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I've been having a lovely time stumbling around the internet finding all kinds of interesting things. When I first learned about StumbleUpon, I checked it out and downloaded the tool bar and I started stumbling through my areas of interest.

This is one of the first sites I stumbled upon: Flowers2Send....Just cute, cute, cute...and I sent off a bouquet to my BFF Val who will be having a baby shower here at the ranchero on Saturday. Check it out and start creating and sending your masterpieces to your friends and loved ones.

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You've Been Deleted!

Don't you worry your snotty, arrogant little head not one damn bit...I removed your behind from the Diversity Leadership Council Distribution list as fast as my internet provider would load the ListManager.

I moderate a email distribution list for the Diverse graduates of the United States Military Academy. DO NOT WHINE TO ME about how you only read about African-American cadet/grad issues. If you want to read more about other minority graduate happenings, successes, issues - THEN SEND THE ISH IN TO BE MODERATED.

Furthermore, DO NOT send me an email calling everybody else whiners, non-performers, etc quit the list and then have the AUDACITY to get testy with me when I jack slap your azz back. NO you can not just say any ole thing you want and not expect to have anything said back at you.

"This sounds like a bunch of whiners who performed poorly and are whining
about their rating."

Do not write me back and tell me that you were just stating your opinion about "the race card". Da hell. No, you were just trying to slap a few of your fellow alumni in the face with your remarks, without stating your entire position and then asked to be removed from the list. Why? Is it because, if I had sent out your remarks to the list, you might have recieved some backlash and you didn't want to deal. Hmmmm. Sounds more cowardly, than opinionated.

Lastly, answer me this...why is it okay for you to resort to "name calling" but heaven forbid I call the kettle black. Hmmmm. "Professional" my patootie.

ENOUGH. You all know how much I love my Alma Mater and (almost) every grad in the Long Grey Line. You are my family, but I will NOT sit idly by anymore and just let a few alums say whatever the hell they please without being checked. And yes, I was in the Army but can cuss like a sailor.

On Brave Ole Army Team....


Come On In for Hors d'oeuvres & Cocktails at the Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Carnival

Welcome to the Soup to Nuts Progressive Dinner Carnival

Whether you're enjoying hors d'oeuvers & a drink first or coming by for a night cap, I'm sure you'll enjoy this portion of our dinner. Thanks to the four great hosts who have also participated on Soup To Nuts Progressive Dinner and to everyone who entered posts. Make sure you get your fill at these other courses....

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Beautiful Word Clouds - Wordle

I found this over at Tanyettasedit and went to make one of my own. I played with a few things until I decided to put in my entire resume into the engine and wha-la!

If you want to play with it and creat your own, check out Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds


What My Momma Said....

At the BBQ, we all got into a discussion about the CNN special "Living Black in America" and as we all came to agree that we were not all that happy with the whole thing for numerous reasons, we tried to get my mother to chime in with her thoughts.

Mommie didn't take the bait at the time, but she did put down some pretty insightful stuff down at Sandy's Place.

All I got to say is...*jumping high five* - Yeah, what my momma said.

Usual Suspects & Lurkers BBQ

I hosted a BBQ yesterday with the Usual Suspects and some Lurkers and did we have the mixology going on or what. We started with Pama Margarita's, moved on to Side Cars, made (by special request) Bellini's, and then a couple of Hpnotic concoctions.

We put the men folk (Ron & Shawn - the only two males at this event) on the grill and did up some burgers, hotdogs and sausages. Sissy showed up just in time with some homemade potato salad. Later, she went looking for her container. What container? Oooooooh this one in the back of my refrigerator. You want this back? Ummmm, okay but it's gonna be a little light.

We never did get around to playing horseshoes, but we did have great eats, great convo, great drinks and great fun all around....topped off by a dollop of Mango Rita's care of CreoleInDC. YUMMY.

We missed all of those who didn't make it. Look forward to seeing you next time.

Thank You For Being a Friend

My favorite Golden Girl (Estelle Getty- AKA Sophia) passed away on Tuesday. I loved this show when it was on. The friendship between these women, their wit, & funny one liners was fantastic. She will be missed.


It Will Be Alright

The sun coming up over the lake was beautiful on my run. Closing my eyes, taking in the morning air, tyring to control my breathing. It's going to be a blessed day.

Finally starting to feel like I can breath. Stress going down, blessing all around. Its goint to be a blessed weekend.

Ut oh. A hiccup in my happiness. A little business sanfu-well may a big snag. Blood pressure starts to rise. What are we gonna do now. He'll handle it, he says. How? I reply. And I start to cry. But life has to go on right.

I have to keep moving forward. So I start setting up deck and lawn furniture, and I cry.

I clean the kitchen, and I cry.

I finish the laundry, and I cry.

I take a shower, and let the tears run down my face into the drain.

I go to a meeting and gather myself in the car, cause I gotta contine movin foward. Back in the car, and I cry.

It WILL be alright. I know it will. I have faith, but today I just wasn't so strong and impervious to the hiccups of the journey we are on and I cried.
I weeped and then I prayed. It will be alright. I believe and have faith.

The extra bonus is that in 25 years, Ron has never failed to keep his word.

Today was hard, that rough exterior cracked and I cried, but it will be alright.
The TravelDiva
Lisa Steptoe


Dinner & A Show

I got group tickets for the DC/Baltimore Chapter of the National Sales Network to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center this past Saturday. About 25 total people went to see the show. Those who opted out - YOU MISSED AN AWESOME PRODUCTION. Simply awesome!

The family went to dinner before the show at Mie N Yu in Georgetown. What a wonderful restaurant. The service was impeccable, the wine list was awesome and, of course, recognized by Wine Sp.ect.ator, and the food was devine. I have decided on where to have the NSN Holiday Party. Done.

After dinner, we went over the the Kennedy Center for the 7:30pm show in the Opera House. A beautifully decorated theater where almost every seat is a great view. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! The set design, the costumes, the singing - it was wonderful. I only wish I could have taken some pictures, but that is a no-no.

Hakuna Matata - No Worries, all the rest of your days.


The Truth

I recently participated in a post question on a friends blog asking for 3 Truths and a Lie. I love this game...it allows me to reminise about some of the fun and interesting things that I have done in my life. Everytime I've played this, whether at a work function or at a party - everyone always guess which one of mine is the lie.

I put down that the following:

1. I won a New York State Powerlifting Championship - TRUTH
I was on the powerlifting team at West Point and won the 1984 New York State Powerlifting Championship for my wieght class.

2. I participated in a Reebok National Aerobics Championship - TRUTH
I was on the Army demonstartion team and we participated in the Reebock National Aerobics Championship in Chicago.

I KNOW I don't hear laughing, do I. I will shank somebody.

3. I've run a marathon - TRUTH
I ran (and have the certificate from the United States Marine Corps to prove it) Marine Corps Marathon. The certificate reads: "This is to certify that Lisa L. Bembry, Runner Number 10746 successfully completed the Marine Corps Marathon at the olymic distance of 26 miles 385 yards, Washington, DC 2 November 1986 finishing 7547 of 7913 in a time of 5:19:07." Shut up. I finished the dang thing and I didn't come in last. I didn't put back on running shoes for 3 months after that and never ran anything longer than 13 miles since.

4. I compete in Ballroom Dance Competitions - FALSE
I do not compete in Ballroom Dance Competitions although I would like to. My dance partner isn't having any part of it. He is willing to take lessons and cut a rug with me every now and then when we go out. I have been informed that I need to find me another dance partner. I haven't been motivated to do that. A good partner is hard to find.

It was enough that our dance instructor got Ron to dance with me in a showcase at the dance studio. We were the only people that did not dance with their instructors. Check out the video. Ron is actually rather good.
Dance Showcase:

I'd love to hear some of your Truths & a Lie and see if I can guess correctly.

Field Trip

I went with Cara and her class on a field trip yesterday. This is the first field trip that I have ever been on with Cara. It was really cool to spend time with Cara (even the other kids were on their best behavior), but it was CENTER OF THE SUN HOT out there on that dang farm. Lord, yes.

Cara ranted and raved about seeing the animals on the bus ride over, but when she got there...OH HELL TO THE NAW...she wasn't touchin, feedin, or barely lookin at no animal. You would have thought we had touched her with a hot poker for the way she screamed trying to get away from those animals. She did managed to pull it together to ride the pony. Whew. I thought some drama was gonna go down for real.

After the field trip, Cara and I went to the mall and had lunch, stopped at the Disney Store and went home to ride on our new bike. She's got it good.

AKA Party

I went to a party hosted by one of my sorors at Posh last Wednesday. While the club scene is not really my style anymore (I just can't hang like I used to - drinking and dancing all night to the wee hours), I did have a nice time watching all of the other younger & single soror's get their groove on.

Looks like the Centennial Celebration and 30,000 AKA's had a wonderful time this past week.

Cara's New Bike

Cara's New Bike, originally uploaded by salesdiva.

Cara has gotton so tall that we had to get her a new bike, complete with matching helmet and arm/knee pads. Only the Princess Bike would do.


I Don't Negotiate

I am sitting here in the food court at Columbia Mall enjoying the hell outta my Chop Chop Pita while Cara knocks off a Happy Meal (and no I am not contibuting to childhood obesity as we have a fruit cup instaed of fries and milk instead of soda.)

In the midst of mother daughter bonding, a group of 8 kids and 2 women come over to our section after doing a build a bear party. It has taken the better part of 15 minutes to ask, cojole, and negotiate with 8 kids on what they want to eat. It is a freakin party. Sit your butts down, use your inside voice and wait till I bring you all what I feel like feeding you. If you don't like it - STARVE. I aint negotiating with a bunch of kids on nothing. I don't even negotiate with my own. Here's what ya got, like it or don't, your options are slim.

Half got happy meals, a few got chick filet, the rest pizza... Well we have a pouter...they don't like their choice. Humph. - wouldn't even pay none of that sniveling no mind.


The TravelDiva
Lisa Steptoe


Street Beggars

Do you give money to people who hold up signs saying "Will work for food" or shaking a cup? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I don't know what spurs me to give or not give and to be perfectly honest, I'm not downtowm much so I don't give it a whole lot fo thought.

Today, I ran out of the house rushing cause I was running behind meeting a former co-worker for lunch. I grabbed my purse and got to steppin'. It wasn't until I was trying to pay for my parking, that I realized that I had left my wallet in my gym bag. NO MONEY. NO ID. I call Ron and he is on his way to rescue this damsel in distress. I find a seat outside a restaurant to wait for my man and this guy walks up to me, shakes my hand, sits down in the other chair and proceeds to tell me his life story - which was just sad and pathetic.

He tries to make small talk - I hide behind my Mau.I Ji.ms clutching my bag. Finally he leans in and says, "Can you loan me .80 cents, I really need to get something to drink." Oh no he didn't. I looked at him over top of my glasses and told him that I didn't have my wallet and my husband would be here any minute to get me.

....And then he shocked the hell otta me. He ppromptly stood up and cursed me out. Told me I should know better as a woman to not leave my stuff at home, called me a beyatch and stormed off. My mouth is still hanging open. Da Hell!?

I wish Ron would hurry up so I could get back to the country.

The TravelDiva

Lisa Steptoe


AKA Heaven

It all started with a call from Sissy to meet her and 1969 for brunch down in DC. Well, it turned into 8 hours of pure fun and glee.

I was late to brunch (Cara's hair, hitting every stoplight, and finding a place to park) and only had about 15 minuetes with 1969 and her crew, but it was a pleasure to finally meet her. When you read someone's blog all the time, you feel like you already know people and it was just that way...falling right into an easy rapport with my online friends. I wish we could have spent more time together but she had to catch the "Bolt Bus" to NY to hang with CreoleInDC & EricaB (who, by the way, are having WAY too much fun without me).

Well, I stayed with Sissy, ordered a sandwich and some mimosa's, and waited for her friend Erica to arrive from Chicago. That's when the outta control fun happend. Erica decided we needed to get some "gear" since we were not appropiately decked out in our Pink and Green like almost every other woman in DC at the moment. We hopped in Sissy's car and proceeded down to the convention center to check out the vendor section and scoop up some goodies...and no...neither Erica nor myself were "registered". UhHuh - we are slackers.

We found parking and walked over to the convention center and I was immediately overwhelmed with the how many beautiful women there were in one place. There had to be thousands of AKA's - a sea of pink and green everywhere. There wasn't a place in the city that we did not go yesterday, that we did not run across a soror. From Georgetown to the MCI center to Bethesda and beyond - Soror's. The convention center alone was unbelieveable. Of course, I don't go anywhere without a camera in tow, and immediately pulled my camera out of my bag and started snapping pictures.

I was in AKA Heaven. I even called my Big Sister & BFF - Pattey - to make sure that I got her something from the trade booths. I was sent on a mission for a tote bag and I think I found the perfect one for her to take to the numerous sporting events she has to attend with her son. Cara is posing with it. We headed to the trade booths and didn't realize that it was like a 2mile walk to a whole other section of the center - GIRRRRLLL - my dogs were killing me by time we were done and I ended up buying some AKA ballet slippers to make it back to the car - which I will now be able to rollup and carry in my purse for those moments when the heels just ain't gonna do anymore.

Now, we did see some significant hilarity, irony and more....
- How are you gonna be selling AKA shower caps and nail files when you have neither hair nor nails. No personal testimony there. Hmmmmm.

- The man with the hat on his head that was like 5x too small...but he was seriously sporting it.

- The metal AKA purses - downright unattractive to me, but useful as a weapon. This lady walks up as Sissy, Erica and I are turning up our noses at the purses (yeah, yeah - purse snobs - Hotmess) and says how much she "loooooves" them. I was like - "Uh, not so much, soror, don't do it." She says, "Really, you don't like em. I think they are darling." Sissy turns her back, I think I heard a snort and Erica is weighing one in her hands like she is ready to throw it at someone. I say, "Humph, they a hot mess, but you can really do some damage to someone with one of these babies." The lady asks the price. $175. Sucking in her breath...."They just became ugly." We ROARED!

- The lady with the bodyshaper booth. You wanna talk about testimonials. She had pictures of her half nekked with her belly rolls all out before putting on this industrial shaper on and pictures after. It was SOOOOO dramatic the difference, that Erica and I were standing there actually contemplating a purchase. This woman went in to try one on and the before and after was like DAAAAAAAMN. Might have to go back for a fitting.

There was probably more, but I was so busy shopping, running into friends I hadn't seen in a while, and just in awe.

The three of us went to Z.an.ga's after our shopping, Erica almost passing out from hypoglycemia. We go some sustiance in her and a mojito or two, finishing off the day with great food with great friends.

What a great day!


The Only Ones

We are here at Jordan's lax tournament. Me, Ron, and Jordan' girlfriend-Joan. We are the only people of color - any color besides a tan - at the tournament. Jordan is the only Black kid here and there are 10 teams. WTH!? Damn - what does that mean? ...Blacks don't play lax? Just makes me wonder.

Of course, smarty pants here just shruggs and says "All the more possible scholarship money for Jordan.". And "Ya know, not all Black kids can play basketball. Jordan will make it possible for other Black kids to be a student athlete." He may have a point. Where else can you run up and down a field with a ball AND hit people with a stick.

It might be a good thing to be "The only one." Pioneer like.

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Travel & Friends

"I have found out that there ain't no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them." -- Mark Twain

The Pollhein's and The Steptoe's survived the journey and are still best friends - maybe even a little closer. We loved, hugged, laughed, fought, argued, invested, shared and more together for a week. We waited a long time to do this together, and now Joe & Terri own a little piece of paradise too and are already dreaming and planning for what we are gonna do together (and separately) next year.

Terri put together some pics from "The Florida Experiment" - Go check it out:


Your Services Are No Longer Needed

Bee Newz, originally uploaded by wvdirtboy (ilikegooglebetter).

At approximately 10:30am this morning on a conference call (cup of coffee in hand), 13 people in my division were simulaneously told "Due to unforseen events in the market & other dynamics, [this company] can no long fund or support [your team]. Therefore, effective now, your positions terminated."

That is the second time in less than 3 years that I have ended up on a severance plan. Last time I ended up with 14 months of severance after 17 years with the company; this time I got 10 months for only 2 years. Not bad, Not bad.

So, what am I gonna do? My knight said, "Woman, will you sit down for a minute? Take the summer off and then, if you want to work, I got plenty of stuff for you to do with our companies. Everything is going to be fine."

He is right, of course. I'm gonna work on those round2it items, be a full fledged lacrosse mom, go on all the field trips with Cara, do lunch with my friends & just hang.

It's all good.


Mommie is Doing Fine

Well, I won't be collecting on any insurance today and we did not have an Alien:Ressurrection moment (bummer)....Mommie is Doing Fine - http://sandysprogress.blogspot.com/2008/07/post-op-commentary.html

I Might Be Toast

Bread Toasts, originally uploaded by FrancoisRoche.

Tomorrow I find out if I am officially toast at my current company. My money is on my whole division (13 of us) will be getting our walking papers tomorrow.

You know what's funny. I'm not all that broke up about it. It will be nice to have the summer off and to not have to fret anymore about what we are supposed to get accomplished in this newly created position...a concept that, while awesome on paper, did not really have the support of the company (not really) nor the resources to accomplish the vision. We were referred to once by a SVP as a "theoretical experiment." We will see tomorow what the consensus is on this "experiement".

I have already pulled out my "round2it" list, now that I might have time to actually get to it.

Stay tuned...

Drama at the Surgical Center

Sooooo, I'm sitting here at the surgical center with mi madre, waiting for her to get her alien pod removed from her back:

"Well, after 30 years of having a subcutaneous lipoma on
my back with no problems (if it aint broke don’t fix it), I am forced to
have it fixed ‘cause it started to discharge. Gross!!!Phase 1 was yesterday
when my dear general surgeon lanced the lipoma. No…you really don’t want to know what came out. Triple zillion gross!!!!! Phase 2 will be in three weeks when I
have outpatient surgery to remove the lining and core of the lipoma. And for
those expats out there, there will be no packing and unpacking of the surgical
site. For medical info and picture on this procedure, if you’re so inclined,
go to www.aafp.org/afp/20020301/901.html."
Why is it that people act a fool when it comes to paying their portion of their medical procedures. This woman proceeds to get loud about her bill:

Patient: I'M NOT PAYING YOU $1000 TODAY!!!!

BillingLady: Well, ma'am, that is the balance due on your account to meet your deductable and cover the rest of your portion after insurance.


BillingLady: Okay, who did you speak to? Let me check with them.


(Thoughts from the TravelDiva: Well, if your azz would stop screaming at these people at the top of your lungs, perhaps it would have BEEN a private conversation)

Patient (talking to her husband): I told them I could only give them $500. It is not fair to the other bills that came in first to pay these people the whole $1000. I need to take care of the other bills in the order that they came in.

(Thoughts from the TravelDiva: Looks to me like there is gonna be a long line of people waiting to get paid. Humph!)
N.E.WAY - they come and take my mom back to get her gear on and fill out a gazillion pieces of paperwork. The surgeon comes in and asks, "So, what are we doing today? Show me where I will be working." Now, I've been through this before, but the way it comes out sounds like the surgeon is confused as to what he is supposed to be doing. I'm thinking, like WTF! YOU don't KNOW?!!!! They just want to make sure that my mother knows what is going on - is her cognitive function is working properly and can make informed consent - yeah, okay. It gets to be hilarious when the assisting surgeon as well as the OR nurse comes in and asks the same dang questions. Does ANYONE involved in this little procedure know what da hell is going on? Just crazy.

They said 30 minutes and she's otta here. Yeah, we will see. When they pop out that alien pod from her back and it metamorphs into some huge creature bent on world domination, we will see what they got to say then.



The next USUAL SUSPECT event will be held on Saturday, July 26th. The e-vite is out. If you would like to join us for another Usual Suspect Extrodinary Event and you haven't received your invitation, drop me an email with your contact information and I'll get it out to you ASAP. We hope to see you there.

Perfectly Princess Tea Party

On the 4th of July, Cara and I got gussied up and went over to the Grand Floridian Hotel to meet Sleeping Beauty at the Perfectly Princess Tea Party. Cara can be so brutally honest sometimes (from the mouths of babes)..."You're not Cindarella" -and promptly burst into tears. It's just not so attractive to be wearing a beautiful gown and a tiara, while bawling your eyes out - but then again - it was her party.

What a wonderful start to our Tea Party. She recovered as soon as she saw the doll that she got at the Party. I knew all was well when she tried to cut off her dolls hair with the butter knife. I just take a deep breath, exhale and remind her of the horrors of cutting off hair (remember the Easter weekend ponytail fiasco).

She ate one peanut butter and jelly heart sandwich, a couple of grapes and drank all of her Apple Juice "Tea" - she got a real kick out of pouring it herself. Princess Aurora (aka - Sleeping Beauty) managed to coax a few smiles and a few words out of Cara long enough for a picture.

Diva in Training lessons can be a challenge, but are well worth it.


A Magic Day

Princess Cara's Makeover

Cara loves to play dress up! Anything outfit that if frilly is absolutely in and she can wear a pair of heels better than most of us. She loves herself some Cinderella, big time. So, on our trip to here to Disney, I signed Cara up for an opportunity to get all dressed up as a Disnesy Princess. We went to Magic Kingdom to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique located inside the Castle. More of a salon than a store, there are 10 salon stations where girls can get their hair, nails and makeup done.

Cara started out by picking her dress, shoes, wand & crown. Then she went into the boutique where she was asked to pick her hairstyle - she picked the Disney Diva (of course) - her makeup, nailpolish, and the color hair she wants to add. Just hilarious.

She had the time of her life. Here is some video from here Princess Makeover.


Hancock - Giant Screen

We are at a 20 screen theater in Orlando about to watch Hancock. Holy Mother of God - this is the biggest screen I have ever seen. We are going to see the movie on an IMAX screen. I have never moved all the to the back (or top, in this case) of a theater ever.

I'll let you know more later.

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

THE perfect princess experience. All I have to say is FUTURE DIVA...More pictures and a synopsis of our adventure later...off to dinner.

If you would like to preview more pictures from our boutique experience - check out this link:



A Day at The Beach