A Day With American Girl


Princess Cara turned 7 on February 22nd and instead of throwing a big ole party with all the kids in her 1st grade class, we decided to take a trip to New York City and have a “Day with American Girl.”


You might have just raised your eyebrow thinking, well DAMN, they doled it out for the munchkin. Not really – no more than we would have doled out having 20+ kids at Chucky Cheese. Last year, that little event set us back BIG TIME & I do NOT want to discuss the cost of the Build a Bear Party we had with 15 kids a few years back. I had to take a knee at the check out counter when all was said and done. In fact, we spent less on this outing then we did on either of those two parties. SMDH. Kid birthday parties are a racket indeed.


We got in the car and drove up to Manhattan on Friday and stayed with my BFF Val, her husband & My Baby Maia. TheFireMarshall and I gained a new appreciation and tried to stay in the moment as we enjoyed with Princess Cara the wonder, oohs & aaahs as we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel and drove up 42nd. The lights, the tall buildings, the people. Cara was bouncing up and down in her seat, pointing at everything. I slid the panel back on the sun roof so she could look at the buildings through the roof. The FireMarshall and I looked at each other and enjoyed the moment. It IS pretty.


We just hung out with Val & Manny and went a few doors down to have dinner at one of the local restaurants where we killed an entire pitcher of Sangria (Val & I). Cara tore down some tacos and played with Maia.


I got up on Saturday, got dressed and went for a walk in Val’s neighborhood stopping in one direction to get me a Cappuccino at Star.b.ucks, turning around and walking 4 blocks in the opposite direction to enjoy my drink, watch the people and admire the architecture. You just have to look up to admire the beauty of the buildings. I found another Star.b.ucks and picked up some Hot Coco for the Princess & FireMarshall. After we were all set, we caught the subway to Lexington & 51st and took a stroll up past St. Patrick’s Cathedral to get to The American Girl Store.

AmerGirlDay029  AmerGirlDay001

O.M.G. You want to talk about a doll store on crack…The American Girl Store is the place. From the dolls, to the clothes, shoes, accessories, books, videos – this is the place to create your kids best friend. The store has a Salon (get your doll’s hair done & ears pierced), a Hospital (where you can get your doll “fixed”, they even put your doll in a hospital gown at admission. My question – do they take insurance?), a Pet shop (cause if your daughter has pets, then her doll has to have one too! Seriously), a Photo Studio (you must have your picture taken with your new best buddy) and more. Three levels of pure doll crack.


We arrive at the store and get our “Day” pack which included $130 gift card, 2 Café Lunch Vouchers, 1 Doll Salon Voucher, 1 Photo Voucher and Matching T-Shirts for doll & girl. Then it was TIME TO SHOP. Princess Cara wanted a new doll so we went to the doll viewing cases to select a doll. The choices a WIDE as you can select skin tone and  hair texture & length OR you can choose a character doll. Here is Princess Cara with her selection:


Princess Cara named her Matalie.


We then went on to shop for outfits & accessories. Princess Cara selected a Picnic Set and a pretty pink dress with a hat and matching slippers – “So, Matalie & Katie (her other doll) can a a Picnic.” Then it was up to the salon to get Matalie’s Hair done & ears pierced. (insert eye roll here). After that we hung around and looked in the Museum of all the Character Dolls and read their stories. We had a 2:30 pm lunch appointment in the Café, where I was SO grateful that they had cocktails on the menu. Seriously…after a while, the doll crack get’s to you.


After 4 hours in the American Girl Store, we were all a tad edgy and subway’d it back to Val’s to get ready to go out to dinner for Val’s birthday. What a wonderful time! Princess Cara is a VERY VERY HAPPY GIRL and when we got back home on Sunday, she tucked Matalie in her American Girl bed that GMa Sandy got her for her birthday.


All is right in Princess Cara’s Kingdom!

A Day with American Girl


MyBlogSpark: Yoplait Light’s Two Week Tune Up


I told y’all that I was on a mission to be Fit, Phat & Fabulous this year (or rather to keep up the race & pace), so when I was offered the opportunity to participate in The “Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up” Challenge, I said YES!


This year, Yoplait Light is giving women a great new way to get ready for special occasions with the launch of the new Two Week Tune Up plan. Whether it’s for a class reunion, a birthday, or your best friend’s wedding, Yoplait Light’s Two Week Tune Up could help you lose five pounds in two weeks by:

  • Replacing your breakfast and lunch with a Yoplait Light yogurt, a whole grain,
    and a fruit
  • Eating a diet rich in lean protein and non-fat dairy, including a sensible dinner, beverages, and snacks
  • Walking 30-40 minutes daily

I got my  Yoplait Light yogurt gift pack in the mail that included 28 VIP coupons so that I could stock up on all the Yoplait Light yogurt I would need for my Two Week Tune Up. Also included in the prize pack was a gym bag, a reflective wrist wallet and a pedometer to keep me moving and motivated. 


I went to the store and I picked out all the my favorites and decided to try a bunch of the relatively new flavors that you hear about on the commercials like Black Forest Cake, Key Lime Pie & Red Velvet Cake. I didn’t need the pedometer to keep me moving as I was already well on my way to “moving” training for a 10miler, triathlons & just plain working out. I ended up using the bag to cart my new swim gear.


Well, sports fans, the road to purgatory is paved with great intentions. I started out on the Tune-up all fine and dandy, made it three days and ended up get bronchitis or some gosh awful cooties that made me absolutely miserable. I fell off the wagon. Just when I was beginning to feel better and I restarted the Tune-up I got that 24 hour stomach watch me re-enact the exorcist bug and well, I just wasn’t – just couldn’t handle eating two spoonful's of yogurt let alone twice a day.


What I can tell you is this – the three days that I did eat Yoplait Light Yogurt twice a day – DELICIOUS. They are truly just a yummy & tasty as they sound on the commercials…and since TheFireMarshall went ahead and finished them off like a dessert or snack…I think I have some backup on that review.


I’ve lost about 5lbs total although I don’t think I can attribute it to just the Tune Up. I’m pretty sure my own personal exorcism played a part too. If you want to find out more on how you too can participate in the Yoplait Light Two Week Tune Up, go to

www.Yoplait.com, where you will find the full plan details as well as robust online tools to help you lose weight and boost your confidence over two weeks. Yoplait Light has provided tips and advice available on Yoplait.com, along with valuable online weight loss tools such as a meal planner, healthy recipes and a daily food and exercise tracker. With 33 delicious flavors of Yoplait Light to choose from, you can switch up your diet menu as often as you like.


Now, would I ever leave my fellow Fit, Phat & Fabulous readers hanging without the opportunity to  win their own Yoplait Light Two Week Tune-up Prize pack? NEVER. I am going to give away to one of my lucky readers the same prize pack pictured above. Please note that your winner’s prize pack will include only one VIP coupon* for a free cup of Yoplait Light yogurt.
*This coupon offer for Yoplait Light yogurt is not valid in some states, including California, Idaho, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Jersey, Nevada, North Dakota and Tennessee.

All you have to do to enter is to leave me a comment HERE and tell me which Yoplait Light flavor you are most looking forward to incorporating into your two week tune up.


If you would like an additional entry, copy and paste the following tweet about it on Twitter:

Looking fwd to my Two Week Tune Up from @TheTravelDiva, @YoplaitYogurt & #myblogpark.


It’s that simple. Winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 2nd. ENTER NOW!


Disclaimer: Yoplait provided me with the free product, information and giveaway through MyBlogSpark


We Were Ready For Our Close Up


This past Sunday, Ron & I embarked on another TravelDiva Adventure when we got the honor of “acting” (we had a 3 lines each – which may not even make the final cut) in the most recent film short produced by Team Sizzle Worldwide called “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things.” which tells the twenty-four hours surrounding a wedding…Twelve beautiful hours before, Twelve ugly hours after.


Ron and I were in the twelve beautiful hours before. Whew.

Let me tell you the first thing that we learned about movie making…Hurry up and wait. And poor boo-boo kitty FireMarshall

moviestars004       ron_wait

was sick as a dog and was trying his darndest to hold it together. About 4 hours in, just before they started to roll camera for the first time, The FireMarshall had an exorcist moment and was pretty much right as rain after that. The funniest moment was when the Casting Director came up to him and said (all friendly & happy go lucky like) “Yeah, boo boo, ummm, I'mma need you to find that bathroom next time…no more blowing chunks in the restaurant sink, mkay?” I ROARED.

dinnershot3  photo

We arrived for the shoot at 11:30 and didn’t finish filming the dinner scene until almost 5pm. Monica kept telling us to act like we were having a good time…ummm, well, with the real wine they kept pouring, that was NOT a problem. We WERE having a good time. Only drawback was that not everyone at the table was served an entire dinner. The servers and the dinner were kinda like props (except for the wine – YEAH BABY) and when the final take was done and the lights turned off…BABY…it was a free for all for those few plates. There was a buffet that was set up for everyone that was supposed to serve 40 but by time those of us at the table were finished taping…the other extra’s had tore that buffet down. When I got there, all that was left was 3 slices of bread. Could you say STARVING!

moviestars019 towand_lisa

So then, it was hurry up and wait for it to get dark (and the crew had a hell of a job of breaking down the inside set and setting up lights, camera, action for the outside shots). While we waited, we all ordered some drinks and something to eat. Then it was time for those “money shots” as The FireMarshall called them. This is where we actually got to play actor with some real actors (who were PHENOM!!!) I know Ron and I were getting on Omar & Towanda’s nerves with all of our questions, but they were so gracious & a pleasure to work with. My major take-away was don’t do nothing you weren’t “Directed” to do…and let me tell you, when you have great direction – I actually started to believe I could do this for real real. NOT!

lisa_fur  ron_door

opening scene  shot

Now were are lined up to do the opening scene & lines for the film and this is where it got challenging for at least Ron & I. Hit our marks,ad lib & then deliver lines, don’t ad lib – deliver lines, & so on and so on.  Good thing we are accustomed to taking orders & following direction the first time we are told. Good think I’ve spent some time standing out in the cold forever & doing things over & over & over. I think we did our parts about 15 times. After about what felt like a gazzillion takes, it started to rain and all shit hit the fan. The crew started freaking out and the equipment had to be taken down. Problem, the entire outdoor scene was not completed. I really don’t know what was going to happen after that, but that was a wrap and we were released to go home. Since the scene was not completed, I’m not sure that we will make it or end up on the cutting room floor.


Nevertheless, while it was one of the longest days ever, my feet hurt up to my kneecaps and I was exhausted beyond all measure. We had a blast. If you haven’t already, you NEED to follow “When Beautiful People Do Ugly Things” on FB (click the link) to find out more and follow the progress of the film. And if you want to learn more about the other projects of Team Sizzle Worldwide (Sisters, Marco Polo, Commitment) check them out at www.teamsizzleworldwide.com.


Picture Slideshow of Our Ten Minutes of Fame

Wouldn’t You Just Keep Drinking?


Seriously…If you were around in 1919 and saw this poster, wouldn’t YOU just keep drinking? I would. DAMN!

Happy 7th Birthday, Princess Cara!

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!
Princess Cara is 7 years old!


Forever Young


Happy Birthday TO ME! I’m 45 years young and loving life. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all the Birthday Wishes coming in via txt, FB & Twitter. I have been sitting here reading each and every one grinning from ear to ear, having the best time.


Thanks again. And yes, there will be cake & food, cocktails and a cigar to toast another “successful 365.256363 day, half-a-billion mile, 60K mph lap around the big ball of fire” (-Steve O’Dell, USMA87)


Who’s That Girl


11 Years Ago to the Day


Remember this Father’s Day post? Well, it’s about my Father & I…and I really do miss him.


On February 19th, 2000, 11 years ago to the day, my father passed away during surgery to treat a Glioma. I felt guilty for a long time, for my Dad flew me out to meet with his oncologist and asked ME to decide what course of treatment to go with. Based on survival rates, etc.…I picked the most aggressive form of therapy…and he was fine with that…and he died.


That sucked. It sucked BIG TIME racing to fly back out to Colorado to make it in time to turn off the ventilator. But I got to say goodbye.


Two days later, on Monday, February 21st, 2000 – my birthday – we buried my father. Why so soon…my father was an Orthodox Jew…and that is just how it’s done…although I only lasted barely a day sitting Shivah.


A Jew by choice, Mr. Bembry told the Intermountain Jewish News in a 1993 interview that his exposure to Jews and Judaism during his childhood influenced his decision to convert…

“I grew up in a Jewish environment,”…”went to a Jewish high school and had Jewish friends. I wanted to establish a moral foundation that I could live with and Judaism was my natural social environment. I believed in G-d and in the concept of a messiah. And I found every tenet of Judaism acceptable. These were the principles that I wanted to live by.”

It was a beautiful service at the Synagogue. I was straightening out my safe and found a bunch of articles and stuff I saved from that time. I found the eulogy that I gave my father in the folder:


Today is my Birthday.
Today I bury my Father.
The miracle of life comes full circle in a daughter and father…

…As in one moment, I celebrate another year of life and mourn the passing of the very man who gave that life to me.

Yet I look in the mirror and I see the spirit of my father dwelling in me.
The spirit of hard work, dedication, compassion; the love of life & family; the gift of love

It all dwells in me and in all of the lives that he has touched.
I love my Daddy.
I will truly miss you, Papa.

Today is my Birthday
But, on this day, and forever more, I will celebrate OUR lives and the gifts he gave us all.


Miss You Daddy! Happy Going Home Day!


Happy Valentine’s Day–Celebrating Love

Happy Valentine’s Day–It Takes Two To Tango


Happy Valentine’s Day from True Blessings Estate. We had a wonderful day…just another day of love there in the Kingdom.  We had a loverly day. Princess Cara loved her Love Bug…and The FireMarshall was always the sweetie that he is and brought me roses. His cards are always on point. He always picks one that sums up and expresses what is going on in our lives and then adds a handwritten note of love & encouragement that always manages to sustain me – even through some of our toughest challenges.

               bug chaise

I then picked up some goodies from "Oh, What a Cake” and went on my delivery run. Dropped off some love goodness off at GMa Willies’…and she wasn’t even there! HUMPH. Almost kicked in the door worries that she was layed out on the floor. Where does an 82 year old run off too at 3pm in the afternoon. If only she would use her cell. SIGH. Then I ran over to The Queen Mum’s job and dropped off a dozen snackalicious cupcakes. Came home and unpacked our personal deliciuousness and started whipping up a pot of Gumbo for dinner. We regaled each other with stories and laughs over some Sparkling Cosmo’s for grins & giggles.

minicakes  cocktails

The highlight of the day…my new shoes. Does The FireMarshall know the Diva or WHAT!!!!???


*Click my heels 3x*

There’s no place like HOME! There’s no place like HOME! There’s no place like HOME!


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentines Day Dance

“Loving CareGiver & Student Valentines Day Dance


The FireMarshall took Princess Cara to her school Valentine’s Day Dance on Friday. She had a blast. WORK IT CARA!!!!


Cooking With Love: Red Wine Braised Short Ribs

Yeah. I put my foot off in this here recipe. Absolutely delicious! And a huge hit with the family!


The only drawback about this recipe is that you need to make the day ahead or start several hours before serving as you want to skim the broth & stuff. (read the recipe).

You can find the details here – Red Wine Braised Short Ribs


The flavor & aroma is just spectacular. I served it (as you can see) with rice & peas. Pick what you’d like best. I served it with an Italian red (which I also braised it with) –Barbera d'Asti. Ummm. OH YEAH!

braised_ribs braised_ribs2

I bet you that tomorrow – Woo Baby! – this gonna be even better.

braised_ribs3 braised_ribs4



…and Cook with Love!


Athletic Elitists/Snobs


I noticed them on the periphery when I just worked out for grins and giggles and to stay in shape. They started to become more prominent when I started entering running races. I REALLY started noticing them & actually paying attention to them when I started training for a Triathlon.


Who would “them” be. They are the sport elitists…the athletic event snobs…the people who forgot that they too, at some time in their life, weren’t shit. They too couldn’t run 2 miles without wheezing, didn’t have 5 different speedo suits just to train in, didn’t have a $2500 carbon bike with all the bells & whistles…didn’t know SHIT.


Now, a gazillion races under their belt, top of the line equipment, a couple of top 3 finishes in their age group or overall, personal trainer or coach to us minions and now they got nothing but snide remarks, snarky comments & negative bullshyt. Now that they are an “elite athlete”, they have nothing but disdain and sarcasm for anyone else entering the sport that they have made their bones in. They are the ones that, when you say you are entering your first 10k, they tell you that they NEVER enter races for anything under 10 miles – anything else is just a warm up. The Athletic Elitist is the one that thinks the "field” is getting too crowded on the race courses with us newbies. (GTFOOHWTBS – you a$$holes start in the front, finish before 90% of us and are partying while the rest of us are working – BITE ME).  They scoff at your pathetic attempts to enter any sport by making snarky comments about the gear, our workouts or even our very attempt to enter said sport.


How soon you forget. How easy it is for some to have absolutely not an ounce of humility or even respect for other accepting the challenge and (for that individual) accomplishing something that may be the hardest thing they have EVER done in their life. SUCK ROCKS.


For the most part, I have ignored these elitist. You can usually spot them a mile away or they show their azz pretty quickly by trying to engage you in conversation so they can belittle you. “I hope you didn’t spend a lot of money on that. You know that is ______(insert snide remark).” However, my cage got rattled (just a little) when someone pretty much told me that Dominique (my new road bike) was basically a “wannabe”…the little bike that wished it could be a triathlon bike. My initial, gut reaction was FUGG YOU!, but it still bothered me a little. That morning I went to my Triathlon Swim Class and after our workout, the Triathlon Coach pulled me off to the side to tell me how I was doing (very well, in fact) and since I hadn’t been in a few weeks to check on me (sick & practically cut my finger off). I told him that I got a new bike. He asked me about it and I kinda did a kicking rocks move and mumbled how it was just this little road bike…blah, blah, blah. He nipped that in the bud. He said a new bike is an AWESOME BIKE, encouraged me to get fitted and as soon as that was done he encouraged me to join the Saturday rides. He told me that all levels were welcome and he would pair me up with a buddy…just like in the pool. NOW THAT IS ECOURAGEMENT.


This peacock fluffed her feathers back out. I ROCK!


So, all you elite athlete snob haters – SUCK MY TOES! You’re an azz and nobody cares about your bullshyt. Talk to me when you have a gold medal around your neck and/or million dollar sponsors. Your snarkyness comes off as BYTCHASSEDNESS and isn’t cute – AT ALL. I’m not trying to qualify for the Olympics or any such thing. My goals are within me – my personal satisfaction…and not finishing last. Being vibrant, fit, sparkly & fabulous in my 40’s is GOAL ENOUGH. I will NEVER forget that I was (am still am a Phat & Fabulous Diva) a fat chick that entered West Point ending up in remedial PT & on Fat chick tables that became a certified Kickboxing instructor, completed a marathon (and numerous other races) & became a TRIATHLETE. NEVER.


And I will ALWAYS be there to encourage my friends, family & even strangers to be the best they can be. I will never scoff at the woman (or guy) at the gym watching me on the treadmill doing intervals or some crazy workout who finally is brave enough to ask me about it. I will encourage them & share what I know. I will NEVER be so crass as to laugh in someone’s face about their equipment or efforts. I will NEVER forget that I started somewhere too and that everybody “ain’t got it like that”, but that shouldn’t keep them from achieving their fitness goals…I will try and remember that and help guide a fellow athlete within their means.


I would hope that any elite athlete snob haters out there would take a moment, reflect on what you were like when you got started and EAT SOME HUMBLE PIE. Whether you do or not…whatever. Talk to the hand.


So, tell me…have you ever had an encounter with a Athletic Elitist/Snob?


Dominique “Diva” Dawes

I would like to introduce you to my new love…my baby…the girl I will be spending an extraordinary amount of time with traversing the countryside & city streets. Meet


Dominique “Diva” Dawes


my new Dawes 1500 Lightning Sprint Road Bike.


During my first Triathlon – which I did on a gifted mountain bike – it took me 2 hours 17 min 20 sec to complete 25 miles. For goodness sake. I was so sick & damn tired of hearing “on the left” as people whizzed by me on their sleek road bikes. SICK & DAMN TIRED. Rat Baztards. Now don’t get me wrong, I was sincerely grateful for that bike as I didn’t even HAVE a bike and I was roped into doing a Triathlon by TriBecca (who turned me into a Tri-Crackhead – she’s my dealer). However, no matter how hard or fast I pedaled, I just couldn’t make that bike go any faster. After I decided that I would actually do another (and another, and another – I’m currently signed up for 3 in 2011), I knew that I would have to get a new bike. A bike that  doesn’t weight a gazillion pounds and doesn’t have knobby tires. Seriously.


However, I had a price limit – it’s a recession ya know – and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $1000+ for a really good Triathlon Road Bike. I just couldn’t. Especially when entry fees, workshops, training, outfits & other gear also add up to make this a very expensive proposition. I set my limit at $700 or less and went on the hunt. I visited several online bike dealers and then went to e.ba.y. Once I found a bike that met my specifications it was to the Go.oo.gle to do some research and read reviews. Well, I stumbled upon chicabike’s e.ba.y store where she had for sale this Dawes 1500 Lightening Sprint Road Bike for ….wait for it…$440 dollars. I did my research, read some reviews and this particular bike was rated unanimously as a good beginner triathlon bike that retails for $1200. Sold.


My new baby arrived within a week. I also received a follow up email from the seller with links to videos to help with assembly and their were instructions included in the box.

bike_box bike_parts

It came superbly packed and it took me about 15 min to open, unpack and organize all the parts. the bike really come mostly together. I only was left with putting on the front wheel, handle bars, pedals, seat & front brake. It really was simple.

bike_parts2 bike_wheelon

I would say it took me a total of 2 hours to put together and I took my dear sweet time. I spent a lot of time making sure the handle bars were on straight & centered, reading the directions on putting the front wheel on & securing via the Quick Release Clamp (didn’t want that sucker coming off – that would leave a mark). I also took some time adjusting the rear brake that was already installed. It wasn’t tight enough to touch the wheel when the brake was applied so I had to pull the wire a little and that took me a min or so to figure out. Reading is fundamental.

bike_handlebar bike

I still plan on taking it over to the bike shop and get fitted (make sure the seat is at the right height and the gears are tuned up). I just can’t WAIT to ride this baby! I want to thank everyone that made suggestions for a name for my girl. I was going to go with BK’s suggestion of Herbie…the Love Bike, but then I got to thinking about some of the fierce women in some of Ann Rand’s books. I went to look for my copy of Atlas Shrugged, but couldn’t find it and settled with Fountainhead and the name of the female character was Dominique. There you have it.


My only concern, was after all was said and done…I had a few parts left over (some I didn’t install – like the Aero Bars or that front reflector). I’m going to put the parts in a bag and store with the ‘owner’s manual’. As you can see, I needed very few tools (hex keys, Phillips screw driver, open ended wrenches and some pliers/wire cutters).


For the price, ease of assembly and customer service…4 STARS. I’ll let you know more after some training on it and my first race.


I am a Triathlete!


Indiana Tech Opens Season 3-0. GO WARRIORS

Press Release from Indiana Tech Athletics…


Warriors Off to Flying Start, Open Season 3-0

February 6, 2011

For Immediate Release

Atlanta, GA – The Indiana Tech men’s lacrosse team is off to a great start in 2011, opening up their season 3-0 after sweeping their competition in Atlanta, GA this past weekend. The Warriors defeated Appalachian State 11-9, Palm Beach Atlantic 14-8, and capped off their trip with a 13-2 victory over Liberty.


In Tech’s first game against Appalachian State University, sophomore Nicholas Lichtsinn (Ft. Wayne, IN/Snider) scored in the last minute to give the Warriors a two-goal lead and put the game away.


Freshman Josh Puckett (Cincinnati, OH/Mason) and sophomore Josh Ambrose (Brooklyn Park, MN/Armstrong) led the Warriors with three goals apiece, Lichtsinn finished with two scores, and Brent Nichter (Ft. Wayne, IN/Bishop Luers), Tony Cremeens (St. Charles, MO/Hazelwood), and Zac Peterson (Plymouth, MN/Wayzata) all added one goal each.


On defense Dylan Johnston (Oshawa, Ontario/All Saints) and Shaun Lewandowski (Tecumseh, MI/Tecumseh) played great while Peterson and Chris Miller (Salem, OR/Sprague) gave a great effort on short stick defense. Goalie Jordan Steptoe (Ellicott City, MD/River Hill) recorded 14 saves in the game. (Yeah, I’m biased)


Puckett and Cremeens had huge games against Palm Beach Atlantic to lead the Warriors to a 14-8 victory. Puckett scored five times while Cremeens added four more. Ambrose tallied two goals and Craig Schaepkens (Davison, MI/Davison), Lichtsinn, and Anthony Brown (Minnetonka, MN/Osseo) all found the back of the net once to round out the scoring. Nichter and Schaepkens also both dished two assists.


Johnston and Miller played exceptional defense again while Steptoe had a big game between the pipes, making 20 saves

In the Warriors final game of their trip, Tech knocked off Liberty University 13-2. Nichter paced the scoring with three goals and one assist followed by Ambrose with two goals and one assist. Lichtsinn, Cremeens, and Puckett all chipped in two goals each and Schaepkens and Adam Macciomei (Davison, MI/Davison) rounded out the scoring with one goal apiece. Freshman Anthony Blaisdell (Romeo, MI/Romeo) gave a great effort for the Warriors on face-offs.


Freshman Tony Loftus (Fishers, IN/Hamilton Southeastern) got his first collegiate start in goal and played extremely well making 10 saves. Gabe Stulp (Rockford, MI/Rockford) stepped in to play the final quarter and finished with three saves.

What an awesome trip with my entire family. All the Princesses were in attendance (Erin, Charlee & Cara), The FireMarshall & Myself for another epic road trip to watch Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm & BEASTLY GOALIE of the Century get ‘er done with the awesome Indiana Tech Warrior Lacrosse Team. I’m so proud of you guys. Love you bunches…see ya for Parents Weekend.


BorrowLenses Review

I have found my favorite spot for renting lenses for my Canon. BorrowLenses.com is THE business. I have been a FB friend and have been watching them for a while as I have always wanted to get a super telephoto and/or something to take great pictures at Prince Jordan’s & The Indiana Tech Warriors Lacrosse games. Since it wasn’t something that I was going to do on a daily (or even weekly) basis, purchasing a lens was just out of the question.


Enter BorrowLenses.com. Last Sunday, I searched the website for a telephoto lens and selected the Tamron 200-500mm f/5-6.3 SP AF Di LD IF for Canon. For $100 (for a week rental) which included roundtrip FedEx shipping I received the lens, tripod mount, & hood. Ordered Sunday – arrived on Thursday (as requested) perfectly packed.


I am in love.


Friday night was a horrible night for shooting – at least for me. It was drizzling & cold and we had to take up shelter in a parking garage on the 2nd level so we could watch the game while being somewhat dry. Uggaahhh. The lighting was horrible. While the stadium lights were on and I adjusted my camera for tungsten light. I wasn’t under the lights…I was a gazillion ‘miles’ away in a dark parking garage. I keep fooling with the camera settings and then found the one florescent light in the garage to stand under; however, I just DON’T know enough about adjusting for light and movement to get really good pictures. Not the lens’ fault – user incompetence. Nevertheless, I am motivated to take a class to learn how to work with my camera to get good pics with an awesome lens in this kind of situation.


Saturday was a much better day. The sun came out every now and then. I forgot the lens hood at the hotel and after reviewing some of the pictures, I was evident that I really could have used it. Some of the pictures had a glare or haze to them from the sun. Tip…Use all the tools given to you. They have a purpose. Still – I got some GREAT shots. I love how in some of the pics you can see the water droplets splashing up from the field. Cool beans.


ITvsPalmBeachAtl067           ITvsPalmBeachAtl018

Saturday…Not a cloud in the sky. Bright! I used the lens hood this time and once again…I AM IN LOVE!. This lens was just fantastic for getting really close up shots of the action as a spectator – especially when you can’t stand on the field like the “professional” photographers can.


ITvsLiberty003  ITvsLiberty064

I am so pleased with my rental. I even entered a contest for a $100 gift certificate. I so want to rent another lens for Indiana Tech Warriors Parents Weekend in March – well, even if I don’t win – I’m gonna rent another lens – prolly the same one.


A couple of tips for a novice like me when renting a telephoto…You will need a mono-pod. Once I got the lens on my housing, that mug was heavy – too heavy to hold up for entire game and it made it so easy to turn and follow the action. You also might want to have a lens cover for such a long lens. The lens I rented did not fit in my camera bag – AT ALL – but the Queen Mum had a zippered cover for a long lens with a strap that made transport a cinch.


While I am not aspiring to become a professional photographer or anything, I am desiring of fantastic photos for my effort. I plan on taking a class – particularly on low lighting and sports/action to be better prepared. If you ever want to take your game up and/or experiment with different lenses (or even a camera) before you buy (or just for grins & giggle in my case cause I’m not EVER purchasing a $1700+ lens) then BorrowLenses.com is the place for you. Check them out.