TOTAL Immersion


Sold. Hook – Line – Sinker. This is the ticket. Total Immersion Swimming or to me…swim like a dolphin & glide. I said in my last post that I didn’t feel that there was really anything more I could do in the next 3-4 weeks before The Nation’s Triathlon to make any improvements – the gist of it was – just survive to tell the tale & hope somebody comes and takes pictures to prove it.


Well, then I got to dishing on the phone with Nineteen69 about this triathlon business and how we could improve on our swim. She had been looking into this concept of Total Immersion Swimming and looking for a coach. She hipped me to some video clips from the inventor of the Total Immersion Swimming technique - Terry Laughlin – and I was immediately impressed. I watched over an hour of a seminar he gave at MIT on the technique, made them a favorite on my iphone (Youtube app), watched 2 clips again at my gym and decided to give it a try.


As my soror and fellow triathlete, Roz would say – LIFE CHANGING!


Did I master the technique by watching over an hour of video? NO. But I changed my whole way of swimming and did my best to imitate the stroke, relaxation, hand position and NO KICKING and I felt like I was slicing through the water effortlessly. I did 70 laps – 1750 meters  - pretty much NON-STOP – and was not winded.


He had me at the 20th lap w/o stopping. SOLD. DONE. Put a fork in me.


I’m getting that 10 DVD set (and will work the drills over the HA! – “off season”) and then my Philly Tri Soror’s and I are gonna get us that coach and over a girls weekend we are gonna become the dolphin. GLIDE!


I going to watch his seminar over and over for the next two weeks before I go to the pool and get my laps in. I’m hoping to do an open water swim the next two Thursday’s with MidMdTri Club and work it some more.


Fellow Triathletes Unite – Total Immersion Swimming – Become the Dolphin & Glide.