DIVA REVIEW: ScoreBig–Save on Every Ticket. Every Day.

score big
I scored big and was given the opportunity to check out a site that, according to their press release, enables consumers to get great tickets for live sports, concert an theater events – at guaranteed savings of up to 60 %. ScoreBig.com customers get to pick their own price on seats from the floor to the rafters, always paying less than box office price, and never paying any fees.

Sounds good. Here are their quick facts:
  • You are guaranteed to save on each and every ticket on ScoreBig.com
  • Tickets for sports, concerts, theater, Broadway, family shows and attractions
  • No Fees – free delivery
  • Choose Your Seating Area – all seats ordered together will be next to each other
  • Tell us what you want to pay – you have all the control, it’s thrilling!
  • Get an instant answer- you find out right away if your offer has been accepted
Sound great. In the interest of full disclosure, I received a promo code for $100 off an event for tickets purchased through ScoreBig.com

Signing up is easy. No CC needed up front. Just setting up an account. You can actually look at the inventory before you sign up so stay cool. I did that first just to get a feel and then signed up.

Now, this is where it got dicey – FOR ME. If you are a sports fan, then by all means – you better jump in here to score big on some tickets. There were seats available for every Pre-season football game in the area as well as all the other sports. I didn’t look too deep because I have not much interest in sporting events unless it’s an Army Football game (BEAT NAVY SOMEDAY). I did notice that you can search tickets outside of your area as well. So, if you are traveling and want to get in an event or show, this is a great place to search for deals.

Nevertheless, I wasn’t interested in sports, so I started searching for every concert, play, event going on in my geography (DMV) and was VERY DISAPPOINTED. There either wasn’t any availability or there was no more tickets available for any event of interest to me until 2015.

2015 people. Yeah. No.

I ended up doing a generic search of “Family Activities” in the only think at the time that came up was the 2015 Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Baily: Legends Circus. Mmmm. Okay. Let’s see how many tickets I can get.
So, I had $100 to play with. The box office price is $44.65.  Four star seating was already the front rows so I was happy there. You can choose your seating at other venues. I have to enter a bid. I picked 3 tickets at a bid of $32 and my “Success Potential” meter went just into the green. I hit bid. Sad boo boo kitty. It came back as a NO but with a yes IF I changed my bid to $37.50. Okay. I did and I was booked.

16% savings. Great seats. I paid no fee and the tickets were e-tickets that I just download. Princess Cara will have a great time IF I remember I have tickets to this in March 2015.

Would I use this on a regular to get tickets? Not really, unless I was looking to go to a sporting event which ScoreBig.com seems to have a plethora of tickets for. Plays, concerts and other events…not so much…and I don’t have the time to search and search. I might go and see if the event is listed and available, but if it ain’t there the first time I look then I’m moving on. Nobody got time for all that.

Bottom line…if you want to save big on sporting events, name your own price (through a bidding process – which, when you think about it – isn’t really naming your own price if your bid isn’t accepted. Just sayin’)  and pick your seats in advance, then ScoreBig is the place for you.

Check it out. May the bidding an savings be with you.


Ocean City 1mile Open Water Swim


This is the look of a woman that was so damn glad to GET OUT OF THE WATER!!!  On July 19th, I participated in the Ocean City Ocean Games 1 mile Open Water Swim…and the ocean was hostile that day. The waves – the surf – OMG! It was daunting. I sat on the beach at the start line just staring at the surf wondering first – how I was even going to get in the water and second – what da hell did I sign up for. I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing. I  just kept telling myself that I’ve been riding/diving waves in OC all my life so what makes this so different and if I can just get out to and around the first buoy, I can slog through the rest.


I dove in at the whistle and during my 1 mile journey, I learned the following:

  • I am one with the water. – The water isn’t trying to do anything to me so don’t fight the water. Go with it, ride the swells and just keep moving along.
  • How do you swim any distance in challenging conditions? 10 – 20 strokes at a time. When I stopped after turning the first buoy, I was like…THERE IS NO WAY. Then I yelled at myself to get out of my damn head and give me 20 strokes non-stop and reassess. 20 became 40 became 60---became 1/2 mile. When the water seemed to get more rough, I broke it down to 10 strokes at a time…and I was finally at the turn into shore buoy.
  • Find your rhythm, find your calm/peace. My rhythm was my 20 strokes – look up – adjust aim – 20 strokes. My calm/peace came with the first bullet – don’t fight, don’t flail and humming (yeah, I sing to keep the negative out). I had a wet suit on, I could see the shore, there were plenty of kayaks and jetski’s out there. I AM FINE!
  • JUST KEEP SWIMMING! – let no obstacle, setback or wave in your face get in the way of a noteworthy goal.

I came out of that water in 1:10. Slow as frozen molasses, but I DID THAT DAMN THING, without help, without panicking, with a smile on my face. I came out of that water KNOWING that I can swim in just about anything and can go the distance and more. That was the biggest confidence builder EVER!!


I put together a video slide show of the swim as photographed by The FireMarshall. He is the best Sherpa and Spectathlete on the PLANET! (Next to his trainer – Erin Steptoe, of course).