The Triathlon Training Adventures of Lisa & Lynne

Lynne and I are the dynamic “old lady” (60 & 50 years old respectively) duo on the RipIt Coaching Team. 

Since we have a pretty similar pathetic pace running, we have decided to team up and be accountability buddies and do some of our training/workouts together. Little does Lynne know that hanging with me often results in drama & “adventures.”

We go out for a run today (Airborne Shuffle/walk for me) and everything was going along all hunky dory; beautiful 60degree February morning; we were on the last mile/mile and half when cray-cray in the form of a red Ford F150 comes out of nowhere and practically runs Lynne over. I was a little behind her and jogged to catch up to see if she was okay. We stand there and watch as the truck speeds down the street goes around the traffic circle and comes back. The truck is “rolling coal” -

Rolling coal is the practice of intentionally disabling the Clean Burn Programming of a computer controlled diesel engine, so that the vehicle can emit an under-aspirated sooty exhaust that visibly pollutes the air.
barreling up the road when he suddenly crosses over into on coming traffic. I whip out my phone and start (I think) video tapping. Cars are flying left and right to get out of his way. He is still coming and then veers straight at Lynne and I. Hindsight, we really should have jumped out of the way, but there wasn’t really anywhere for us to go. What did we do instead? Lynne gets behind me as I stand my ground, aiming the phone at him screaming “WHAT!?? You just going to hit me all on video tape!!!”

He slows down, swerves away, says something unintelligible, flips us the finger and proceeds on his rampage….and just like that, a county police officer pulls up behind him, sirens blaring and tries to pull him over. F150 decided to come to a stop in the middle of the street. Just blocking traffic.

Lynne and I had to hang around to bear witness to the actions of the idiot. I thought I had the whole thing on video, but alas, in the excitement I forgot to press the record button and was aiming a non-recording phone at the truck. Go figure. The police finally got the guy out the truck, but then had to get instructions on how to start it again so they could move it off the road. They also ended up calling an ambulance for the thug young man because it looked like he was stoned on something.

Lynne and I walked the mile back to her house and were thankful that nobody got hurt or wrecked.

Training officially starts for me on March 1st. If this is any indication on what the season is going to bring – LAWD HAB MURCY…this is gonna be FUN!

Stay safe out there on these byways. Eyes on Swivel.