One of Us–GO ARMY!

Last weekend, The FireMarshall and I went up to West Point to attend the Army Athletic Hall of Fame Induction in support of one of his teammates, Randy Cozzens, that was getting inducted. We also got a chance to attend a home football game ( I AM THE 12th MAN) and watch it in style with some guys from the Class of 79. The Hall of Fame banquet was just lovely; however, what was even more impressive & moving was all of the basketball players that came back to support Randy & Head Coach Spiker. Coach Spiker is doing wonderful things with the basketball team and in bringing back the “old” to mentor the “new”…I think he has found a winning formula. I love one of his motto’s : West Point Basketball – One of Us.



I too felt like one of them…I was there for 4 years of Army Basketball. I went where the team went – every trip section I could get on – every home game. The team sponsors/coaches were mine too – as I was always where Ron was. I might not have played, but I felt like I was part of the team and they always made me feel that way.


One of Us.



There is 33 years of Army Basketball represented above. How awesome is that? What a real treat it was to have GEN Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff toss up the ball to get the game stated at the 1st Annual Alumni Basketball Game. Them old boys still had it, albeit, slower.


I turned out to be the team photographer for the weekend and managed to turn around this video from the Banquet & Alumni Game…ONE OF US!

West Point Basketball–ONE OF US

Ron and I are committed to get up there and support the Basketball team when ever we can because we are ONE OF THEM!


As for the rest of the weekend…it was an AWESOME FOOTBALL GAME! as we won a tough game against Northwestern. I am COMPLETELY ruined for watching a home game anywhere other than this group of 79 grads skybox. Scotch, cigars, great food & the best view in the stadium overlooking the entire field – dead centered on the 50 yard line…I was in GO ARMY FOOTBALL HEAVEN! (…and this group are Steeler Fans too! SHEEEEYT – HEAVEN)

  IMG_1416 IMG_1414

  IMG_1417 IMG_3804

This is what I call the LONG GREY LINE!!! Their hospitality was top notch and Ron & I pulled K-P duty so we could get an invite back.


Awesome weekend all around.


What’s it like for you with your Alma Mater? Are you a crazy “Stan” (stalker fan) for your teams/school like me?


GO ARMY! BEAT THE HELL OUTTA NAVY! – Someday, again. The 12th man lives in me!


A Matter of National Pride

A Matter of National Pride - Nation's Triathlon 2011 from GraceLens Multimedia on Vimeo.


Wonderful Video showing the spirit at The Nation’s Triathlon 2011. Must See.




Small changes can make a big difference over time. It just takes commitment. Pick something – set a goal – write it down and then get started. However, sometimes that goal looks so big that we get discouraged and our goal falls by the wayside.


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I can do Triathlons but KICKBALL kicked my ass!


I was at a two day sales meeting starting this past Monday and our mandatory fun teambuilding event was…wait for it…Kickball. Seriously. Oh ok. Well, when it comes to competition – especially on the friendly fields of strife – this here Diva…




My team was in it to win it. We played like this was an all star game & money was involved. Here’s what I quickly found out…what my body was quick to remind me –I’m built for distance not for short bursts.


Here’s what the conversation that went on between my mind & body. (The mind was willing…the body was weak) “Hey, playa, whacha doin’? We been training for the long haul – endurance, distance – spreading out pain & suffering over hours, not seconds. Slow your roll, girl or we gonna tell ya bout yo azz in a day or two.”


I shrugged it off and tried to keep my game up – see, I’m an “Elite Athlete”. Bwaaahaahaahaa.


I was running sprinting around those bases like I stolt something. I kicked that ball like Wonder Woman had just lost her berserker bracelets. And TODAY – two days later – I can barely walk.


I went for what was supposed to be a 3-4 mile run today and my legs felt like I had just got off of my bike after riding my bike for 50 miles at 19 mph. LEAD BRICKS. That run turned into a 2 mile shuffle/walk. DA HELL!


I can do a friggin triathlon, run 6 miles after a swim & bike and not feel like I did today after play 7 innings of some damn KICKBALL.


All I know is that I better suck down some Motrin, get in a couple of Bikram Yoga classes and stick to what I know before I end up in damn traction. I don’t have fast twitch muscles anymore!


The other thing I know is I better get my act together before the Army 10 miler in a few weeks. I’ll be damned if I end up on the sweeper bus – AKA – The Bus of Shame. I can skip faster than my shameful post kickball performance today. SMDH.


I can do a damn Triathlon…but some KICKBALL kicked my ass. DAMN SHAME.


Race Photo Contest


Remember this photo my mother took of me swimming at the Musselman Triathlon? Looks like I’m just cruising along, huh. NOT. I was trying my best to make a comeback from the swim debacle at the Philly Tri where it took nearly 40 min of huffing puffing and doing every other stroke (including the doggie paddle) to get the hell out of the water. At this one I was taking my time and chanting “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming….” the whole way.


Well, I entered this photo in the TriSports.com Photo Contest. The prize is a nice cycling kit (jersey, shorts etc) and in this VERY expensive sport that I have a mad addiction for…I really could use this.


Please help by clicking here ------->>>> PHOTO CONTEST. This will take you to the picture on the Book of the Face. Once there…click ‘LIKE’. I am WAAAAYYY behind the number one spot (121 likes). Your help is greatly appreciated.


Cooking W/Love: Mushroom Croque-Monsieur

….or How to Make a Ham & Cheese Like a Parisian

paris01 003

The Queen Mum and I went to Paris in 2005 and one sunny day we climbed to the top of the Eiffel Tower. At the top there is a café and we ordered a Croque-Monsieur and thought we had died and gone to heaven. When we speak of that trip we talk about the Bastille Day Parade in the rain, my insistence to climb to the top of EVERYTHING via the stairs, and the ham & cheese sandwich we had sitting on a bench at the top of the Eiffel Tower.



      paris01 002 paris01

We have often talked about making those sandwiches but always felt that we might ruin the memory if we fugged up trying to reproduce the sandwich ourselves. …and THEN…Bon Appetit came out with an issue that had a section entitled “Croque Star”

Of the world’s great melted-cheese sandwiches, the French Croque-Monsieur is king. In this easy bistro menu, our version is elevated with mushrooms, a perfect mornay sauce, and just the right ham.

And they weren’t lying! OFF THE CHAIN DELICIOUS! We were in heaven tonight!

ham sandwich

Putting the sandwiches together.



   Spread the Mornay Sauce on Top ------------ Sprinkle on Mushroom/Shallot Mix


cheesephoto 1

    Sprinkle top w/Gruyere & Parmesan ------------ Bake in Oven


photo 2 photo 3



Race Report: The Nation’s Triathlon


A year ago, I did my first Triathlon…the Nation’s Triathlon. Why? I watched my friend Becca do the DC Tri (after learning to swim AND ride a bike) for her first – she picked a challenge and made it happen. Then that heffa with a Cheshire grin looked at me and said – HEY! Why don’t you do Nation’s with me. Your fit, you already know how to swim, come on! SUCKER!!! I’m such a sucker for this ish. Sure, I said…but I don’t have a bike and I’m not going to spend a lot on a bike if I’m not sure that I’ll do this again. Becca, grinning from ear to ear (you just have to see all of her pictures – she get’s you EVERY SINGLE TIME with that damn grin) said no worries…I have a friend that has an extra bike…and a triathlete was born.


I did it! I SWORE (even used curse words) I would NEVER do this again. EVER. FUGG NO! And then I made the mistake of hanging my race bling from my dresser mirror and putting my race times up on the mirror.


I looked at that mess EVERY DAY. I kept thinking, I could do better. I just need a better bike. I could do better, I just need to come up with a plan – get some experience…blah,blah. So, I did a bunch of research and bought me a road bike (that I could afford) and then – if you have been following along – the rest is history.

lisa2 ladies

Sunday, I did the Nation’s Triathlon again and even though they cancelled the swim (a good thing) it was a FABULOUS race. I had a great time and I felt like a ROCK STAR at the end as I knocked off 40 min from my bike time & 9 min from my run time over last year. GTFOOH!!!!



I repeat…40 MINUTES OFF 2010’S BIKE TIME, 9 MIN OFF 2010’S RUN TIME.


Just call me an ELITE ATHLETE. LOL. I am in my own mind because despite my SIGNIFICANT PR over last year, I still brought up the very rear and wasn’t anywhere near the top of the pack in my age group. I WAS in the top 3 for the Tri Club Challenge – HA! – with only 3 registered for that challenge. O_0. LOL.


BIKE: We started the race in our swim corrals. Approx. 15 of us at one time ran into transition to get our bikes and off we went. I thought I was doing something on the course with an avg 16 mph pace. NAW. I wasn’t doing SHYT! People were buzzing past me like I was just out for an afternoon ride. DAMN, PLAYA! One day, when I grow up, I’ll get me a for real bike and some for real muscles and bang out a 20 mph pace without so much as breaking a sweat.


One day…


I still knocked off 40 MINUTES from last year. YEAH BABY!!!


RUN: Yeah, so I diddle daddled  in transition. I sat down to put my shoes on and to slather my legs in biofreeze. That stuff is the damn BOMB! I don’t know what got into me, but I felt like I was bookin’ it considering I sacrificed running to work on my swimming, didn’t do very many any bricks, and a bunch of other excuses. I did just above an Airborne Shuffle and felt good about it.


It meant the WORLD to me to see The FireMarshall  about 500 m before the finish line cheering me on. “Come on Army, keep that pace up, take it in.” He rocks.


I want to thank my friends TheHurt, Maddy and all those at the TriUnify booth that called my BY NAME and cheered me on. I was so happy to see KarenM, that beauty in the picture above to the left – keep up the good work. Thank you to all of my friends that support me around the world…I see you…I hear you and it is appreciated. And of course, thank you Rebecca for grinning me into this…I love it…and I’m going to “grinn” my BFF Pattey into a race. She won’t even know what happened till it’s over.




The Potomac Swim That Wasn’t

Yeah, um, so, okay. I WAS a tad disappointed that they cancelled the swim for The Nation’s Triathlon tomorrow. It was going to be my “come full circle” triathlon and now it wasn’t going to happen. The Noah’s Ark type rain for 5 days straight right after a hurricane made the Potomac a tad “hazardous”…current' was outrageous, water conditions horrible, levels too high…blah, blah, blah.


Yeah, um, so, okay. Deal with it. Expensive Brick with Bling at the end. You can’t control natural disasters. Yet when I went down to rack my bike for the expensive brick workout w/bling, I just HAD to see what all the fuss was about and went down to where we would have entered the water at for a looksie.


Here is what I saw:

Yeah, um, so, okay….I ain’t even TRYING to swim in that shyt. I just KNOW there were some  brain eating parasites in that mess right der.


Yeah, um, so , okay…Imma get on dat bike and ride da hell outta it, then run ( or at least pretend to) like I stole sumptin…collect my medal and carry my behind home.


The FireMarshall  has already given me instructions on what the “some shyt done jumped off on the anniversary of 9/11” meeting point is. “If you get the bat signal, fugg the medal, and book it to the meeting point on the map."


I told him that you were not supposed to have your cell on you – 2 min penalty and shyt. I AND the race officials were promptly cussed the fugg out – “So take a penalty if they catch you – take 2 – but you carrying that damn phone, woman, hear!!?”


Yeah, um, so, okay. Imma do as The FireMarshall says. Safety and jump off info is a priority in his book.


This should be interesting.


2011 Cheering Section Info–Nation’s Triathlon


Friends & Family

On Sunday, September 11th, I will participating in The Nation’s Triathlon – doing the same race again where this Tri Journey all began. It would be an honor if you could come out and cheer me and several members of TriUnify (Rian, Maddy, Rebecca & a few more I can’t remember all of us) on.


If you can make it out this Sunday to cheer us on, the course map and some recommendations or parking or taking the metro is included above. If you would like me to forward the image and stuff to you for better viewing, drop me a line via email (wpdiva87@clear.net) or comment (you will have to include your email) and I will get it to you.

My Bib # and Swim Start Time is as follows:
Bib #: 4246
Swim Start Time RANGE???: Wave #25 7:45-8:30 (SERIOUSLY? DA HELL)


If you arrive by metro or car by 7:00am you should have enough time to get to the swim start area by the time I enter the water.

Here are some other tips:
1. If you can take the metro, the closest to the start is at GW Hospital (walk down 23rd, across Constitution, around the Lincoln Memorial to the Start) OR the Arlington Cemetery Station (walk across the Arlington Memorial Bridge and hook a right to Ohio St to the Start).
2. Bring a portable chair
3. Bring a small cooler for snacks/drinks although there are plenty of places to get something along the way.
4. Bring camera/video…help us get some pictures for posterity

To learn more about the race…go to http://www.nationstri.com/


I hope to see you there!

My Triathlete Journey–Coming Full Circle

Remember this….The TravelDiva is a Triathlete!


The TravelDiva is a Triathlete


Well, on Sunday, September 11th, 2011 -  I will bring this journey full circle as I participate in The Nation’s Triathlon AGAIN. Since I did my first triathlon on Sept 12th of 2010 I’ve been very busy…


The Nation’s Triathlon – Sept 12th, 2010

Navy 5 Miler – Sept 2010

Army 10 Miler – Oct 2010

Cherry Blossom 10 Miler – April 2011

PeasantMan Tri – May 2011

Annapolis 10K – June 2011

Philly Triathlon – June 2011

Mussleman Tri – July 2011

Iron Girl – Aug 2011

The Nation’s Triathlon – Sept 11th 2011

Navy 5 Miler – Sept 25th 2011

Army 10 Miler – October 9th 2011


Am I really all that faster….mmmm…here & there. Doing too much….mmmm…yeah, probably. Tired, burnt out on “training”…mmmm…certainly. Would I do it all again?


ABSOLUTELY. I am fit. I am fierce. I am FABULOUS!


…AND I have better looking gear & outfits.


I am wiser & stronger – “can’t” is just not part of my vocabulary – the question is HOW?!


My goal for 2012 is to do an EagleMan 70.3 – on to the next challenge. I plan on being much more strategic in training and choosing races in preparation for an Eagle. Maybe – maybe not. I just might throw in some more races because I’m am GOING to get MsPattey in the water and I AM going to do that race (whatever it is) with her. I also plan on doing another race with Nineteen69 in 2012 cause we gonna be swimming like dolphins!!. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I do what I want and try and drag my BFF’s along with me (The suffering, beatings & training schedule WILL NOT STOP until everyone has several pieces of RACE BLING)


I may not be Speedy Gonzales. I may never stand on a podium as a top finisher in my age group…maybe when I get into the 60’s age category. What I am is a girl that just went out and DID THE DAMN THING!…and am having a blast doing it.


Why do I Tri? I have a lot of reasons, but when Princess Cara looks at me at the end of the race with my race bling around my neck and says…”Wow, mommy! You are a winner!” I need nothing else.


Prince Jordan is 20 Years Old!

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Happy 20th Birthday

Prince Jordan, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm is celebrating his 20th Birthday today! OMG!!!! Where did the time go? When did he get all grownt up on me?


My BAAAAAAABBBBBEEEEEEEE is a MAN! Good thing…we need a few good future Lords around these parts cause…WINTER IS COMING!!! and male bytchassedness is spreading like the plague.




Happy Birthday, my son. I hope you are having a rockin’ time!