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Over here at True Blessings Estate, ERRYBODY got in on this voting thing. Me,  the QueenMum and my Sis got it in early.

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My sister almost didn’t get to vote, but intervention by our Congressional Office made it possible. After all those years of black sheep kinda trouble, she got it together ~ is putting her life together ~ and it meant the world to her to get to vote for the 1st time in her life. Thank you to the Honorable Elijah Cummings office & staff that made sure that her paperwork & registration got certified. Why she running round my house yelling and giving hi-fives talking bout how her “paid her dues” vote gave the President the state of Maryland.




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Even more awesome was taking my Grandmother out to get her vote in. Since she is losing her eyesight, she needed someone to go with her to help read her ballot. My sister & Princess Cara went with her to help. Once again, my sister was so proud when they asked for her ID and if she was a registered voter (you have to be a registered voter to help another person with their ballot) and was going BOOYA! when they pulled her up on the screen. GmaWillie GOT IT IN!!!!


86 years old, yesterday and STILL FLY!!!



I hope you got out and voted. As my friend, my brother from another mother & classmate, @Preacher1987 said so eloquently this morning:


There are places in the world today where, if you have the audacity to question or criticize the policies of your leaders, the government can and will arrest you, harass you, detain you... or worse. The United States of America is NOT one of those places.

There are places in the world where everyone is not free to worship as they choose, if at all. There are places where worshippers must literally go underground to hear the Word, worship the Lord, and fellowship with other believers. There are places in the world today where professing faith in Christ is a dangerous and possibly fatal declaration. The United States of America is NOT one of those places.

There are places in the world where those who govern do not have to have the consent of those they govern. These places have "elections", but these displays are largely for appearances only, because if you don't "vote" for the powers that be, you and your family end up disappearing. Or worse. That doesn't happen here, in the United States of America.

There are places in the world where women are considered so poorly that they must cover their entire bodies all day long, they can't go to school to get an education, and they have no voice in how their lives will go in their communities. There are places, even in 2012, where the minorities in certain countries are still discriminated against, to the point where they are marginalized when it comes to the political process. That's not the case in the USA, where women and minorities shed blood, sweat, and a lot of tears to ensure that all of us would have a voice in this land and truly be the UNITED States of America and so it comes down to this. The sun rises this morning on one of the greatest things about the USA: our collective right to vote. We have discussed, argued, debated, and reasoned with each other (sometimes). We have placed pictures and banners and memes for and against our candidates of choice on our pages. It's been funny, and intense, and painful, and infuriating, and worrisome, and ironic, and at times quite entertaining. But all of that has no significance, no meaning, no POINT at all, if we don't finish the exercise and go vote today (if you haven't done so already).

WE DID!!! I hope you did too!