River Hill vs Reservior High - We win Again!

River Hill wins again but it was a close one. We were up 6 to 1 and then we got a little cocky and the score was 6 to 5 at half time. OOOOH, the sweat was dripping. The team rallied to a victory 9 to 5. Whew.

I'm have also been asked to be the Team photographer. The Lacrosse Mom at work.


River Hill vs. Mt Hebron

Today was Jordan's first lacrosse game as the starting goalie on the River Hill JV Lacrosse Team. River Hill wins-HOORAH- 10-6.I'm officially a Lacrosse Mom now. I have to man the concession stand at one of the games and I purchased my car magnet, sweatshirt (I'm wearing it now), and polo shir today. Jordan thinks I'm cool and that is ALL that matters now.

Believe - A Hilarious Movie About Network Marketing

Believe - A Hilarious Movie About Network Marketing -www.believethemovie.com

Coming from someone who spent 12 years building a relatively successful Network Marketing business, this satire is some hilarious stuff. I have been laughing my but off on how close to home some of the trailers from the movie were to my actual experiences. Now understand, I'm not going to sit here and bad mouth network marketing as a whole. We had a lot of fun along the way, met a lot of interesting people and parlayed some of those relationships and the network we developed over the years into a extremely successful real estate asset and development business. As a result of "keeping our minds open" to other possibilities (we were always considered heretics), we were able to become very successful and financially well off in a way other than "the business". NO WAY, you say. I know, I know. There is not supposed to be any other way to make money and become financially free besides network marketing and if you are not "building the business" then you are a LOSER! WHATEVER! You can make a lot of money in network marketing, it is possible and I've been close enough to people who have, but - sportsfans - don't let the hype fool ya - it ain't the only way.

Ron says that someone in our upline or organization is going to read this and try to burn me at the stake. Isn't it a shame that I should have to worry about what my alledged "friends" in the business would do or say to me because I found something satirical and funny (usually there is some truth in the joke when it is really funny) about network marketing. SO BE IT. It really doesn't matter anyway because almost all of our upline stopped calling, stopped inviting us to their social events, stopped talking to us - basically stopped being friends - because we were no longer "building the business". We found out who our real friends were then. Interesting. As far as I'm concerned, the truth of the matter is that it was probably just too negative to be around us if we were not out "showing the plan" every night. Oh well, their loss. We miss ya, but life goes on and the residual check keeps coming - JUST LIKE YOU SAID IT WOULD - if we built a stable, successful business. I thought we were supposed to be able to "retire" when we wanted to? Ha, rhetoric. You really are not supposed to EVER stop. Why would you want to?

Enough of my droning on. You've got to check this site out - www.believethemovie.com - read the movie synopsis and watch the trailers for a great laugh and inside looking into the network marketing industry. I'll keep a watch out for the witch burning crew....


What is Your Hidden Talent?

Your Hidden Talent
You have the natural talent of rocking the boat, thwarting the system.And while this may not seem big, it can be.It's people like you who serve as the catalysts to major cultural changes.You're just a bit behind the scenes, so no one really notices.


West Point Founders Day

Founders Day at West Point March 16, 1802
On March 16, 1802, Congress approved legislation establishing the United States Military Academy at West Point, one of the oldest military academies in the world. The site, on the west bank of the Hudson River 50 miles north of New York City, is the oldest continuously run military post in America.

Ron and I went to one of the Annual Founders Day Celebrations hosted by the West Point Society of Annapolis.It was one of the most BOOORING functions I have been to in a very long time. Ron and I couldn't wait till wesang the Alma Mater so we could run screaming from the building. The "key note speaker" was a Former Commadantof Cadets and he entire commentary was based on a list of talking points that he was given by the Military Academy.If he said "and the next item I'll talk about is..." I was going to throw my dinner roll at him. I woke up from mybob and travel when he started talking about how the corp of cadets was getting plenty of cultural sensitivity andawareness training by all of the workshops at the UN and 2 week trips to Europe. SPARE ME! He actually thinks thatthe corp is going to be prepared to deal with different cultures and backgroups by a field trip to the UN or anothercountry where they all look like each other? Whatever.

To top off the boring part, this $60/person celebration also had a freakin' cash bar even for a SODA! Who was on the planning comittee for this fiasco. I could have set this up at the Captial Grill and had the soda and wine inlcudedin the price. The shoved 10 people at tables that really couldn't handle more than eight and put one bottle of redand one bottle of white ...and a pitcher of water. Okay. No soda or juice and if your table wanted more wine, theanswer was no...see if you could get some from another table. WOW!

Anyway - I won't be doing that again. All dressed up for the ball and hung out there like the ugly duckling. The best part of the evening was when we sang the Alma Mater. I love that song. Here are the lyrics:

Hail, Alma Mater dear,
To us be ever near,
Help us thy motto bear
Through all the years.
Let DUTY be well performed
HONOR be e'er untarned.
COUNTRY be ever armed,
West Point by thee.

Guide us, thy sons, aright,
Teach us by day, by night,
To keep thine HONOR bright,
For thee to fight.
When we depart from thee,
Serving on land or sea,
May we still loyal be,
West Point, to thee.

And when our work is done,
Our course on earth is run,
May it be said, "Well done;
Be thou at peace."
E'er may that line of gray
Increase from day to day
Live, serve, and die, we pray,
WEST POINT, for thee.


Become an M-n-M

What type of M-n-M are you. Create your favorite candy alter ego at www.becomanmm.com


What I "Deserve"

I've been having a discussion with one of my classmates from West Point about our struggle to lose weight and what we are doing about it. My last conversation was about my alter ego - Unique-Qua - my fat Backyardigan sister-girlfriend that I am about to give the beat down of her overweight, grocery eatin' life. Like I've said before - that Beeyatch is going down. Finally!

Well, I just got a message back and it started out like this:

"First of all, change all of that negative self-talk. You are not a cow nor a Beeyatch. You are a beautiful wife,mother, daughter, friend...a beautiful you. You must remember that and remind yourself."

Yeah, Yeah. I know all of that already. Any self-respecting Diva would be absolutely convinced of her inner and outer beauty. This is where I started getting a tad irritable and even more motivated to beat that cow Unique-Quaback:

"Tell yourself over and over that you deserve to have a fit and toned body. You deserve to look fabulous in your clothes. You deserve to look as great as you really are. I tell myself I deserve to feel good in my clothes and I deserve to have a fit and toned body. If there was something I needed to do for (my husband) or the kids, I would make it happen. I am trying to understand why I am not committed to making this happen for me. I really do want to lose weight, so why am I not losing weight? One of the ladies in the office lost 23 pounds on the Body for Life program.I am inspired by her success...and a bit envious...and motivated."

Wow. This made me think for a bit. Something about it bothered me and I couldn't put my foot on it right away. Finally,it came to me- it was the DESERVED psycho-babble thing. Here is my response:

"Hey (Girlfriend),
I don't think I am being negative. Finally, I took an honest self-assessment and started holding myself accountable for what I did to myself. When you can honestly look in the mirror and say "yes, it is the fat that makes you look fat" and not blame it on your busy day, your kids, your husband, your life, then you can have a breakthrough to action. I've already wasted too much time psycho-analyzing why I am not motivated or why I am still fat (overweight-whatever you want to call it) and just accepted that I am this way cause I ate, drank, didn't exercise, and did just what I felt like.Guess what - I got just what I earned for that laziness. A BIG FREAKIN BUTT, 2 extra dress sizes and 30 lbs lumbering around my middle. I got exactly what I deserved and I finally decided to call a spade a spade. I took responsibility for my actions and now I'm going to do something about it.

I already know that I am beautiful. God didn't make a mistake. But God also gave me free will to do what I wanted with the gift He gave me and I abused it. I will not sit here and tell myself that "I deserve" to have or get anything, just cause I think I'm entitled to it by some divine right. I "DESERVE" exactly what I've got. IMHO, that mentality is exactly why people don't have the things, the job, the husband, the life, the happiness, the spirituality, the Whatever...is because we think we DESERVE it or are ENTITLED to it. I simply don't think so. If you want it then you have to EARN it, WORK for it.

  • - You wish you had a bigger house like you neighbor. You think you deserve it and you ask yourself why not over and over. Have you saved for that mortgage? Have you developed a plan to get it? Are you taking steps toward getting the house you want? Or are you just waiting for it to fall in your lap cause you deserve it?
  • - You sit at your desk at work and complain (you know these people) that you didn't get the promotion, it went to BobbyJo. you think you deserved that promotion. Really? Did you put in the time? Do you have the proven performance? Educational requirements? Did you do what you needed to do to get considered for the promotion or did you just think you were going to get it cause you deserved it? Interesting.
  • - You dream of once again being fit, tone and phfine. Your envious of the co-worker who went out and lost 23 lbs in your face. You think you deserve the same. So what the heck are you going to do about it? Wait till that entitlement check for thinness comes in? If you want it, we gotta go get it!

The only thing I have the right to is Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. I think pursuit is a key word. It is an action verb.I have decided that I am not happy with this weight. I've decided to give my 30 lb person hanging onto me a name an WHOOOP up on her.Unique-Qua (my round Backyardigan sister-girlfriend) IS going down. It motivates me. Gives me someone to holler at on the treadmill or in Bootcamp when I think I'm too tired. When I reach for that cookie, I can slap Unique-Qua's hand and say "Oh, Hell Naw, BEEYATCH." Beating Unique-Qua down is MY motivation and is keeping me on track.

Now, Girlfriend, you can sit around waiting for what you deserve or you can go and TAKE IT. I say stop trying to understand why and JUST Do!The devil is in the details and over analysis."

Well, that how I feel about it. That's it. PERIOD. STOP GLOBAL WHINING NOW!


My Visual DNA

This is a pretty cool personality profile test. I found it intesting. check out my profile: SALESDIVA VISUAL DNA. You take a test, and Imagini calculates your VisualDNA, and then hooks you up with like-minded users (only if you want). Use the widget Imagini provides so you can share your results on your blog or network. Please click on one of the links below to explore more..http://dna.imagini.net/friends/


The Creation of a Diva

The creation of a diva is no easy task. It requires dedication, focus and certainly money (wasted on a 3 year old). Anyway, we have started Cara's indoctrination early with an outing to the MALL...Starbucks, Nail Salon, the kid Jewelry Store, and the Merry-Go-Round.
The rules are simple:
2. Introduce them to the spa concept early.
3. Teach your diva apprentice how to sit quietly with your nails in "the light" so as not to ruin our polish.
4. Sitting quietly is best achieved with a Frappachino Mocha Light ONLY from Starbucks.
5. Shopping must follow immediately after with a Dora necklace, bracelet and matching purse (Heaven Forbid they don't match)
6. Daddy MUST "Sit Down" on horsey for two whirls on the Merry-Go-Round (Ron looked like someone shot him in the head as his horse went up and down and round and round).
7. Grocery Shopping can ONLY be accomplished if you have your own car.
You will know that you succeeded in you Diva Training when a new set of vocabulary words dominates vs the basic ABC's & 123's: Shopping, Amex, Nordstrom, NOW, Nails, Paint feet etc. The true test is when your budding Diva can point out the shoes she wants from the Nordstrom spring catalog. I believe I've created a monster.


Fat Chick Beat Down Update-Week 1

The initial report is at the bottom of my site. This is my update from week one of the beatdown... Stay tuned as the Fat BEEACH beatdown progresses towards the first major milestone - April 13th Bahama's Trip!



I am all for some homeland security and for creating a safe environment for traveling. I travel a lot and like knowing that I'm not going to have to be the one who jumps up from my seat and says "Let's Roll" cause I gotta take some idiot out who wants to set his freakin' shoes on fire or some crazy nonsense like that. Thank you federal government for trying to make it safe for law abiding citizens to travel. Rah Rah. Keep America Free and all that!

What I am sick and mf-in' tired of to the point that I just want to up and slap the sh*t out of somebody, is the fact that our government sees fit to hire barely high school educated, gum crackin', bad weave wearin', size 18 wearin' a size 10 women with an ATTITUDE cause their lot in life is just shitty and they don't think or won't do anything about it. What they are looking for is someone that they can terrorize in the line and try to make that persons life just as miserable as theirs. WHY THE HELL IS IT ALWAYS ME THAT GETS THIS CRAP!

I am minding my own business. REALLY! I've already learned my lesson from the time I had to go to a side room and strip down to my underwear because when they wanded me, it went off BETWEEN MY LEGS and I might have something metal shoved up there. DO I FREAKIN' LOOK LIKE A WOMAN WHO WOULD SHOVE A METAL OBJECT (maybe plastic w/batteries -but not as a storage location) IN MY COOCHIE AND GO TO THE AIRPORT! Not happening. Anyway, that is another story. Sooooo, I took off my new chain belt that I bought from Nordstroms, took off my St. John sweater, my pumps and put my computer in the damn tray like I was freakin' told. I walk forward through the scanner ONLY WHEN DIRECTED with my boarding pass in hand and the thingy still goes off. BEEEEEP! DAMN. Okay. This woman, in between crackin' her gum tells me to take my hair down. I'm thinking- have you lost your mind BEEACH! Do you know how long it took me to curl this hair and get it pinned in an up swept coif? Obviously NOT. So, here is how the conversation goes:

Lisa: "No, I don't want to do that."
Screener Idiot: "Crack, Crack - then go over there - Crack - and get wanded then."
Lisa: "Fine"
Screener Idiot - Hands on hips: "You should just take the pin out of your hair."
Lisa: "No, I'm not doing that."
Screener Idiot: "Crack - You don't be tellin me what you are and are not gonna do. You have an attitude. Go back over though the metal detector and wait for a supervisor."
Lisa: "WHAT! I'm not the one who has the attitude. You are - stop screaming at me."
Screener Idiot: "SUPERVISOR! I'm not talking to this woman anymore."
Lisa: "Fine! SUPERVISOR!"
Supervisor: "Ma'am, what seems to be the problem?"
Lisa: "Chris, I don't know what her problem is? I do not want to take the hair clip out and she refuses to wand me. Please tell me why it is okay for your employee to have an attitude, scream and generally treat passengers poorly."
Supervisor: "Would you mind taking off your bracelet and watch to see if that is setting off the detector and if that doesn't work we will hand wand you?"
Lisa: "That will work just fine."

I did as the non-gum crackin' supervisor with appropriately fitted clothing requested without incident. Screener idiot just scowled at me. How bad do you think I wanted to turn around and stick my tongue out at the idiot. Ha Ha. Your still a LOSER! No, I just put on my sweetest Diva B**tch smile and went to my gate.

I would like to implement a new hiring screening tool for TSA.
1. Make sure they actually have a diploma from somewhere other than the prison library.
2. They must wear clothing that doesn't cut the circulation (that is already got some blockages) off to the brain.
3. Yank on the weave. If it comes out in clumps - NO DICE.
6. They must have a mastery of Kings English - NOT Ebonics

Okay, I have finally calmed down from my Foamy Rant. It really believe the squirrel would have a good one with this subject. Happy Travels.