Randoms from Princess Cara's 6th Bday Party

20 6year old kids, Chuck E Cheese and a birthday - wear is my flask.

"Are we out of district?" - The location was off Rt 40 in Baltimore. We didn't have a problem identifying any of our guests and helping directing them to our tables & booths. Imma let you figure out why.

Yet The FireMarshall quipped all dead pan..."We are having a 'We Are The World' party". I hollered.

Why was there a moment when I thought I needed to have security for Princess Cara's gifts. They took up an entire booth. THANK YOU! There was some longing eyes.

"You invited the entire Kindergarten class?" *Knitting brow, thinking who was I gonna leave out* Yes. "Wow, must be nice."

I hate people sometime.

YES! I did arrange to have snacks & sodas for the parents. Why? Cause most parents stay with their kids. I just think it is polite. It wasn't Filet Mignon & champagne. Stop walking around all shocked with a wing in your mouth. Seriously.

Princesses Erin & Charlee were the BESTEST sisters in the world. They ensured Cara had a good time, supervised all the kids and allowed me to just take pictures. Job well done!

Princess Cara was just SOOOOOO happy today. Wait till I make her sign all these thank you notes. Good home training is painful sometimes.

Master Gabrielle came over for a "playdate" after the party. I haven't heard hide nor hare from the two. I think we need to have more playdates.

Happy 6th Birthday, Princess Cara. We love you!


Verizon = EPIC FAIL

Here is Verizon = Fail, Part 1 - where they made me wait 25 days for a service call, because that was the earliest that they could get a technician out to my house. REALLY? WTF?

Now we are at day 27 and I still have no phone service and Verizon is simply an EPIC FAILURE when it comes to customer service and technical support - EPIC FAILURE.


They set me up for my "service call" for Thursday, February 25th with a "window of opportunity" of....WAIT FOR IT....8am - 7pm. ALL FRIGGIN DAY. The technician shows up around 1pm, tinkers with the wires for about 5 min and comes up to tell me that my alarm system has shorted out the line and that he can't work on my alarm so I'll have to call the alarm company and have them fix it. DA HELL?

He leaves.

I immediately call the alarm company, they run a line test...and guess what, there is a friggin DIAL TONE at the alarm box and they are getting a signal. It is not a short in the alarm system.


So, I have dial tone at the junction box, dial tone at the alarm box - BUT NO DIAL TONE ANYWHERE ELSE IN MY GOTDANG HOUSE!!!!

I call Verizon Repair and tell the the situation. The person on the phone apologizes profusely and promises to have a new technician out the next morning. They schedule me for 8am-11am today.


I call Verizon Repair and they tell me that they are going to "escalate this up to a supervisor" and call me back with an update on the status of my repair.


I call Verizon Repair and am left on hold for exactly 82 minutes and 24 seconds. They tell me that someone will definitely come out to my house today as soon as a technician picks up my "ticket". YOU WOULD FUGGIN THINK THAT THEY COULD TELL A TECHNICIAN TO DO THEIR DAMN JOB. But no, a technician can "pick" a ticket. GTFOOHWTBS!


I call Verizon Repair and this poor soul had to deal with my "irritation". However, it didn't make one damn bit of difference what I said. He told me that he would have to reschedule me for tomorrow - between 3-7pm. "I'm sorry for all the inconvenience, but that is the best we can do."


I told that young man that you could have the common courtesy to return a call when you say you are going to do it; to at least say "fugg you, we're not coming."; to let the customer know that they can stop sitting around the damn house all day waiting for your lazy azz-pick a ticket when they want to tech. THAT IS THE LEAST YOU CAN DO.

I guess because there is no other land line service in this area, you feel that you can just screw customers and get to them when you damn well please. Right now, I hate you with the heat of a thousand suns.




I sit here dabbing a hot compress to my eyes, dousing my eyeballs in battery acid Visine & sipping on a glass of a loverly red wine to dull the aches from a workout tonight with our own Becca - who has decided to complete a Triathlon (TriBecca: My Journey to the first Triathlon)for the first time in her life...

...A woman who a month ago didn't know how to swim, hadn't been on a bike in about 20 years and running...well, we gotta work on that.

We met at my gym and started with a 30 min run on the treadmill. Mind ya, I'm NOT anything close to being a trainer - I just know what works for me on this run thing...and here was Becca, asking questions, trying to implement a technique, giving anything a try. We did intervals and then went to dress for the pool. We spent a little over an hour just working on the skills she has been learning in her swim classes. I'm wading around with my mouth hanging open at this chick who don't know how to swim 'splaining to me what she needs to work on. AMAZING.

She is worried about this swim thing, but I firmly believe that she is gonna get this thing. The whole float on her back thingy...it's a control issue. We will get past that. Imma get her to relax and let go and she will have that down. After she made me swim a gazillion laps with her - SHEZ GOT DIS! A woman, who a month ago COULD NOT SWIM, is doing the freestyle. By the time she realized that I was exhausted, she as able to breath without swallowing a gallon of water.


Becca's enthusiasm, her pure-ness (is that even a word), her willingness to learn... AND HER ABILITY TO RECRUIT...is beyond inspiring. How did this chick get me to commit to 1x per week in the pool with her AND to running all these extra training races with her? WHAT DID I JUST SIGN UP FOR, HUH?


I will have goggles & a swim cap by next week. I will be getting me run game tight. I will be there for my friend who has inspired me AND reminded me that you are never too old & there is no such thing as can't. We are not just talking about it...We are BEING about it. GO BECCA!

P.S. ...and I'm watching you too, Pattey. YOU GO GIRL! Meow!


Who's That Girl - 44 Years of Magnificence!

It's The TravelDiva's 44th Birthday! 44 Years of Magnificence!


Guest Post: What You Can Learn About Marriage from FB

As many of you already know, our very own TiffanyInHouston is getting married soon and she recently posted a question on her Fac.e.Bo.ok profile for Valentines Day. The question and the responses made me smile and touched my heart so I asked if she would be willing to write a post (cause she still doesn't have a blog - although she should and we know it would be great) on what she learned from her question.


What you can learn about marriage from your FB friends...

We have all heard and seen the parodies that float around FaceBook about people becoming addicted to Facebook, how Facebook has been cited in divorce proceedings and generally how social networking and media has devalued relationships to the point where people break up via text. We have all witnessed status updates that dissolve into flame wars, questionable pictures that are posted and tagged up for all to see, and folks sharing questionable quiz answers (do we all NEED to know your favorite sexual position??). We should have never turned some of ya’ll loose on FB/Twitter cause ya’ll don’t appreciate shhhhhh…well you should know the rest by now (hat tip to Dave Chapelle) LOL!!!!!!

But the flip side of social networking is meeting some really cool people, who share like interests and who discuss interesting topics and are pretty engaged with the world around them and I have been fortunate to have some of folks as my FB friends. The Saturday before Valentine’s Day I posted a status on my profile asking my friends to tell me how long they had been married and to give me and my fiance some married people advice.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the number of responses I got (nearly 30) and the sheer quality and thoughtfulness of the responses.

Here are a few examples:

From Dana:
We will be married 2 years this May. The best advice I can give is to just live your life and let him live his. Talk to him with love and respect (and vice versa) and always put each other first. Have fun together. You two seem like you are on the same page from day 1 and that is CRUCIAL. I've been married 2 years to a man who I'm pretty similar to (values, income, morals, outlook on life, goals, etc.), so, SO FAR we haven't had to "work" on too much. I guess if we reach an impasse we'll take it to the bible! Live and let live. Love the things that make your man unique.

From Carolyn:
Well, it will be 41 years in August I think. LOL. Open communication with each other. Talk about everything, finance, children, etc. Placing God first, then everything should follow: each other, family and friends. Remember after you are married you become one, so hanging out with your single friends will not work. Hang out together!! Store etc. :) Some people say don't go to bed angry mmmmmm, maybe but if you go without being angry with each other, you do sleep better!!!

From Jaimee:
I'm still a novice at this being married only 8 months. My advice would be to keep each other's family out of your business. This goes with friends as well. A side will always be picked and the other will be made out to be the villain in the situation. So talk it out between each other; because if you pull others in, they will have ammo to divide your home.

From Fred (the lone man who dared to respond..LOL!):
Been together 4 1/2 years..my only advice is give in to each other and appreciate each other's quirks.In a society that prides itself on being SOOOO individualistic and somewhat insular (read self centered and/or navel gazing), not only does it take a village to raise a child but sometimes it takes a village, albeit a virtual one, to educate a grown up from time to time.

And while quite obviously I don’t know the ins and out of my FB friends marriages, it was interesting to note a lot of commonalities amongst the comments I got: put your spouse first, speak in love, fight fair, keep God in your marriage, continue to date your spouse, keep your sex game tight, do not let family/friends interfere and perhaps the shortest comment that packed the most punch from Amani: ‘Don’t compare your marriage to anyone else’s. Find out what works for you! ‘
I got more comments but those are the ones that spoke to most to me. My fiancé has been married before and has one up on me in terms of experiencing married life but I am a total newbie. And seeing how I want to get it right on the first go round, it was interesting to get perspectives from my cyber and real life buddies. Who says posting on FaceBook is a total time suck?? LOL!!!

I learned a lot about what it takes to be married...on Facebook of all places. Just goes to show, that if you ask the pertinent questions, often times folks will take the time to give answers that go beyond fluffy stuff. I’m glad they chose to take the time. And I eagerly await the day to become his missus and come up with the rules that will best suit OUR marriage as well.

Meeting Carnage Randoms

I don't care how skinny you are, how flat or globular your butt is - it is tacky & ghetto to have "Juicy" or any other words splashed across your azz. Fo you guys who think it "depends" then you do you. I will give you the side eye and judge you accordingly.

Is it the economy that has driven some people in MLM's (Network Marketing) over the edge of madness so that they behave as if they are the part of the Jim Jones MLM Crackhead Cult. How many people do you think you can recruit to your business with some of that mind numbing BS such as:
- "If you are not in _______________you either don't know how to make money or don't want to." DA HELL?
- "If you don't build your own business then you must not want to be a leader." Mkay
- "Quit your boss in 3-6 months by selling ____________to all of your friends & neighbors."
-"Retire to the beaches of the world part time with just 3-5 hours a week of extra work." SURE.
And then when these people don't get the standard sheep sound from you or match their level of excitement and passion, they resort to name calling, yelling and character assignations...AND do it in a public forum. Do you really thing that is the way to recruit more Kool-aid drinkers? Stop the madness, crack kills, find rehab. FAST.

Your "company" teaches people how to become entrepreneurs and does professional coaching. Really? Instead of practicing your profession and "coaching" me if you thought I was wrong about something, you cursed my name and said some pretty nasty things. I bet your company is doing fabulous. Have you quit your boss yet?


Why da hell did we waste almost 2 hours discussing a disease process that we don't have an indication for? Seriously. With all these new people here too? Way to cloud the issue, confuse people and guide them down the path of marketing/medical conflict hell. Good Job.

It must be hard to be a trainer with reps whose average tenure in the business at 15 years+...especially when he has to be right and have the last word. Way to shut down participation.

Whew! thank God that my manager took over for the rest of the day. I was about to go postal.

Hates when the meeting facilitator (trainer) set the ground rules at the beginning of the meeting (no cells, no computer use, etc etc) and then violates his own damn rules when another trainer is speaking. That typing on your laptop while we are trying to conduct business is irritating and rude. Ever heard of lead by example. Guess not.

*Looks up at clock - 5min to 2pm* Jesus be my driver to the airport. I need to get out of here.

The airport - the masses of humanity traveling to and fro. Just when I think I have seen it all, a woman with a toothpick trying to have seconds on that meal from between her teeth just sent me right to the edge of wanting to burn my retina's to remove that image from them. Sigh.

I'm so glad to be back home.

Unpacking to repack.

Off to the Alma Mater for the weekend.


Happy Valentine's Day - We Choose Love


Working Through The Moguls

Can you? Can you work through those huge bumps - those moguls - on the journey of life with your spouse? Would you even try? Or would you just say "I don't feel like it - it's too hard - my feelings are hurt - I'm gonna pout until he figures it out, blah, blah, blah."? What would you do when your man has big visions and is taking you and the family to the edge of madness - but you can see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Do you run? Do you say "fugg this ish", belittle him, downplay the dream/the vision and kick him in his teeth? I guess you can't really answer that question till you are in it. However, I tell you one thing, when you are IN IT -your character as a woman, how serious you took your vows, for better or worst are gonna hit you dead square in your mug piece - and then truth will tell.

I can say that I stuck and am fighting the good fight. Did it take some Xanax & some Makers Mark? Yep. Did it cost me some poundage? Yep. It cost me a lot of things; I gave up - sacrificed a lot - on this quest. I won't even go into it all right here cause I couldn't finish this. I also don't
believe in spreading misery, depression or a bad day. I've said it before. There is no point, misery likes company and I don't want to keep that kind of company around. I'd rather comb my hair, dab on some makeup, practice the smile and go out in the world sharing in the triumphs of my friends & family - cause our time is coming.

That last thread that was holding my sanity together and keeping me out of the loony bin was snapped last night. I thought it had been broken. I thought I was done. I even screamed at The FireMarshall that "I QUIT." I was done. In hysteria, tilting towards madness I sucked down some clonazapam and a glass of wine and I was gone.

I guess I wasn't made to break.

We didn't speak much this morning. The FireMarshall knew that one wrong word and he'd be calling the paddy wagon. He left and came back and gave me a card with a letter attached...and left.

The first time I saw you, I somehow knew you'd be important in my life.

In my eyes, you were beautiful in so many ways, there was no doubt that I wanted to spend forever with you.

And when we got married, things were every bit as good as I'd hoped. I didn't want anything to change. But...life is full of changes, and not every day can be paradise.

Together we've faced reality, the day-to-day "bumps in the road" that test every couple's patience. I've seen you in many challenging situations, and the miracle is...you're even more beautiful than I thought possible!

You're sweet, thoughtful, strong, supportive, and a partner anyone would want on his side. Not only are you the woman of my dreams, but you're also my best friend, and as time passes, I fall more deeply in love with you. - Linda Lee Elrod

I will paraphrase the letter:

Lisa - My Love,

How do I begin other than to say I love you more than you will ever know.

The recent pain and disappointment you have experienced does profoundly impact
me. I know that you feel as if I am insensitive and am not fully acknowledging the deep wounds and gashes you feel in your spirit and soul. However, the reality is that I feel and take on every tear, anxious moment, and fear you express....

I know and will forever be in awe at how you have stood up and carried the weight of the world on your shoulders (home, kids, job, finances, friendships, and support of me)....I value what we have invested our lives in (each other)....

Please know, each day I wake to work to provide you the best. Not just good, but the best.

I love you and want you to be happy and at peace.

I wasn't meant to break and I have a husband that won't let it happen.

Do you have this kind of relationship; do you have a marriage that can stand the moguls? Would you rather just be in a long term relationship & live together so that if (and it will) gets real bad you can just pull stakes?

I pray that you find the one you can enter into a covenant with and make it work for you. Love is an action verb. It takes work, dedication, commitment. Passion & lust are nice and you can have that too, but if you base your whole relationship on those hot & heavy moments alone - you gonna end up alone (or bail when the going gets tough). Trust.

Happy Valentines Day.

We Choose Love.

Snowpocalypse Part Duex - The Day After

Just some pics from around the neighborhood the day after the SECOND Blizzard.


Snowpocalypse Part Deux


Snow Crazy Thoughts

I may have on 40-11 layers but my gloves ARE trimmed in leopard. Don't get it twisted. I CAN still be cute while shoveling 2 tons of snow.

Quarter mile of driveway + 38" of snow. 48 hours after it has stopped snowing and still no bobcat. We gonna be here for awhile.

Rescheduling EVERYTHING. Sigh.

Congrats to the Saints. However, if it wasn't for the fact that one person braved the 38" to come over and we had all this food, we would have just watched movies. I'm only die hard for Army Football.




Kill me now, please & thank you.

Damn dog gonna need to figure it out. I made you a damn space. I don't wanna hear 'bout you don't go in the same spot twice. Move the damn snow yourself, playa. HUMPH.

Two broke/cracked shovels with 10 to 20 more inches makes for an irritable Diva.

Completed Week 6 of my SixSigma Master Black Belt coursework and I'm a week ahead on my project. Updated www.theblackknights.org website. Washed both Princess Cara and my hair. Styled. Shoveled. Fixed dinner. Time for a drink.

Princess Charlee went and picked up more teens for the potential extended "snow in". SHUT UP CreoleInDC! HURSH! I love and hate being the Kool Aid Momma house. They did go to the Giant and pick up more supplies...on their own dime.

I have spent WAAAAAYYYYY too much time during Snowpocalypse 2010 on the phone, FB, Twitter, Google Reader and have found that I might need to limit my exposure cause....

Imma need some people to stop saying you are my friend when you can't say what you really think of me to my face. Telling others (gossiping) or making snide remarks off to the side & pseudo anonymous (passive aggressive) makes you a hypocrite & phony. Be about it or be gone.

I am more that you will ever know by just watching from the sidelines. Sigh. Moving On.

One of the reasons I have a love/hate relationship with being the KoolAid Momma House...."Momz is the Yellow Madea". I hate them all.

My infamous line of the day - "....and with that, we just spiraled into the black hole of WTF."

Picked up from my kids..."I'm so blown."

I'm So Blown.


Views from Snowpocalypse 2010


Snowpocalyspe Randoms

It amuses me to find out who people stay "friends" with/follow after you have personally been kicked to to the curb. Looks to me people are just plain messy; can't handle real talk; are easily intimidated; passive aggressive; like to surround themselves with kiss azzes or all of the above. Messy likes messy. People are funny.

That you wish to be removed from the diversity distro list because the focus of the messages "appears" to be too much on African American graduates.....Bwaaahaaahaaaahaaahaa. Boy Bye. If your azz would participate instead of complaining and whining about what you don't see...Whew! might be a different story. Stop talking 'bout it and BE 'bout it.

No you can not have open access. Let me send you the sponsorship packet. Put up or go away.

Elliott Stabler leaving CSI. *TEARS*

Loved this from @CrimsonPurl: "I love thinking about running. I love getting ready to run. I love finishing my run. I hate running." Some days, those are my exact sentiments.

You have the most beautiful eyes in the world. Always have. Forgive me for staring.

I also find it amazing (and sad) that there are a few black service academy grads that find the idea of a reunion offensive. Oh, you are one of those grades. HUMPH. Whatever. Don't come then...but don't EVER call not one of us for nuttin, hear.

If you are not calling me for money then why are you asking me for $50 on your Vi.s.a Bu.x.x card in exchange for the $50 Food Kitty card you got for Christmas. Huh?

I'm going to go up in the gym and run intervals on the treadmill. The snow is not going to be an excuse to not exercise.

It is finally looking like we are going to really get those 30" after all - if it keeps falling at this pace.

We are still having our Super Bowl party. The food & fun will be here...if you can get here.

I'm trying NOT to make the rum punch now so that there is some left for the party. Good thing I have some Makers Mark. All mine.

I have an awesome opportunity that has presented itself. I have to run a small gauntlet but it will be worth it. Say a prayer for me.

I ain't feeding all these teenagers who decided that it was cool to crash at True Blessings for the blizzard. Sometimes I wish I was not the Kool-Aid mom house. However, one kid did bring his own backpack full of snacks. High Five. I like him.

Princess Cara has a cold. I haven't seen this much snot in decades. I gave her her own box of tissues and a little personal hand sanitizer. She thinks she is so cool. I find it funny what kind of stuff she thinks is the HotNESS.

I rarely understand any of Prince Jordan's FB posts. I have decided to stop trying.

The new FB changes just showed up on my page. *Shrug*

What's the weather look like where you live? Are you in the midst of the snowpocalypse or enjoying fairer weather?


Valentine Day Promo

I often (for either my job or for the National Sales Network) have to find, review & select promotional products as give-aways, prizes or awards for various types of events. For instance, my chapter is having our State of the Organization on Feb 13th and we have networking game that we are going to play and I have to select appropriate prizes for the event.

I was recently asked to select and review a keychain from WholesaleKeychain.com for their Valentines Day promotion.

I was to choose from the following:

I selected the Metal Heart Keychain - why...I don't know - because it was the one that seemed most "business like" of the selections for my event. It also allowed for 3 lines of engraving, a max of 11 characters per line.

The picture does not do justice to the actual keychain. The pic makes it look kinda thin and rinky-dink. The real thing - the heart is of nice weight & thick, the strap is real leather. I was duly impressed. I was a tad disappointed in the engraving. I submitted the following 3 lines:

Forever Mine

All I got was "Forever". I guess my engraving request got lost in email translation; however, on the website there are 3 separate boxes to enter what you want engraved so there really shouldn't be any confusion when ordering.

I doubt that I would buy a keychain for a Valentines Day present unless there was a key to a car, house, safe deposit box...you get the point...attached to it. The Crystal Heart Keychain would be nice for that purpose. However, I would purchase them for a business event as a giveaway.

3 readers will have the chance to win one of these key chains if you leave me a comment on what you would use it for or how you would use the keychain (business or pleasure) and which keychain above that you would choose. Leave me a comment by Monday, Feb 8th.

You get an extra entry if you twitter about it. Leave a comment that you sent a tweet to ensure your extra entry.

Hate contests and just wanna get your own when ever you please then go to WholesaleKeychain.com before Feb 16th, 2010 and enter the coupon code - vday2010 - and you will get 10% off your entire purchase.