“Lifetime Success”–Army Strong

Back in August, I was selected to participate in a Army Advertising program titled “Lifelong Success.” This AOL.com program scheduled to be launched next month, will be centered around and feature prior service soldiers telling their story on how the Army helped get them to where they are today.

I was invited to share my story of my transition into the civilian workforce.  This advertising campaign is designed to help drive and promote recruitment efforts for the U.S. Army.

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I was more than happy to oblige. I certainly attribute my “lifetime of success”, perseverance, commitment & dedication to my education & training at The United States Military Academy & in the Army.


Here is one of the 6 video vignettes that will be featured on the AOL.com Army microsite when released. When I have link to the site, I will update you so you can see all of the awesome people who have led a lifetime of success as a result of their careers in the Army.

Army Veteran. Army Strong. Army Proud.


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

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The tradition here at True Blessings is to put up our Christmas Decorations starting the day after Thanksgiving. It’s been this way for so many years that I don’t even think about it. We pull down all the storage boxes and commence to decorating….until today.


The lights (all on a timers) came on and my sister exclaimed “OMG! You have got to see how beautiful this is all lit up!”. I didn’t want to get up off the couch to take a look around, but I did and I looked at it through her eyes. Beautiful.


My sister reminded me of something – especially during this holiday season – Take time to stop & admire the beauty, your family, your friends – those perfect moments around you. Pure Joy!


Thanksgiving Memories–True Blessings

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DSC_7127 DSC_7155

DSC_7163 Mom_Daughters

TheGirls Erin_Lisa


Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you all a Blessed Thanksgiving!


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Diva Review: How To Catch Happy


How to Catch Happy was a nice, inspirational, quick read. I read it on a Sunday afternoon and while I wasn't quite sure how all the fishing stories were going to work - especially since I don't even like to fish (it certainly isn't what would make me happy), I enjoyed the stories and the bottom line...find out what makes you happy and get busy doing it before life passes you by.


This book is not like most of the other self-help, self-improvement books out there - it doesn't have a check list of things to do or exercises to complete. It is just a short collection of stories - actually how 4 people "caught" happy by fishing.


While I enjoyed the book (it was short, sweet & to the point) I did find these stories a tad simplistic and wasn't quite sure if the people in the book were actually "happy" now by just fishing or were just sharing their regrets from their lives while fishing and were trying to still find their way to "happy."


For the price & length, How to Catch Happy is at least a nice reminder that since life is short, we need to take the time to stop and smell the roses and include the thing or things in our life that truly make us happy. Let's not just do all the things we think we are obligated to do - all duty, honor, family, career - etc. - but include the things that bring true joy & happiness to our life.



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Swim Smoothly–Total Immersion 1.0


Swimming smoothly has been my objective ever since I started this Triathlon business. Swim so I don’t panic, so I don’t exhaust myself before I even get out of the water onto the bike, so I don’t drown…swim with ease & confidence.


Well, I managed to get through the last couple of Tri’s without having a panic attack, but it still was just downright exhausting.


Then Ninteen69 said she had heard about Total Immersion Swimming and send me over to some video’s on the Tube of the You. Recall this for my post – TOTAL Immersion:

Well, then I got to dishing on the phone with Nineteen69 about this triathlon business and how we could improve on our swim. She had been looking into this concept of Total Immersion Swimming and looking for a coach. She hipped me to some video clips from the inventor of the Total Immersion Swimming technique - Terry Laughlin – and I was immediately impressed. I watched over an hour of a seminar he gave at MIT on the technique, made them a favorite on my iphone (YouTube app), watched 2 clips again at my gym and decided to give it a try.

As my soror and fellow triathlete, Roz would say – LIFE CHANGING!

Did I master the technique by watching over an hour of video? NO. But I changed my whole way of swimming and did my best to imitate the stroke, relaxation, hand position and NO KICKING and I felt like I was slicing through the water effortlessly. I did 70 laps – 1750 meters - pretty much NON-STOP – and was not winded.

He had me at the 20th lap w/o stopping. SOLD. DONE. Put a fork in me.



Nineteen69 hooked us up with a coach (William Lang) for an all day Total Immersion 1.0 Clinic earlier this month. We were in the pool with him for 8 hours…Team Diva (Rosalyn, Nineteen69, and myself)…drilling, drilling & drilling. We were transformed. Bill was awesome! Patient & thorough, he got us through the basics in one day with a list of drills & workouts that we could do on our own.


I highly recommend that if you want to improve you swimming, learn to swim effortlessly or, as Bill Lang puts it, “ with a combination of grace, efficiency, and mindfulness that is unique to this practice”  – especially if you are a newbie triathlete – that you HAVE take one of clinics.


As triathletes, we spend a lot of money on equipment, race entries and other miscellaneous stuff. Total Immersion was some of the best money I’ve spent to improve performance. Oh, and if you are going to spend the moolah…make sure you have a CERTIFIED coach that knows the technique COLD. Seriously. (Easy Freestyle does not necessarily = Total Immersion just like Hot Yoga does not = Bikram) Just Sayin’.


For grins & giggles, enclosed is a video of our before and after. Watch carefully…not to learn the technique, but to see the differences. We went from:

  • Furiously kicking w/churning water TO Less/No Kicking w/no water displacement
  • Windmill arms TO “Hand in the mail chute” – ie. placing hand in water, not slapping the water
  • Lifting head out of water TO Head down, rotating to breath
  • Butt dragging TO Swimming balanced, even, flat
  • Splashing on top of water TO Smooth on top of water

You can see that we were gliding, swimming smoothly. Were we suddenly experts? NO. Drill, baby, drill. Practice, Practice, Practice. What I do know is that I am confident that I can swim better & longer without feeling like I am doing a gazillion sprints. WOO HOO!

Before & After.


Have you tied Total Immersion Swimming? What do you think?


Wordless Wednesday…’cause I have no words


…and you couldn’t tell me NUTTIN’ either. Seriously, white sheer hose? Huh? Bwaaahaaahaahaa!!!!


Weekend Warrior–Blog Hopping

On Sunday’s I like to catch up on the books on my Nook (oh, that rhymes) and on my blogs in my google reader. I’ve met a lot of great people over the years via blogging both in person & virtually.


In order to meet some more great bloggers, I decided to participate in a Blog Hop! A Blog Hop is a place to meet/read new bloggers. Click on the images below to see a links to a list of blogs participating in the Blog Hop. If you find something you like, check & see if you are following each other on Twitter, etc. It helps increase your bandwidth too!  It's always fun to meet new bloggers and expand our network!

The Blog Entourage


Thank You to All Who Served and Are Serving


Thank you to all of you that have and are serving our country. God Bless You!

Duty Honor Country




It's my TOP MAFIA; Soror; the other half of the HANDY HOTNESS crew and my fellow Swim (she’s working on it), Bike, Run crazy-cake’s….BIRTHDAY!!!!!!


And being the sinister, evil bestie that I am…I went ahead and gifted her the registration for the Derby Festival Marathon – YES – 26 POINT 2 miles. I registered for the Derby Festival Half so I could be there with a beer and a cheer when she comes across the finish line. WOO HOO!!!


I also convinced her to go ahead and jump in the drink with me and we are going to do the Buckhead Border Triathlon in Louisville, KY. OH YES WE WILL!!!!


Happy Birthday, Pattey!!!!

            lisapattey  lisa_pattey


Steptoe Group, LLC–The Why

I have always been proud of my husband. ALWAYS. He is a man of vision – of purpose. He is driven. A man of character & principle. When I first met him, he told me of his dreams – of one day being the CEO of his own company – of building something big, something with meaning. He was talking about social entrepreneurship before we even knew what that meant.


…And he is DOING IT! I have been on this journey with him for almost 25 years. Though thick & thin, mountain’s & valleys. We have put everything – and I mean EVERY SINGLE THING- into this venture…and so haven’t a lot of our friends & family. We absolutely love and hold dear to our hearts all of those that believe in us – in him. And Ron WILL make this happen. We are still struggling, but we are starting to see the fruits of our labor.


Here is just one blessing that has come out of all the hard work the Steptoe Group team has put in:

On September 19, 2011, The American Alliance of Healthcare providers (AAHCP) awarded the Steptoe Group the Choice Award for Excellence in a Medical Specialty. This video is a recap of the event with an interview with Ronald Steptoe, CEO of the Steptoe Group.

Shot and edited Damone Brown of Grace Lens Multimedia.


If you want to know more, invest or help in some way…you know how to reach us.



The Queen Grandmother celebrated her 84th Birthday with her Granddaughters Empress Lisa & Lady Laura AND her Great-Granddaughters Princess Erin, Charlee & Cara.



Not So Wordless Wednesday


I LOVE this season…and to while working on sharpening my mixology skills, I discovered the most awesome season liquor – Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur. OMG!!!!


For you Mixology envy pleasure, may I present the


Equal parts Fulton’s Harvest, Vanilla Vodka & Kahlua. Pour over ice. Heaven in a glass.


Fulton’s Harvest is a seasonal item. GET IT NOW. GET IT IF YOU SEE IT. Bring it to my house and let me mix for you…or just bring as a hostess gift to my next soiree. Rolling on the floor laughing