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I participated in my first Blog Rodeo/Carnival. Not sure what all happened, but here is the results...

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CyberCelt from CoolAdzine for Marketers invites y'all to join Bloggers United to Stop Abuse.

Jan from The Poodle (and dog) blog shares her story about a notorious hotel heiress named after the capital of France in The day the stats peaked.

Robert Hruzek from Middle Zone Musings officially kicks off his What I Learned From… project for September with What I Learned From... Change.

Sue from Nuttin' But Pimp asks a delicate question: What Happens When A Blogger Dies?

Anthony from The Lives and Times... of Anthony McCune writes a unique post about A Year of Bloggability.

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Naomi from Diary From England writes about A Wonderful Blogging Experience. She also shares information about England Goes Gonzo Carnival, the next Gonzo carnival, on Monday October 1, 2007.

If you ever get invited to participate, give it a try. You meet and read some interesting stuff.

Ghosts of West Point

Chip Armstrong

Chip Armstrong grew up in Washington, DC. His mother, a DC public school librarian, introduced him to books at the earliest age, and he never looked back on his love affair with them. Growing up with no brothers, his saxophone, sports, his books kept him occupied. Edgar Allen Poe was his favorite writer.

From the time he was born he had a passion about the Army. He grew up with toy rifles and helmets, GI Joes, and the "Ballad of the Green Berets". The Viet Nam War intensified his interest in serving and leading soldiers. This led him to pursue becoming a commissioned officer by first attending St. John's College High School in Washington, DC, which at the time, was the Nation's second largest JROTC program. Ultimately, he entered and graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point and was commissioned a second lieutenant. He served in staff and command positions around the globe until he resigned after eleven years of commissioned service as a major to pursue a corporate career.

After four years in engineering and manufacturing with DuPont, he spent the next eleven years as a financial advisor with top Wall Street firms, earning vice president positions. It was during the next two years as a senior manager at Under Armour in Baltimore that he decided that the passion to write had to take precedence.

Now he writes.

Chip Armstrong is a family friend and alumni and we have had a great time listening to his stories over the years and being included in his research and other aspects of his books. Please take a moment and check out his website. I know you will enjoy his stories.


Metamorphosis - Part 3

I had a bad moment last night. When the doctor says 1-2 happy pills every 4 hours...HE MEANS IT. No joke, don't be playing with the time cause it is extremely hard to get yourself back from screaming to a steady state of dull ache.

I messed up. I got up to do my walk and decided to clean up a tad, brush my hair, empty my drains, etc and as I was trying to shuffle back to to the chaise that Ron has set up as my comfort station, WHAM! - I knew something was horribly wrong. It hurt so bad to get back into the chair, I was crying up a storm, body trembling. Ron started freakin out...Jordan was rubbing my hair and putting a cold compress on my head. It took an hour after they got 2 perks & a val**m in my system before I stopped hyperventilating and was calm enough to go to sleep. I got a great night of sleep, but was up at 4:00am. I decided to get ready for my 1st post-opt appointment...I sponged bathed again, teeth, coiffed my hair and even put some makeup on. I then sat in a chair until about 7:00am waiting for Ron to get up. We dropped Cara off at school and went to see Dr. Markmann.

He was very impressed with how well I was healing and Ron was like "WOW! even through the swelling I can see a huge difference. You have a lot of altering your are gonna have to do. How much is this REALLY gonna cost me." Made my day.

Well, I'm tucked into my comfort station (chaise lounge w/lots of pillows, computer, cell, remotes, books, puzzles, water/juice, PILLS...all with hands reach) Tomorrow, I think I'm going to try 20 minutes outside on the deck getting some fresh air.

Till next time...and DON'T FORGET YOUR DOSE!


Metamorphosis - The truth behind the scenes

I'm not even sure that this post will be coherent - CAUSE I'M SUCKIN DOWN DRUGS LIKE THEY CANDY. I am not missing a dose. When the time comes when I can suck down another happy pill, I'm there.

Plastic Surgery AIN'T no joke. I have no idea how the people who lost hundreds of pounds from bariatirc surgery and then have a Body Lift stand it. THIS MESS HURTS LIKE A MUG!!! The tummy tuck is what hurts the most. I now have a new understanding of phrase...Beauty IS pain. Oh Yeah.

- I was told that I would be in a body shaper for weeks. Yep.
- I was told that I would have a minimum of 3 drains. Yep...but they didn't explain to me that I would have to get up every few hours to drain them my dag on self. EEWWW!
- I was told that I wouldn't be able to stand up straight for about a week. Yep...but they didn't tell me how much it was gonna hurt to just move around.
- I was told that I would be swollen cause of all the fluids they put in ya. Yep...but they didn't tell me I would really look like the Pillsbury dough girl. I can finally bend my fingers to even type.
- I was told that that I would love the results. Yep...just when will that be?

When the swelling goes down perhaps I'll be able to share some before and after pictures for you. This too shall pass and I will be fierce!



I never thought that my letter to my sister would stir up so much controversy. WHEW! It has been the discussion of my friends (who came in town to celebrate Jordan's 16th Birthday) AND family...my mother definitely has strong feelings on the subject of my sister...VERY understandable considering she has had to deal with the angst, guilt, heartache of having Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as daughters. God Bless her strength. I look at her sometimes and don't understand how she keeps standing when weight of it all is just sometimes too much for anyone to bear. I know where I get it from. So, when she occasionally has a Foamy Rant - ya gotta let her have it - I think she's entitled.

Anyway, it was a blast on Saturday night, sitting around the kitchen island while my girl/classmate Ila (who is "anointed" with the gift of apple martini's) practices mixology and we argued the merits of sending the letter or not, reminisced over family drama that is funny years later, tellin lies mixed with some truth AND........

....discussing my impending Metamorphosis tomorrow...

"A change in appearance, physical form or substance, a striking alteration in appearance of character, changes in form and life function...
... an all together makeover, rejuvenation or artistic enhancement; to help make you look the way you fell inside - helping to give you the facial or body features you desire."
The Diva's metamorphosis begins tomorrow at 8:30am.
Enhancing beauty through Finance.
HA! - how's that for controversial.


How to Tell If You Need Prayer at Work

After spending a week in training class where I thought my brain would explode from my head, I got this email from my bestest girlfriend....and knew it was so true.

How to Tell If You Need Prayer at Work -

1. When a coworker comes in a little to happy singing "good morning" to everyone and you think, "Somebody needs to slap the s#@! out of her.".....You need to pray at work.

2. When someone comes in and announces, "Office meeting in 5 minutes," and you think, "what the f*&% do they want now."....You need to pray at work.

3. When you computer is mysteriously turned off and you want to say "which one of you sons of b*&#%'s turned off my computer.".....You need to pray at work.

4. When you and a coworker are discussing something and a third person comes in and says "well at my last office...." and you want to say "Who the f*#$ cares?"...You need prayer at work.

5. When you're in the elevator and it stops to pick up someone who stood for five minutes waiting for the darn thing only to go down ONE floor, and you say "that lazy b*$&%#."....You need to pray at work.

6. When you hear a coworker call your name and the first thing that crosses your mind is, "what the f*&% does she want now" and you try to hid underneath your desk...You need to pray at work.

7. When you take some vacation time and come back to find a mountain of paperwork sitting on your desk because no one would do it and you think "sorry a@@ m&*%$#* f*&%$#'s....You need to pray at work.

8. If you have ever thought about poisoning, choking, punching, or slapping someone that you work with....You need to pray at work.

9 If you avoid saying more than "hello" or "how you doing" to someone because you know it's going to lead to their whole f&%#ing life story....You need to pray at work.

10. If you know all the words that have beeped out...You DEFINITELY need to pray at work.

Let's all bow our heads.


A Letter to My Sister

I've been getting a lot of calls from the detention center from my sister...send me this....I need that....I need some money...blah blah blah..

Well, I was bored OUT OF MY MIND today in a training class and penned this letter to my sister....

Dear Laura,

I'm writing this letter to you because I am weary...weary form having to deal with your drama, weary from cleaning up your mess, weary from the financial burden you have put us all through...just plain weary.

You ended our last conversation with tears; crying about your lot in life; how nobody will visit you or send you money; how nobody is there for you or will help you...and I just got sick of listening to the lies, the bullsyat, the manipulation.

It is time for you to take responsibility for your life, your actions and take care of yourself. For over 20 years, you have relied on and taken advantage of your family and all the while whining about how nobody will ever help you. Let's review "the help" you haven't gotten over the past 20 years:
  • We've gotten you jobs ----- you were let go/fired/just didn't show up
  • Mom got you a scholarship and accepted to college ----you dropped out w/o ever going to a class
  • We've bought you (at least) 3 cars ----- you've destroyed/had repossessed/refused to register each one of them
  • We've given you hundreds and if not thousands of dollars ---- you've squandered, waisted, and/or more
  • We've raised your children ---- you've tried to manipulate and extort your children and family every step of the way for the privilege of caring for your offspring.
  • We've treated you life family and forgiven your transgressions time & time again----

^ You've stolen our property to sell
^ You've stolen our money & that of your own children
^ You've stolen my identity which resulted in a warrant being issued for MY arrest
for YOUR crimes
^ You've continued to lie manipulate and abuse your family while treating your
crackhead friends, trucker tricks, and toothless 60 year old boyfriend as if
they were as silver refined

Your lot in life, your circumstances are NOT the result of your families lack of support. It is entirely due to your own making...your own actions. Everything that has happened to you - YOU HAVE DONE TO YOURSELF. You chose to do everything that resulted in your current circumstance through no fault of anyone else in your family...and until we kick you out of the nest without a safety net...nothing will change.

Enough is enough. It is time for you to start handling your own business. It is time for your family to cut the strings that have bailed you out for years. It's time for you to take responsibility for your life

You are now on your own to figure out what you are going to do once you get out of jail. NO you can NOT come live with us. NO WAY, NO HOW. (NOT WITH ME, NOT WITH MOM, NOT WITH GRANDMA). You can choose to go back to the street with Clarence or you can figure out how to access the social services that we have all paid taxes for you to tap into. Find a group home, emergency housing upon release. Once done, apply for section 8, food stamps & welfare. Get a job. I don't care anymore....JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN. Apply for medical assistance so you can get the medical treatment you so desperately need. Start doing the things that regular people do to live day to day. STOP making excuses and execute instead of MOOCHING & STEALING!

The only think I WILL help you do is get access to your legal documents that will be necessary to apply for benefits. That is the last thing I will do for you. I AM DONE! I am doing enough raising and/or financially supporting 3 of your 4 children. THAT'S IT. PERIOD.

Don't ask me for anything else. You've burnt this bridge and it isn't under reconstruction. I'm busy trying to raise you children and my own. I'm busy with my marriage, my home, my career, my life. I no longer have the energy or time to handle my family & life AND take care of you.

At 40 years old, it's time to WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!

God will bless you if you would just lean on HIM and believe. Believe that you can and that you can do all things thru Christ. He can strengthen you. The choice is yours. We love you, but will no longer be manipulated and taken advantage of by you. We will pray for you, but we will not finance or house you. We wish you the best and hope you will finally take this opportunity to turn your life around.

God Bless - Lisa


Unbelieveable in the 21st Centrury

I don't need to rewrite what my husband sent to me while I am away at a training conference...You have got to read EVERYTHING in its entirety and make up your own mind. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION....http://www.PetitionOnline.com/aZ51CqmR/
When are we (those of us living in the lap of suburbia) going to get uncomfortable and take a stand. "They" (ignoranat foke) can NOT get away with anything they want to without consequence...we must make sure that it doesn't happen......


I do not often send out things like this. But this story has caused me to say something and let my network know what has happened to six young teenagers in Jena, Louisiana. Read the facts for yourself. The injustice is in the manner is which the Black boys were treated and manner in which their White classmates and peers were treated. STILL A LOT OF WORK TO DO. I first heard about it yesterday on the Michael Baisden radio show on WHUR. This could have easily happened to my son Jordan. It is time that our generation begins to fight for our children. This has to stop for the sake of the next generation (Cara, Tyler (Derek and Linda), Greg Jr, and any kids).

I have embedded the story in this email. I also placed a link to sign an online petition , so that the United States Justice Department can investigate if the Civil Rights of these young men have been violated. The link is at the end of the email. We can make a difference if the community acts. These boys have to be saved. Please take the time to sign the petition to the Justice Department investigate.

Ronald J. Steptoe
Owens Development Company

Help Support the Jena Six

This site was set up to provide news on the plight of the Jena Six and information on how to support their cause.

A timeline leading up to the Jena 6

In the front yard at a high school in Jena, Louisiana, with a total population of 4,000, there sits a tree. This is "the white tree", where only white students sit during breaks.In September of 2006, a black student asked 'permission' from the school administration, if he could sit under the tree. They said he could sit anywhere.The very next day, three nooses, in the schools colors, hung from "the white tree".Three white students were identified as being responsible and the principle recommended they be expelled from school. However, the white superintendent said, "Adolescents play pranks," the superintendent told the Chicago Tribune, "I don't think it was a threat against anybody," and gave them a three day suspension instead.

A few days later, the entire black student body protested the no-nothing 'punishment' and sat under "the white tree". That day the white District Attorney came to Jena High School for an impromptu assembly, with back-up law enforcement. It has been reported that the DA threatened the silent black students who were sitting under the tree, saying if the did not stop making a fuss about the "innocent prank...I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I can take away your lives with a stroke of my pen." The school was then put on lockdown for the remaining week.

Thursday night, November 30th, 2006, a fire burned down the main academic building of Jena High School. This incident is still unresolved.

Friday night, December 1st, a black student was beaten by a group of white students at a "white party". Saturday, December 2nd, at the Gotta Go convenience store, the black student who was beaten up the night before, along with his friends, ran into one of the white students who beat him. A confrontation broke out and the white student went to his vehicle to get his shotgun. The black students wrestled the shotgun away from him and brought it to the police department and told them of the incident. The black students were arrested for stealing the gun. The white student was not charged.

Monday, December 4th, 2006, a white student, Justin Barker, was attacked at school by a group of black students for taunting them with racial slurs and verbally supporting the nooses that were hung on "the white tree" and also supporting the white students who beat up the black student at the party. He was treated at a hospital and released the same day, attending a social function that evening. Six black students were arrested for beating Barker, and charged with attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder. These charges hold a possible sentence of twenty to one hundred years in prison. They were all immediately expelled from school.

17-year-old Robert Bailey Junior -bail was set at $138,000
17-year-old Theo Shaw - bail was set at $130,000
18-year-old Carwin Jones - bail was set at $100,000
17-year-old Bryant Purvis - bail was set at $70,000
16 year old Mychal Bell - bail was set at $90,000 (a sophomore in high school, was charged as an adult.)

Mychal Bell remained in jail from December 2006 until his trial because his family was unable to post the $90,000 bond. Theo Shaw has also remained in jail. Several of the other defendants remained in jail for months until their families could raise the money for bond.

In the local paper, the 'incident' was reported as fact and the white DA Reed Walters published a statement saying, "When you are convicted, I will seek the maximum penalty allowed by law.". . . .On July 31st, 2007, Mychal Bell will be sentenced. He is facing up to twenty-two years in prison. The remaining five students await their trial on charges of attempted second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

They face up to 100 years in prison.

"The white student who was beaten at the convenience store was later arrested for bringing a hunting rifle loaded with 13 bullets onto a high school campus. He was released on $5000 bond. The white man who beat up the black youth at the off-campus party was arrested and charged with battery.

The white students who hung up the nooses in "the white tree" have never been charged.

When you get a chance read about the story on Michael Baisden’s





My husband and I were Amway/Quixtar Distributors for over 12 years...can you even believe it...before we decided that we needed to move on and focus our energies on other ventures that were significantly more profitable. I've kept my peace about the business to myself for the most part, you can revisit two other posts where I've mentioned our experience in Amway/Quixtar...



Although Ron and I are no longer actively "building the business" anymore, we still have an organization that generates a nice monthly residual income that pays for a couple of "toys/niceities" and keeps me in decandent shoes and clothes. I don't begrudge a dollar of it and gladly satisfy the "member/client" volume each month inorder to keep that check coming. HOWEVER, I have had just about enough of the drama and intrigue that has gone on over the past couple of months to put down a few rambling thoughts on it all.....

1. I'm just sick and tired of all the BULLDOOKIE about the "books, tapes, functions." It makes me sick to hear about the UK putting a halt on the business over there because of serious questions about the BTF's. Or the mess in India over the same nonsense. WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE JUST FESS UP!!!!! A good majority of the money in the business is made by higher level pins through the sale of the books, tapes and functions. JUST ADMIT IT. I'm a freakin math major and the daggon numbers just don't add up. I'm not buying it, that a new Diamond Direct (based on what you show in the plan and all the other "bonuses") adds up in the first year to a $500K house & 2 new porches paid for in cash the first year. BULL! Ron and I combined made from our jobs (and now more) what they were claiming these Diamonds made and WE CAN'T PAY FOR OUR HOUSE OUTRIGHT.

JUST STOP THE MADDNESS. Tell everyone that if and when they get to a certain level they will make a whole heap a lot of money from the btf and that is why you have to shove them down everyone's throat. If Ron and I had known that from the beginning, perhaps we would have gone direct and stayed there and more so we could REAP the rewards of the big money.

2. Amway/Quixtar...WHOEVER...just fired/let go (did they resign - who knows) about 12 IBO's cause they didn't like their business practices. SO, what about the thousands of people that are beneath them. You sent out this fancy letter letting the rest of us IBO's know that you kicked thse people out of the door, but do you even give a damn about the thousands of IBO's who were under those Diamonds. Obviously not...this is from the Alticore (the parent company of Amway/Quixtar) blog...http://media.alticorblogs.com/2007/08/10/just-go-team/ . What kind of professional response is "Just Go TEAM Go"...away.

3. I'm sick of the infighting. I'm sick of hearing about a new change every 5 seconds...Changing the name from Quixtar back to Amway....teams breaking away or not from Bri.t.t...new "motivation" systems to get your "tools" from (of course, NO DISCLOSURE, on who is making all the money from the "tools"....the Communikate voicemail URGING you to change over IMMEDIATLY (what ya gonna do if I don't?)...blah blah blah.

4. I'm still saddend over the loss of so many people I thought were friends. The only propaganda that I bought over the 12 years was the "friends for life" stuff. What was always left off and I never saw it coming was that what they really meant was "friends for life...ONLY if you are actively building the business." There were some people that I thought I got really close to...one was the daughter of my upline and she pretty much spat me out and said "screw you" (her husband seems to still be a decent person). The only people we are still on a speaking basis with is our immediate upline and a few of the people we personally sponsored. That part of the business...the relationships you "think" you've built...it's all a lie and I've still haven't gotten over it yet.

5. Prices. Most of the products simply are not retailable anymore. No matter how you slice it/dice it or how concentrated you make it, we just can't compete on just about all of the products except the Nutrition Line...and that was the only line Ron and I focused on YEARS before it became popular. I think Ron snapped a head gasket when he went to hear G.re.g Du.nca.n speak about how the company focus was as a Health & Beauty company. He was waxing eloquently on everything Ron had been teaching our group for years and people in the audience we lapping it up like it was the freakin' gospel. Ron was usually treated with skeptisim. That was one of the breaking points for him...no longer would he expend his intellectual capital in an area where nobody will list nor will he get paid. Best to focus on the real estate deal. The returns were much higher.

6. Just keep doing what your doing!!!!!!! That was my breaking point, almost 2-3 years before Ron snapped. I just shut my mouth and ate a piece of humble pie cause I wasn't going to kill my man's dream. If I heard that priceless BULLSHYAT quote one more STOOOOOPIT time, I would scream. IF YOU KEEP DOING WHAT YOU ARE DOING, YOU GET THE SAME DAYMN RESULTS...STOOPIT. So when, we had lunch with our upline Diamond one day to go over our business and get some advise as to why were were not growing, what we could do to step up our pace, etc...YA KNOW WHAT THIS MAN SAID!!!...Just keep doing what you are doing! I WAS DONE WITH THE BUSINESS FROM THAT MOMENT ON. Ron could do what he wanted but, LISA LEE had had enough. I pushed away from the table and said...NO MORE JELLO FOR ME, MA. Took Ron 2 more years to see the light, but nobody can say that I wasn't the dutiful, supportive wife.

Whew. I'm tired. I'm glad we are done. I'm glad that my man found his "thing" and together again we are achieving our dreams of walking the "beaches of the world" NOW! Ron worked like a dog for 12 years for that little residual check we get, so we are going to now ignore all the drama and cash our checks for as long as possible.

New Rules for 2007

My mother sent me GEORGE CARLIN'S NEW RULES FOR 2007 and I've reprinted some of them here with minor edits as I found them true and hilarious and MUST be implemented immediately....

New Rule 1 : No more gift registries.

You know, it used to be just for weddings. Now people use it for babies, new homes, kids birthday partyies, and graduation from rehab. Picking out the stuff you want and having other people buy it for you isn't gift giving, it's the white people version of looting. STOP THE MADDNESS

New Rule 2: Stop giving me that pop-up ad for classmates.com (and let me add Linkedin and other social networking sites)

There's a reason you don't talk to people for 25 years. Because you don't particularly like them! Besides, I already know what the captain of the football team is doing these days -- mowing my lawn. I don't want to "hook up" with you...like duh...you were at my wedding 20 years ago and I am NOT interested in a little something on the side with your pot belly - looking for a job behind. PULEEESE

New Rule : There's no such thing as flavored water. Water is dang water.

There's a whole aisle of this crap at the supermarket, water, but, without that watery taste. Sorry, but flavored water is called a soft drink. You want flavored water? Pour some scotch over ice and let it melt. That's your flavored water, for bout the same calories. And as a side note...don't even go there with "diet" flavored water. WTF!? Water is "diet"....free of calories in of itself. Why are you paying good money for flavored diet water? Spare me.

New Rule : The more complicated the Starbucks order, the bigger the anal retentive spinkter muscle.

If you walk into a Starbucks and order a 'decaf grandee, half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n'-Low, and One NutraSweet,' ooh, you're a wind up a bit too tight. What ever happened to a plain freakin' cup of coffee. Maybe a cappuccino...just a cappuccino. PULEESE.

New Rule : If you ever hope to be a credible adult and want a job that pays better than Minimum wage, then for God's sake don't pierce or tattoo every available piece of flesh.

If so, then plan your future around saying, 'Do you want fries with that?' And I'm speaking from corporate experience. Best to start your own business (that only people with a dumbell in their tongue will patron) cause I have never seen a walking magnet as the CEO of any company I've been a part of.


It Costs Me Less

It always costs me less money when my sister is out of jail than when she is in. Unfortunately, she is back...more than likely she violated her parole (couldn't pay the fine) and now she had to go back for about a year.

She even had the audacity to try and convince me that she just "decided" to go back to jail, that she was taking my advice to go back. WHAT THE F? I didn't know that you could walk up the gate of the state prison, knock on the door and ask to be let back in. She makes me crazy.

Now she calls COLLECT ($.85 each call) every dag on day. She needs me to send her money (cause she needs personal items)...as if raising two of her children don't cost anything. She needs me to get her some puzzles etc cause she is bored. SPARE ME.

It is always something.

The Travel Diva Truly IS!!!!

I was SOOOOO tired of having to wait till I got to some wireless spot to access my blog or to read my faves. I was also SOOOOO tired of having a wireless router AND a cotton picken signal booster so I could try and have access all over the house (turns out, the place is a little too large for that) AND still not being able to connect in the comfort of my bed. UGGGGGAAAAAH!!!! It was makin me crazy. I finally caved and got me a wireless PC card (free with 2 years of service of course) and a plan and I am TRULY WIRELESS.
I was ridin' in the H3 and I was checkin email. HA! I was at grandma's house tonight (totally in the 19th century) and I was readin' my favorite blogs. HE HE! I am TRULY a TRAVELIN' DIVA now. I can blog, email, check the internet ANYTIME I WANT. SO THERE!
I'm in computer, cyberspace heaven.

Station 9 Tasting

On Friday, I hosted a tasting/happy hour for the DC/Baltimore Chapter of the National Sales Network and other friends. I had about 50 RSVP's but only about 30 people actually showed up. YOU MISSED IT! Not only was the food fantastic, but since the count was low - I picked up the drink tab. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!! And let me tell you, the "Goin' Postal Martini" was fantabulous if I don't say so myself.

I'm bout to sign a contract for the chapters "Fall Fling" at Station 9. You gotta check this place out. It is great!

My PersonalDNA

I got a kick out of this Personality Test. Go to http://www.personaldna.com/ to take the test..."Your true self revealed.


Not Everyone Dies....

I just bawled on this story. Please check this out story out at
You have to view the powerpoint presentation, but get your tissues out first and for the love of God....DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE


Grip Hands

The Corps, The Corps, The Corps (click on your player of choice to hear)

The Corps bareheaded, salute it
With eyes up thanking our God
That we of the corps are treading
Where they of the corps have trod

They are here in ghostly assemblage
The men of the corps long dead
And our hearts are standing attention
While we wait for their passing tread

We sons of today, we salute you
You sons of an earlier day
We follow close order behind you
Where you have pointed the way

The long grey line of us stretches
Through the years of a century told
And the last man feels to his marrow
The grip of your far off hold

Grip hands with us now, though we see not
Grip hands with us strengthen our hearts
As the long line stiffens and straightens
With the thrill that your presence imparts

Grip hands, though it be from the shadows
While we swear as you did of yore
Or living or dying to honor
The Corps, and The Corps, and The Corps

My classmate and friend lost her son yesterday after a long battle with numerous surgeries from complications from Cerebral Palsy. (See CaringBridge Site to read story) Paula has lived a life of true faith and a love for God that I aspire to. Her husband (our classmate as well) died from cancer several years back and now she has lost her son. Through it all, Paula is always encouraging and lifting up others. My heart sorrows for her and has put me to my knees in prayer and thankfulness for all of my blessings. Fellow alumni will understand why I choose The Corp to honor Paula and her family...Long Grey Line...grip hands with us, strengthen our heart...or living or dying...to honor...

I love you Paula. My prayers are with you and your family.


Imagine There Are No Drug Reps...

I've been in the Pharmaceutical Industry for more years that I want to really discuss and so many of my friends are in the business as well. We've seen a lot, haven't we. I thought some of you would get a kick out of this little ditty of a song....

Imangine There are No Drug Reps

Ya know that is what so many would like to see happen. To tell you the truth, I'm SOOOOOO glad I'm out of the day to day selling part of it. Times have changed.