomplishments. HATE ON.

I've come to realize...that I am the Queen of my domain - my universe - and I am blessed to have a King. Trust that the Queen has beheading authorization too.

I've come to realize...that I have a really bad shoe fetish. I exercise my right to buy shoes at will.

I've come to realize...that I don't much like women supervisors. It is akin to two tomcats pissing on the wall to mark their territory. What most women don't realize is that I play the game like a guy and while some chick is playing that soap opera drama, I'm playing chess. 5 moves ahead of you babe.

I've come to realize...NEVER to argue with crazy. There is no point. Crazy goes on forever, waxing on ignorantly forever. Just let em have it.

I've come to realize...that the Internet make cowards very brave and brazen and when tagged, the crawl away with their tails between their legs.

I've come to realize...that despite my father's faults, he was right about a lot of things.

I've come to realize...that I have some of the most wonderful friends in the world...and some of them I met right here on these here internets. Go figure.
I've come to realize a lot of things over these 40+ years. Perhaps I'll add to this list from time to time.
What are some of the key things that you have come to realize?


My Baby Maia's 1st Birthday Party

Auntie TravelDiva caught the train up to NYC to attend My Baby Maia's 1st Birthday Party!


In Memory - 9/11 I will NEVER FORGET

(Taken from West Point Association of Graduates Website)...

In Remembrance of September 11, 2001 . . .
The West Point AOG joins all Americans pausing today in remembrance of 9-11. In particular, we remember those killed in the attacks in New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and the responders who died attempting to save others. We also remember the graduates who have fought so tenaciously and those who have died in the Global War on Terrorism, as well as those serving in harm’s way today.

I remember this day oh so well...I was actually on my way to the Pentagon to inspect the materials that I had sent there for a health fair on the 12th. I was talking on the phone with my husband about the towers being hit and what did it really mean when all of a sudden, while sitting at a stop light, I see this huge ball of smoke and feel my car shutter as another plane hits the Pentagon (at the time, from my vantage point, we thought it was the State Department). Ron immediately tells me to turn around, and head home IMMEDIATELY. En route, get the kids from school and go to the bank and get as much money out as I could. He felt he just didn't know what the next few days would be like. Our family gathered (my crew, mom, grandma) at our house and watched CNN for days. I cried...we all cried...we prayed.

The hardest days for me afterward were calling on Washington Hospital Center where all the burn victims went and at Walter Reed. There were times when it was just to much to bear.

I will never, never forget.

...And 8 years later we are still a country at war. Is it still a "Global War on Terrorism"? Iraq and now back to Afghanistan. Please tell me that our soldiers know what they are fighting and dying for...and bring them back home safe & sound after protecting us all. Amen.


Super Groovalicious!

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Vote Early, Vote Often

I recently entered the Tours4Fun.com "Best of Summer Travel" Photo Contest. Here is the prize offerings:

East or West Coast? Winner Can Select From:
2 Day Niagara Falls & Outlet Shopping Tour ($305 Value)
2 Day Washington DC Capitol Bus Tour ($305 Value)
North Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour ($153 Value)
Grand Canyon Highlights Airplane Tour ($150 Value)

I entered the contest because my mothers 65th Birthday is coming up in November and we would like to take her to Las Vegas and do a tour of the Grand Canyon (specifically to walk on that new clear platform that hangs out over the canyon). Tours4Fun offers some wonderful tours with the Grand Canyon being offered. What isn't great about taking your mom on an awesome trip but that the main attraction excursion is FREE!

Please help to make this possible by VOTING EARLY, VOTING OFTEN, SENDING FRIENDS & FAMILY. The direct link to my photo and voting is below.


Seven Decisions: #5 - I Choose To Be Happy

I recently had the opportunity to listen to Andy Andrews, author of The Traveler's Gift speak live and he was talking about this particular book which is essentially a story of Seven Decisions That Determine Personal Success. His talk was not only funny & entertaining but also brought into focus some things that I already did and was like a B12 shot in the arm...a little boost to the pep in my step.

You see, it has been a VERY difficult, challenging year (or two) here at True Blessings Estate. Some of the things that have happened could send a person into a tailspin of heartache, depression & despair...yep...it's been that bad.

However, I have never been one to wallow in sadness or walk around with misery (like a chip) on my shoulder. I don't announce to the world that I'm in a bad mood, pissed off, depressed - whatever the mood is - particularly if it is negative. People don't have to walk around on eggshells around me - cause they usually don't even know that there is anything wrong. My closest friends usually know that something is up, but I would (and will) never let my mood make others around me uncomfortable or miserable too. It serves no purpose.

I have always believed that I am IN CONTROL of my emotions - they don't control me. I have always chosen to be happy. As Andy said in his talk to the group...

I always
"Choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit."

He added...which I found profound and true as the day is long..."it is tough for the seeds of depression to take root in a grateful heart."

I choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.

Even in the worst of times, I have plenty to be grateful for...it gives you perspective.

"Perspective brings calm....Calm brings clear thinking...Clear thinking allows ideas to form....Ideas create answers."

I am grateful...
  • For My family - they are my rock.
  • For My husband - his is my Knight in Shining Armour
  • that even though I don't want to work, I can and do have a job.
  • that I was able to find a job so that I could have health insurance to protect myself & my family.
  • that I have my health.
  • that I have some of the most awesome friends in the world.
  • that I know God loves me.

These are just a few things that I am grateful about, that give me perspective each and every day. Are you exercising the Seven Decision That Determine Personal Success or are you just making it through each day?

I don't hope you are...I EXPECT you to AND to do great things.

#5: Today I will choose to be happy. I am the possessor of a grateful spirit.