We Have the Goat!

The Army-Navy Football game is one of the most traditional and enduring rivalries in college football pitting the footbal teams of the United States Military Academy (ARMY) and the United States Naval Academy (NAVY) against one another. This rivalry has been going on since 1890. The game has been held on the 1st Saturday in December for as long as I can remember. It is traditionally played in Philadelphia but this year we are in Baltimore at Ravens Stadium. The festivities are already starting.

Here are the stats as of 2006:

Army: 49 wins
Navy: 51 wins
7 ties
107 total games played
10 years in which game was not played

Every year the Cadets of West Point and the Midshipmen of Navy try to steal each others mascots (Army Mule vs Navy Goat). HA! We Have the Goat! Check out the mission briefing.

If you don't get it...you just don't get it.


Who Goes to Niagra Falls in November?

Terri posted a video of our visit to the Falls.



Niagra Falls

We went to Niagra Falls today. It is only about 20 minutes from Terri's house so we embarked on a mini field trip. Even in the fog and snow it was a thing of beauty.


Thanksgving 2007

Thanksgiving Flowers
Joe's Turkey Masterpiece
Food, Glorious Food
Ron & Mom
The Younger Crew

Winter Touches BuffaloHome of the Original Buffalo Wing - YUMMY

Happy Birthday Mom!

Thanksgiving @ Our Friends

Preview some pics of Thanksgiving Day....


Happy Thanksgiving

Matron of Honor Duties

My BFF Val came in town to interview florists & photographers, look at stationary for invitations and do a walk through of the hotel for her wedding in April. OH MY GOD! Me, Teri, & Pat joined Val for the interviews. Her poor event planner, Sara, had no idea what she was in for.

1st stop: Carlos - photographer. He was wonderful. His photos were beautiful and very detailed. His books were very nice. ESPECIALLY the mini-replica books that Carlos said would be great gifts for the parents. Huh? Okay, sure but it would also be a WONDERFUL gift for the Matron of Honor. On my notes, I doubled starred that little detail. He will even go to NY (where Val is living right now) and do a pre-wedding shoot of the bride & groom. Won't that be nice.

We likey Carlos.

Concerns: He is going to get on Val's nerves at the wedding. Carlos is very "passionate" about his work and likes to take lots of photos. Val don't want all that drama. Okay. Lisa gonna have to run some interference if Carlos expects to get ANY shots of the bride without her hitting him with the bouquet.
2nd stop: Florist in Alexandria. She needs to find a new profession cause from the moment we walked in the door, we KNEW that she ain't the one. Can you say ATTITUDE? The question on my mind was "You are a florist, correct? Then where are your flowers?" She had NONE. Ahhh, it is 2 days before Thanksgiving woman. Do you have any business? Obviously not. She went through the motions of interviewing Val and we get down to discussing the centerpieces. She gave us 3 options of vases for the table - square class - large, medium, small. Wow.

Here is how the interview went:
MofH: Is that all you have?
Florist from Hell: Yes.
MofH: What are you planning to put in the vases?
Florist from Hell: Rocks
MofH: What type?
Florist from Hell: Stone or glass beads
MofH: Well, how about some of those iridescent glass stones? What do you think, Val?
Val: Yeah, that might be nice.
Florist from Hell: I don't have those.
MofH: Well, ya know, you can pick those up from Michales?
Florist from Hell (Glaring): *silence*
Val: Do you know what she's talking about?
Florist from Hell (Unblinking): Yes, I know.

Note to self: Attitude & No Sense of Humor. She's not gonna work.

She rushed Val through the formalities and promptly ushered us out the door. I could almost here her say in her head...."Get these tigga itches outta here"

I turned to Sara and said, "Sara, don't even bother to have her send a proposal. It will be met with a pressing of the red x for delete." Poor Sara. She tried to explain why she chose her - something about the price - WHATEVER. The price just isn't gonna be low enough to get past her attitude. Your outta here.
3rd Stop: Equisite Flowers (or something along those lines). I think Val found someone she could work with. We had options. We were shown live flowers. We were walked through the warehouse. We likey this florist.

No drama.
4th Stop: Amy - Photographer. As we drove to Amy's "place of business" we were looking around with our mouths hanging open at the Super Mansions of Bethesda. I ask, "Are we meeting this woman at her home?" Looks like it. Val says, "Looks like Amy doesn't really need my money." You got that right. We pull up to Amy's house and we are convinced that this picture taking thing is just a hobby. Inside the house, I ask to use the restroom. Can you say, EEEEWWWAH!? The toilet paper roll was on the floor, there were dust bunnies on the floor being collected by the toilet paper (I had to throw out a bunch before I got to some "clean" paper) the sink was filthy and there was nothing to dry you hands with. I had half a mind to kick the roll of toilet paper out into the hallway as a gesture of protest. I came out and gave Amy the hairy eye. We sat as Amy made her presentation and showed us her work - Shoddy, Lacking Attention to Detail, Expensive.

She had these photo books standing up on the center of the coffee table and I pick one up. "Wow, these look like the books I have done at Shutterfly." I thought Val was gonna fall out under the table OR punch me in the side of the head. Amy ignored me and went on about how those books make great gifts for the parents. EXCUSE ME - have you seen Carlos' gift books? NOT. I don't think so. Then she got all excited and jumped up to show us the little paper back books that she said would make great gifts for the bridal party. HUH? That dog eared piece of crap. Have you lost your mind?

Then she prints off of her computer, the price list & contract. WHAAAAAAAT? You gonna charge WHAT for this stuff that I could put together on my home computer. Okay HOBBY GIRL. Your done.

We roll out. Amy don't need Val's moolah.
We head off for drinks and dinner. Whew.

Now understand, Val and I have been friends all of our lives and yet we are on total opposites of the personality spectrum. Val was my Maid of Honor 20 years ago. I am overjoyed to be Val's Matron of Honor. Val is calm, cool, collected. I a bit larger than life. Works for us. Yet, I'm having obsessive compulsive tendencies when it comes to the wedding planning. I need a little more detail than my girl is giving me. One example would be -The Bridesmaid Dresses.

The bridesmaids dress is making me a tad (just a tad) crazy. Val's vision of the color and my interpretation of the color are two different things. I live in Maryland, the other bridesmaid lives in Chicago. Aaah, we need to have at least a swatch of fabric to guarantee that we get a dress that works on both of us and is the RIGHT color or there is gonna be an unhappy bride - cause we look like the rainbow coalition. Tacky. It took me two days of fussing to get mi amiga to agree to getting swatches. Lord Have Mercy. I've got my work cut out for me.

To my BFF - Work with your anal retentive, obsessive compulsive, attention to detail girl friend - PLEASE, Pretty PLEASE - so that you don't have to and you have a drama free day. Ya know I've got your back.

When is the next round of events? My kidneys are still sore from laughing so hard. I can't wait for the tasting.


Sassy Hair

I got me a new hair do and a touch up on my color on Friday. Sported it at the National Sales Network DC/Baltimore Chapter Fall Networking Party last night. I just am loving my new short, sassy bob. Freaked Ron out when I walked in the door on Friday but he is liking it now.


I Appreciate Your Concern...

....but really, I'm doing just fine. I don't have a fever. I'm past the throwing a blood clot stage. I back in the gym, traveling, going to work and doing everything like I used to before surgery.

No, I don't have keloids. I don't have any gaping holes. I don't look butchered, lopsided, bumpy...whatever. In fact, the one smiley face bikini line scar I do have is fading from memory.

I went to a Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, surgeon. We interviewed each other. He told ME what he can do and what he can't & won't do. He made me get a complete physical which included an EKG. After the procedure, I had to see him every week for 6 weeks straight. I had his pager and cell phone if I had ANY questions or concerns. The two times I did page him, he called back immediately and walked me (Ron) through what he wanted us to do. He had me into Advanced Radiology for an ultrasound within 2 hours of a followup appointment cause he didn't like the fact that one leg swelled more than the other. Turned out to be nothing but me overexerting myself too soon. He was just anal retentive, obsessive compulsive, perfectionist enough for me.

Would I do it again? I don't know...it is too soon and my discomfort is still a recent memory. Do I regret it. HELL NO! Did I have some kind of self hate? Are you kidding me? You don't have to have some kind of self hate, low self-esteem complex to have plastic surgery. Do you have to hate yourself to spend hours in the gym, starve yourself, or to join WW, Jenny or any other weight loss program. NO. After 23 years of struggling, fighting, beating back my weight, spending a fortune on personal trainers, gym memberships, weight loss programs I was sick & tired of being sick and tired. I chose to get some surgical help cause I could. I didn't need to "just be satisfied." Nothing more sinister involved.

I do appreciate your calls and emails, but really, I'm okay and happy. No worries. Nothing more to see here...move along.


MSA - Mexican Security Agency Rant

While I love to travel, the getting to and fro is the part I simply hate the most. It is just such a pain the the freakin' azz that I just want to slap somebody silly.

We arrive at the Cancun International Airport 2 hours early for International travel...let the games begin. We get our luggage checked without incident and then proceed to the security checkpoint. Spare me the madness. They confiscate my mothers vanilla at the security checkpoint (she forgot it was with other gifts in her bag). So sorry. On the other side of the the checkpoint is the largest duty free mall that you have to walk thru to get to your gate. WTF! You take my shyat and then re-offer it to me to re-purchase. RAT BAAAASTIDS. Why would I want to purchase more liquid stuff (alcohol, perfume, etc) only to have it confiscated AGAIN once you go thru customs & security to catch your connection. I simply couldn't trust them when they said that "Oh, no, they won't take it from you. Your good if you buy it from here." BULL. Not buying it.

And then there is my airline....Spirit Air - AKA - Screw You Air - (screw you out of every dime). You have to pay to check ANY bags ($10 in advance, $20 at the gate- round trip). You have to pay for ANY snacks or beverages on the plane - $3 for soda, $2-4 for snacks, $5 for alcohol. Legalized financial rape all in the name of saying they have the lowest fares on earth. Whatever. Not after you tack on airport tax, international tax, security tax etc etc onto each ticket. Just gotta make sacrifices in the name of travel.

Anyway, we stop at a shot to get our own snacks for the plane. The lady rings up our purchases...$10...mom gives 'em $20. The cashier wants to give us back $5 & 50 pesos in change. NO MFN' WAY! Erin looks down into the cash register and points out that she can give us $5 bill and 5-$1 bills for our change. This woman looks at us all pained and crazy like and says she doesn't want to give us her dollar bills. Only Pesos. If you don't want your own mfn' currency, what makes you think I want that worthless shyat? Finally, after arguing with her that we were NOT taking the pesos, she gives us the $5 bill, 3-$1 bills and $2 in quarters. FINE!!!!! NO MORE PESOS.

We arrive in Ft. Lauderdale and have to de-plane, get our luggage and go thru customs. Once that is completed, we have to recheck our bags and go thru security AGAIN!!!!! This time we went through a contraption that looked like an upright MRI machine which blew a bunch of air at you and then scanned you. Found out that machine checked your for explosives. WOW. Then we went thru the metal detector, where my shoe strap promptly breaks. UGGGGGAHHHH!

We made it to the gate and are now waiting to board for our final leg back to DC. The Party is OVER. Back to work.

Last Day - Cancun, Mexico

We spent a lazy day on our last day of our Mexico Adventure. We got up, had some breakfast and went off to the mall for some last minute shopping. I found a wonderful silver piece for the wall that is of the Aztec calendar. I can't wait to get the wall I'm gonna put it on painted and lit to hang this piece. I also bought some black clay statues and vase for a center piece on a sofa table. I picked up a gift for The Pollhein's...can't descend on their house for Thanksgiving empty handed. I know she will love it.

After we got back from the mall, we hung out at the beach for the rest of the day and took some Charlies Angels shots while trying to teach Pattey the art of posing for a picture. Different looks for different moods. She making significant progress.

There were these men from the Westin walking all over the beach with this portable massage stand giving people free minute massages. I layed there and watched while he gave this one man with a super hairy back and a speedo on (EEEEEWWWWWWAH). Massage Man finished with Hairy Speedo and started walking towards us. He stopped and asked Pattey if she wanted a free massage. She said, "No, but the probably do." Have you lost your ever lasting mind? Did you see Massage Man wash his hands or even use some anti-bacterial spray? Can anyone say MRSA? I thought I was gonna hurl. HELLLLLLLLLAH NO! I don't want your nasty, staph infection passin self to touch my back. Do you freakin know how much I've paid for this bod? I don't want to die of some Ebola virus in a Mexican hospital. MOVE ALONG Massage Man - nothing to see.
We laid there drinking pitchers of Sangria, played in the waves until the life guard warned us of the undertow and walked the beach. Later that night we went back to the pool (Brisa Breeze Bar) for the "Unwind" event - which consisted of 3 different appetizers for $7 US dollars. Well, that was gonna be what dinner was so we ate the stuff like we were gonna shut the place down. At 6pm they had "Happy Hour" (and when they say 1 hour, they mean it) with 2 for 1 drinks. They actually brought your 2 of whatever your ordered. Guess you can't keep track. We downed a bunch more Tequila Sunrises and a couple of Daiquiri's and then trudged back upstairs to start the packing process. BUMMER.
Major Dilemma...how to get it all home and not exceed the luggage weight limit? Challenges, Challenges.

Tulum - Cancun Day 4

Pattey and I went on a tour of Tulum on Saturday. Very interesting and educational. Mom was supposed to go with us but she got sick (too much tequila, not enough water) so Pattey and I dragged ourselves out of the bed and plunged forward. We learned a lot about Mayan culture and the ruins were beautiful.
After Pattey and I got back, we went out to dinner at this great restaurant that served authentic cuisine and celebrated Pattey's birthday. Great dinner! Great fun!


Party Hopper - Cancun Day 3

3 clubs. One Night. VIP Treatment - whatever that means in Mexico ( but Daniel - our guide - did hustle his behind off to ensure that we had a great time and never had an empty glass). We had to, once again, catch the bus form hell to get to the meeting point for our night out on the town. Later that night we found out just where hell was...Coco Bong..but more on that later.

We spent 1 1/2 hours in the Congo Bar where they had mini-stages for people to dance and shake their stuff on (which the young ladies did), a stripper pole, and women walking around with bottles of tequila hanging from their hips so you could do shots. Yeah Right. After the Congo Bar, we were road marched down to Senor Frogs. Over stimulation is all I can say. They had an ankle harness where they hung female volunteers upside down by their ankles. Once they got the STOOPIT girl up there, they used an air hose to try and blow/blast their underwear off. What baffled me was why did these women get mad when the guy tried to snatch their thongs off or pull off their dress. You VOLUNTEERED. Your dress is already hanging over your head and everyone in the bar has seen your drawers, why not the rest? DAMN - mize well go head and get neck-id. There was an indoor pool and a water slide that ejected the victim out of a window and into a logoon in the dark. Can you say WTF?!!! We drank margaritas out of these glasses that were bout as tall as I was. Lord have mercy. Pace yourself. We had one more club to go.

At midnight, we gathered around our guides and humped (all drunk, loud and stupid - well not us - just everyone else) to the last club of the night called Coco Bongo. We found out almost immediately that we had found Hell on Earth. Three stories of wall to wall people. It was absolute pandemonium. I had to turn around to this girl in our group and tell her in no uncertain terms that if she pushed me one more time (so she could get closer - to what? - you couldn't see anything) I was going to slap the taste out her mouth. Startled, she replies - "I'm so sorry." Uh Huh - no problema - just so ya know.

We found Daniel IMMEDIATLY and told him we wanted out. He had to pratically have us lock arms single file and escorted us out a back door. We had to decend 2 stories through jumping, gyrating, drink spilling, drunk azz people to get to this exit. I never wanted to escape someplace that bad in my life. That is where the Cancun City Bus from Hell comes from - Coco Bongo - we are sure of it.

Walking to catch the bus, Pattey was approached by some man who wanted to know if she wanted to smoke with him. We she said no he then asked, " Would you like a Mexican Boyfriend instead?" UGGGGGAAAAAHHHHH. EEEEEUUUUUWWWWWWAH. You've got to be kidding. You are sitting in an alley smoking weed. Definitly Pattey's life aspiration. That would be a HELL NO!!!!!

We rode the bus away from Hell on Earth, where we were joined by some women who had just finished their partying. They asked us where we were staying. When we said, "The Westin" she went off with her drunk ig-nant self and said "Damn you bitches are all brand name and shyt." WHATEVER, drunk azz heffer. Get off the mfn bus before we toss you out. And as a side note....

Just because you can wear it, doesn't mean you should....

Nuf Said.

Isla Mujeres - Cancun Day 2

We were picked up at the hotel by an "amigo" that spoke un poquito engleis to go on our Catamaran sailing tour to La Isla Mujeres (The Woman Island). Why it is called that - no se. Another terrifying van ride to the drop off point. Mi Amigo dropped us in a parking lot and said "go that way" pointing to an alley. Okay. We finally followed some other sheep behind the hotel and found the marina where we spent 20 minutes figuring out where the heck we were supposed to check in. After we got settled we played in some hammocks and waited to board.

Let the party begin. We sailed out into the Caribbean towards the island and at 9 am we started drinking tequila sunrises. NO FOOD. The water was spectacular - a brilliant tourquise that you just couldn't capture on film. After about an hour sail we arrived just of the coast of Ilsa Mujeres where we stopped to snorkle. It was at that moment that we found out the Erica could not swim. No matter. Fernando rugged a life ring around them both and took her out in the water. She hung on for dear life but after about 10 minutes she got her float on and put her face in the water. She had one of those AHA! - I'm overcoming moments and we celebrated once back on the boat with more tequila.

Back on the boat, we sailed around to the dock and got off for some lunch & shopping. Haggle, Haggle, Hustle, Hustle over some dumb knick-knacks and we were off for the return sail back to Cancun. We did some dancing - the requisite congo line and some line dances ( there is even a Mexican version of the Cupid Shuffle)....

...And that's when a whole heap of stupid happened. They broke out the Spinnaker (cheap version of parasailing) and hooked it up to the back of the Catamaran. STOOOOPIT (that would be me) volunteered to ride the thing FIRST. It was fun while in the air but the getting off is a killer. All I gotta say is "That Shyt Hurt...dumb azz." Here's the lesson...if they don't demo the contraption first - DON'T DO IT.
Other Tips:
- When they say jump - DON'T
- If someone says it hurts and looks like they nearly drowned - DON'T jump up and say me

Problem was, nobody cared that I hit the water like a rock. These people kept on getting on the contraption until there was a concussion...and even then 2 people did it while we tended to this kid who cracked his melon on the boat. Some young guy from Seattle was foolin around while people were flying on the back of the boat. He slipped and cracked his head on the deck. Running and Jumping on the boat after a day of drinkin tequila don't mix. STOOPIT.

Lesson of the Day: 3 shots of tequila = te-kill-ya.


Arriving in Cancun

We all arrived alive in Cancun Mexico today and had a relaxing day at the beach. I am exhausted after diving waves with Pattey and getting my azz kicked around by those suckers, drinking Sangria & Margaritias by the pitcher and shopping till my feet hurt to my kneecaps.

However, I wanted to share with you a few observations/lessons learned from day one:

1. When you get to the airport, RUUUUUUNNNNNN from the building as soon as possible or one of 50 Carlos's will pull you off to the side and try to shake you down in the most polite way possible to sign up for excursions and stuff. Keep you head down, don't make eye contact. Exit the building immediately.

2. If you can't swim, forget playing like a dolphin with the waves. They will kick your mf'n azz...and you will undoubtedly have a wardrobe malfunction.

3. Public transportation is the cheapest way to go, but not necessarily the safest way to go. You take you life into your hands when riding the city bus. Heard screamed on the bus: "We're on an express eleveator to hell, welcome aboard!"

Tomorrow, we are off to Isla Mujeres for the day and then Club Hoppin' - celebrating Pattey's birthday!!!!


Ladies Weekend in Cancun, Mexico

At this time tomorrow, me and my BFF Pattey (and my mother, daughter, Pattey's daughter and friend) will be totally drunk and getting ourselves into some kind of mischief in CANCUN, MEXICO. I have OOODLES of Starwood Points, so I got us two rooms at the Westin Resort & Spa in Cancun. I LOOOOOOOVE me the Westin ---especially that Heavenly Bed. Yes Lord.

I can't wait to hang with my girl. Even though Pattey and I talk on the phone almost every other day, we haven't seen each other in like forever. My girl also lost her husband to cancer on New Years Day and my baby girl NEEDS a little getaway. We are gonna have a blast.
Mi Madre is going too. I have packed the ear plugs cause while she is one of my bestest travel buddies she snores like a rock star. Well, not exactly snores...it sounds more like a chain saw cutting down Yosemite National Forest. I remember standing over her in Paris with a pillow contemplating whether I could really suffocate my mom and get away with it. She wakes up, throws a pillow at me and tells me to figure out a way to deal with it. When we went to Italy, I took my own earplugs. WHEW! I almost freaked out one night in Florence when my earplugs fell out and I woke up in the middle of the night. I found em lost in the sheets. Almost had a nervous breakdown. Pattey recommended heavy drinking and a Valium. Still have plenty from the surgery so I packed a few.
I'm takin the 'puter so I can up my Blog Addiction Score. Stay tuned.


Birthday Party Slide Show

Told ya I would get pictures from the party uploaded. I put it together in a little video slide show. Enjoy!

Can I throw a party or what! Hostess with the Mostest!


Happy 80th Birthday G-Ma Willie

Today is officially Grandma Willie's 80th Birthday, but the party was Saturday night and we had a blast. I had to get G-ma her own box of tissue to carry around cause she cried all night.

We had family come all the way up from Florida and lots of local friends who know G-ma Willie. I have to admit that my Grandmother is a piece of work and when she says some things that you wouldn't even think of actually saying out loud to someones face, I just shake my head and pray that I make it to be 80 years old. Couple of facts bout G-ma:

1. She is an ORIGINAL Diva - like way back - old school.

2. Old School is an understatement...to this day my grandmother clucks her tongue at me and tsk tsk baby...your man is gonna leave you if you keep wearing tshirts to bed and not having your hair and makeup done when he gets up. RIIIGHT! My grandfather (rest his soul) NEVER saw my g-ma without her hair and makeup totally put together. NEVER...I know...I lived with her for several years when I was young....and I never saw her any other way but beautiful. PERIOD.

3. She may be 80 but she has the mind of an elephant and keeps score. If you are one of my girlfriends, then you are one of Willie's girls. Willie's girls don't do things like forget her birthday, Mothers Day, Christmas. If you do, so help you. You are gonna hear about it. My girl Val got read the riot act (in the nicest grandma way) at a party several years back. Here's how the conversation goes:

Willie: Lisa, how's your friend Pattey?
Me: She's doing great, grandma.
Willie (to Val): You know Pattey ALLLLLWAYS remembers to send me a card or call me during the holidays. She is so sweet. I'm sure you've been REEEEAL buys and all.
Val: Ummmmmmm
Willie: Lisa, baby, some of your friends and just SOOOOO kind.

Valerie hasn't forgotten an event yet. Matter of fact, Val was the first gift to arrive from people who could not attend the party. Well done Val - she is still talking about how thoughtful you are. Redeemed.

4. Don't argue with Grandma. She is right, period. Took me a long time to get used to her saying stuff like..."Baby, you shouldn't take Jordan into Baltimore to play sports, he is gonna get himself killed. I saw it on the news." Stop watching the news, grandma. That ain't gonna happen, so just go "Really, grandma? I'll keep a good watch." Arguing with her is futile. She always wins. Besides, she is 80 years old. She can say whatever she wants to, wear purple and spit.

Here are a few of the gems Grandma said at the party:
- "Girl, I haven't seen you in so long. You've grown so much and gotten a little thick. "(WOW)
- (Opening a card with nothing but well wishes inside) - "Well, that was thoughtful." (You just had to hear the tone)
- (Patting guest on the knee, while opening gifts) - "Don't worry, you didn't have to bring any anything." RIIIGHT.

Grandma Willie is set in her ways and, on occasion, gets on my last nerve, but she is family and we love her just the same.

Happy Birthday Grandma. I'm working on putting together a DVD with her tribute, the clip above and a slide show of pictures from the party. I'll have pics up later.


How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

55%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Found this at fellow blogger Living-Loving-Laughter.... Are you addicted to blogging? Click on image above and find out. Come back and let me know how addicted you are in the comments.

80 Years Fabulous

My Grandmother is turning 80 on November 5th! WOO-HOO! And to me, she doesn't look a day over 60. She is obviously living right! Grandma IS an Old-School Diva.

I am throwing my G-Ma an 80th Birthday Bash at the crib on Saturday and I made a video slide show of her life to show at the party. She is just gonna die. Gotta burn some copies on DVD, cause I know she is gonna wanna share with family.

Tune in Sunday for a report on the festivities....

"When you Are Blessed...80 Years Fabulous"