Remember & Honor


Thank you to all the men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice serving in the United States Armed Forces. We remember and honor the sacrifice you made to keep this country great.




USMA Class of 1987–Silver Anniversary

usma87 Corbis-U87183039

Today is the 25th Anniversary of The United States Military Academy Class of 1987 Graduation Day! Congratulations to my classmates. It has been a pleasure serving with you in both the Army & Corporate America. We continue to Strengthen Our Country in all of our endeavors. I am honored and take great pride in the fact that I can call so many of you not just my classmate but treasured friends.


See you at the reunion in September!




Amazing…Just The Way You Are

Go ahead and watch the video. It’s less that 15 seconds. I’ll wait…

That’s right – You’re Amazing…JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!

It took a pro triathlete to remind me of that – to set me straight and get my mind back in the game – and to work on keeping my mind there – IN the game.


Debbie Tanner & Clark Ellice – world class/ranked pro triathletes, Olympians and just all round genuinely nice people, sat at my kitchen table asking about ME, my training, my life. Every sentence I spoke was peppered with qualifiers, down plays, jabs. “Yes, but I’m slow.” “I can’t…” “ I wish…” “If only I could…” “If only I wasn’t at the race weight of two triathletes…” “If I had…”


Debbie made me stop after a few sentences. “STOP, Lisa! STOP. Stop saying that stuff. YOU are amazing just for doing all of this AND all the other stuff you do.”, she said. “You manage to work, have a a wonderful family, train & workout AND race. This is all we do. I think you’re awesome.”

She does? WOW!

And then Clark dropped the mind bomb of the weekend – which I have made an affirmation – “Where your mind goes, your energy flows.”

WHERE YOUR MIND GOES  - what are you thinking and speaking into existence? Is it positive or negative?
YOUR ENERGY FLOWS – positive thoughts, affirming messages – better performance in everything you do.


So, you’ve made lifestyle changes and you’re still not that elusive size 10 yet? Guess what, you might not ever be or it may take a LONG time. You are amazing, just the way you are.

You’ve started that couch to 5k program a few months ago, but on group runs, you are always the slowest one. SO! You’re faster than every single person still on the couch – You are amazing – as fast or slow as you are.

You’ve been doing triathlon’s for a WHOLE YEAR now and you’re getting down on yourself cause you are always a middle of the pack, bottom of the age group triathlete. (Wonder who she’s talkin’ bout) STOP IT! You’re doing it! And I was reminded that my pro’s have been racing/competing since they were 12. PERSPECTIVE.

I am Wife, Mother, Medical Sales Professional, Entrepreneur, Networker, Chief Cook & Bottle Washer…and I AM A TRIATHLETE! Debbie gave me her medal at the end of the Columbia Triathlon (she came in 5th). I carry it in my car, hanging from my dash board like in the video to remind me every single day that…


…and so are you, my friends, so are you.


Happy 47th Birthday, FireMarshall


Happy 47th Birthday to my Knight in Shining Armor, Emperor of True Blessing Estate and all we survey and Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!  You Rock! Have a wonderful day.



Home Stay w/the Pro’s

I had the honor and real treat of hosting two Pro Triathletes from New Zealand for a home stay while they were in Columbia for the 2012 Columbia Triathlon. We had Clark Ellice & Debbie Tanner as our guests. As a relatively new triathlete, this opportunity sounded like a blast and a way to get some insider trading info on the sport.


They lived up to all my imaginings. Friendly, open, warm and willing to share their experience and knowledge. Clark even treated me to putting my aero bars on and adjusting my seat. I was in Triathlete HEAVEN!

                IMG_2126  IMG_2127

I even acted as their personal paparazzi during the race and, let me tell you, I felt like I did my own sprint trying to get in position on the course to take pictures ahead of them. BLISTERING FAST. It was absolutely impressive.


I put a video together of the pics I took from the race. Enjoy. I’ll be keeping an eye on them as they rise in the ranks (as I’m sure they will).

GO GET ‘EM, Clark & Debbie! Have a great rest of the season. See you next year!


When Nobody is Looking


What are you doing when nobody is looking? Not much? Procrastinating? Putting it off? Malingering?


Do you have mad game and come up with justifications to explain yourself later?


Are you coming up with reasons why you can’t, shouldn’t, won’t do something? Are you using your past history dictate to you what you can or can’t achieve?


Do you make stuff up, exaggerate what you did or are doing so that the people who you THINK are “looking” will be impressed?


Truth be told, the people who you THINK are looking AREN’T! They are usually out making it happen. Getting it done.




The only people looking are the ones you pay to look…like my Tri Coach. Oh, when I’m all by myself, there is no slacking – HE IS LOOKING. And he is gonna KNOW that I misrepresented what I said because it will reflect in something later. As Bruce Lee so eloquently put – those limits, those lies, those excuses you come up with – will show up later somewhere. They will show up on your next race, in your career, in your relationship, in your life.




I will be the first to tell you that I have procrastinated or not wanted to do something that needed to get done. I have gotten much better at acknowledging it for what it is – I just don’t want to – accepting it and accepting the consequences. Life gets in the way. I have obligations, duty, family, home. Things happen and I have to adapt, improvise, overcome. What I have stopped doing is coming up with elaborate reasons why or excuses.


- That niggle in my knee just keeps me from XYZ

- I was treated so badly by ___________ that I just can’t do that, go there, be that

- I don’t know how to do _____________ and I’m too old to learn something new

- What would I do with my hair (I LOVE that one)

- I can’t afford it. (but you could afford those new shoes, eh?)

- I so busy.

- I’m tired.

- I don’t have time to fit ___________ in.


The list could go on and on. If I’m injured – okay – but what can I do in other areas while my injury heals? If I’m sick – okay – let’s get better and while recuperating let’s revamp that game plan (business plan, nutrition plan, any plan).


See…I agree with Bruce Lee. There are NO LIMITS. Only plateaus…and we MUST go beyond them if we are to grow. As Yoda says – DO OR DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY.


I spent the weekend with two Pro Triathletes. The reason they are Champions is because they don’t make excuses, they have NO LIMITS. They do what they need to do, even when nobody is looking.


I am a work in progress. The journey is awesome.


What LIMITS (excuses) are you placing on yourself that are holding you back from achieving?


My 2 Cents - IM70.3 National Harbor CANCELLED


All the work I had started and done…both physical & mental…and then a few lines in an email with no apology, no explaination – IM70.3 National Harbor was CANCELLED.


I felt some kind of way about it. I had a few days of a slump. The Princess Erin & The FireMarshall called Tribal Council, pulled up the IM70.3 website and said pick one. I initially picked one that I could drive to that fit in my schedule which was in New Hampshire, but I just wasn’t feeling it. Almost a 10hr drive, no hometown advantage and I wouldn’t know a soul…except for The FireMarshall who promised to take me. I got a text from Becca and she said I should think about Cozumel. As the “L” rolled off my tongue it was decided and it became a family affair, family vacation with an IM70.3 thrown in for grins & giggles.


A new plan was formed and I’m back on track, baby!


Here is a Vlog I put together with just a few of my thoughts on the “CANCELLATION”.

IM70.3 Cozumel HERE I COME!



In the Ground - Princess Cara’s Garden 2012

Remember this 4 weeks ago…


Well…the garden has a good start.

                 photo 1 photo 2

                           Tomatoes                                   Carrots


                 photo 3 photo 4

                   Cucumbers, Squash, Zucchini            Strawberries


We also go Cauliflower & Peppers…and we are trying our had at Sunflowers I really hope they grow big and tall this year. Looks like we are gonna have a good crop. Getting my canning stuff ready!


Living Large–Living Social…Extremely

IMG_0697Last weekend, TheFireMarshall and I went on a little outing into the ROV (Rest of Virginia – aka The Commonwealth) on a LivingSocial Extreme Driving & Weapons Training Adventure…




By the end of the day it was reconfirmed that we are an formidable team and that the Zombie Apocalypse has nothing on us. TheFireMarshall will handle all the driving (cause he says I’m not aggressive enough-HUMPH) while I take care of all the shooting (cause he couldn’t hit the target to save our lives except when he had a laser sight).


I put together a video from our adventure…never mind all that screaming:

If you have been looking at some of those LivingSocial Deals/Adventures, but haven’t pulled the trigger…DO IT. They put on a great program, the staff is wonderful and they ensure a good time. Thus far, this is my first “Adventure” with them, but I have done cooking classes and other deals that were just as fun.


Try it…you’ll like it.


Have fun. Live Life… Large.


Jolly Green Giant

Green Giant LogoThe Jolly Green Giant came a visiting in the form of some free coupons and a lovely prize pack.

Giant Weight Watchers Gift Pack PhotoI’ve always been a big fan of Green Giant Veggies – especially steamer bags – and  Princess Cara loves the litter personal size packs to just eat on whenever. Nothing better then you kid asks if they can just have broccoli to eat. Sure Thing!

Did you know that with a little help from Green Giant®, you can watch your weight or simply add a little more veggie to your family’s meals. Available in a wide variety of flavors, there are nearly 30 varieties of Green Giant® frozen boxed vegetables endorsed by Weight Watchers®, including offerings that feature decadent sauces and tasty seasonings.
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  • If you prefer a smaller serving size (like my mini-Diva Princess Cara), try Green Giant Just for One vegetable trays which are also endorsed by Weight Watchers® (she don’t care about no WW, just good ole veggie eatin’)
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BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE! You know you want one of those prize packs don’t ya! The rafflecopter below will make it so easy for you to enter to win one for yourself. Just leave me a comment telling me your fave Green Giant veggie or recipe. For more entries, just keep clicking through.
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Race Report: Derby Festival Half Marathon

2012MarathonLogo - Copy IMG_2020

Last Saturday, I ran the Kentucky Derby Festival Half Marathon with my BFF & Soror MsPattey. I was amazed at how good I felt throughout the entire race and even afterwards. The goal was to run the race in HR Zone 3 (160 or less for me) and I did that…avg 155 the entire race. As a result, I KNOW that I can give more, push harder.


If I wanted to. When I want to. I know I have it in me.


I wanted to work on a hydration/nutrition plan during this race, manage my heart rate, practice my form and try a few things that my coach told me about. I got to do all of that and even came to a screeching halt for almost 10 min when we entered Churchill Downs (which I had only seen on TV) to take pictures and video.

                IMG_2023 IMG_2030




As for my hydration/nutrition plan, I put the Hammer Electrolyte mix in my belt cups and carried 1 bag of those energy jelly beans and one Hammer Gel. I drank my mix at miles 4, 6, 8, & 10. I ate half of beans at mile 5, other half at 8, and the gel at mile 10. Like I said, I felt great. Not tired, no pain (I did take 600 of motrin 1 hour before the race)…and more importantly, NO TUMMY ISSUES! WOO HOO! BTW – Hammer Gel tastes a WHOLE lot better and easier to get down than that GU stuff – at least for me.


I had a little mishap at around mile 5-6. I decided to try this drafting thing (find a runner with a nice pace and get in behind them to catch your breath, block the wind etc). Well, I found someone and was putting in a nice clip. We entered under an overpass and it was very dark in there. I didn’t take my glasses off. Not smart. Little did I know that the road was littered with little hazards & holes which one of my toes found…and JUST LIKE THAT…I busted my azz. Since I know I am a klutz, I have perfected the tuck and roll. Still…I hit hard. So hard, in fact, that a couple of people stopped and insisted on walking with me a bit till I was absolutely sure I was okay.


System Check. Minor scrape on knee. I’m good. Get moving.


So, if I took out the time to recover from the fall & the tourist stop in Churchill Downs, I probably would have come in around 2:45 which would have been more like what I was going for, but this is what I finished at:


Not a stellar performance, but considering…I’m happy with it and know that I have gas in the tank to push through. I had a BLAST with MsPattey the whole weekend, I got a great piece of bling, some great cigars and yak…This is what great times are made of.