Lessons from Microbiology

Every now and then, take your phone out of its protective case and wipe that sucker down with an antibacterial wipe!

(Growth from cell phone-bottom pic, upper right)

Carry antibacterial gel, use it and or wash your hands after using public stuff...yuck.

(Growth from keyboard in college library - bottom pic, upper left)

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Damn...just walk around with a mask on; the air is gonna kill you.

(Growth from 20 min of medium being exposed to air- bottom pic, lower left)

Good to know that people must be washing hands or using hand towels to open door as exit bathroom. JUST DO IT!

(Growth from inside bathroom door handle- bottom pic, lower right).

P.S My lab buddies call me Ma'am, apologize for every curse word and want to know if they can be in my study group...I am the group. I think I'm the lab group mom. Sigh.


40 Seven Years of Total Magnificence

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MOI!!! So…who’s that girl?



Spirit Airlines has NO Spirit


I was going to write this laundry list of how Spirit Airlines (@SpiritAirlines) SUCKS major big time, but I found the most awesome website that outlines everything you need to know about this fugged up, nickle and dime your azz to death, lying till their seats are on fire airline.


Spirit Airline Facts

Facts about the country's cheapest and most complained-about airline.

Yes, Spirit Airlines can be, for some, the cheapest way to travel from point A to point B. To others it's a nightmare organization that has ruined vacations, destroyed business travel plans, taken money without offering agreed upon services and shocked unsuspecting travelers with hidden fees and questionably-ethical policies. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Spirit Airlines has seven times more official complaints against them than any other airline operating in the United States. Even the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Transportation has recently warned travelers that Spirit Airlines doesn't care about its customers.


While my recent flight itself was uneventful (it took off and it landed on time), everything about this airline that touts itself as the cheap, discount flight airline, there is NOT ONE DAMN THING CHEAP ABOUT IT – AT ALL.


Yes, my flight to Dallas was about $100 less that any other airline and there is where it ended. The got me this time – MY BAD. I will NEVER, EVER fly these bastids ever again. I went online to print my boarding pass and you can’t - until you register for their “frequent flier” program and log in. From then on, you have to LOG IN every.single.time. I check in and I’m asked if I plan on taking a CARRY ON or checking any luggage? I check carry on. And then it starts, for $59/year I can save $10 on my baggage fee – but you still gonna pay. Let me get this straight…I give you $60 buck and SAVE $10 per bag per leg. I would have to take 3 flights in a year with them to break even AND I still gotta pay $30 for a MFn’ CARRYON!




So, now the $100 I saved flying Spirit went up with the $40 ea way carry on fee. Minus $80. BTW, if you don’t check in and print your boarding pass at home, they will charge you a fee…up to $8. Want a glass of water – $3. Soda, Coffee – $3. Snack, Sandwich – up to $15. Shall I go on?


Want to pick your seat? from $12-$25 depending on the type of seat. Traveling with your S/O and want to sit together? You BETTER pay for your seat or you will most definitely will be split up. Watched it go down over and over and over on my flight.


Seats DO NOT recline and actually that is a good thing because  there is absolutely NO ROOM. NONE. There are ads on the tray tables, they market a credit card to you on the plane, giving away enough points for 3 flights – getting you for interest on the card and more fees to use those miles.


The acquisition cost suckers you in and after you are stuck, they collect the rest of the money from you. You end up not saving a damn thing.


Spirit Air ain’t got no spirit, no they don’t. Fly @SpiritAirlines at your own risk and the emptying of your wallet.

Wordless Wed- "Thou craven hell-hated death token"


Foto Friday - BINGO!


Almost Wordless Wednesday

Oh, honey. This has never been one of my issues. Let it shine, baby! I always do!


Sidelined–Injury Setback

Foot-bone-diagram-with-labels The Saturday before the inauguration, I busted my azz – tripping over my own feet and somehow bruised (or something) to the medial cuneiform bone in my left foot. At least that is where the pain is.


I took a week off of running, but had to do all that walking during the inauguration weekend. I did a 6 mile run last Sunday, followed by 2 3miles runs later in the week. There was a mild ache but nothing that some motrin and biofreeze (yeah, I use that ointment of life everywhere). I thought I was past it and was all set to get in a 10 mile run this morning…


EXCEPT…I tripped up the damn stairs in my house and the pain in that area of my foot returned full force. So bad that by Saturday night I could barely put pressure on that area of my foot. I iced, motrin’d and biofreezed up and it was back to a dull ache this morning. Now, as I type this I barely notice it…unless I try to stand on my tip toes. I can do it while holding on to the wall or a desk, but not very long unassisted. BUMMER – those tippy toe poses in Bikram were some of my strongest. I’ve been reading up on injuries to the cuneiform bone and am no pretty much scared to death that this is just going to be something I have to deal with like FOREVER since (if not broken) is difficult to treat, rarely show up on x-rays or MRI’s and doesn’t heal quickly at all.


SIGH. I’m going to take another week of hard core running off and use the elliptical. Spin & Swim. I have a half marathon coming on Feb 24th. I’m thinking I need to reevaluate my goals for this race. I haven’t been able to get in the running time or keep to the training schedule due to this problem.


Back to the slow as frozen molasses pace. Definitely doing the 3:1 interval plan for the entire race. How about I finish and not last. This just SUCKS…but maybe, just maybe I’ll learn something from taking a moment to slow down and embracing the molasses.