Just Random–Thoughts Happen


Happy New Year! A lot has happened in these first 10+ days of the new year at True Blessings. WHEW! I could probably write a post about each unique event but time has been limited. I’m going to just share some of the things that have popped into my head…Just Random Stuff :


  • I got a promotion at work and the 1st day was Jan 2nd. We had a year beginning meeting this week where I met everyone in my region and in my district team. SIGH
    • There definitely are NOT any diversity goals in my region since I was the only person of any color out of 53 people.
    • The was a goal for achieving the most khaki or bad blond highlights – it was reached.
    • The amount of information I’m having to learn is EXACTLY like drinking from a fire hose.
    • Toledo, OH for a training class in Feb? SERIOUSLY?
  • I went to an Vision Board Party last Saturday and it was a wonderful experience. visionboardI took it rather seriously and was amazed at how random pictures, phrases and items that I only picked because they struck a cord with me came together to create my 2013 Vision. What were some of my take always?
    • The ladies I shared this experience with were all awesome!
    • My vision is MY Vision for ME. Everybody had great, interesting things they wanted to achieve and that was great for them. My board was about me.
    • I can’t wait for the “gathering” at the end of this year to see how much of our Visions have manifested. I know they will.
  • I started the first of several perquisites I need to get accepted into a Physician Assistant/Masters in Public Health program. January 2nd was a very eventful day. Promotion & School.
    • I’m THAT old lady that sits in the front row of class with her hand dandy notebook, pen & highlighters – taking copious notes.
    • We spent the 1st hour of class with an icebreaker where you had to tell your name, why you’re in class and something unique. REALLY?
      • Major is communication, yet you mumble?
      • There is ALWAYS the perky kid in class that always has a story, raises their hand and says pick me!
      • Only interesting person in class is the girl who is a Junior in HS graduating early trying to find out what she wants to do with her life.
      • …then there is the DC cop majoring in nursing cause she hates being a cop.
    • So far, I have a 97.7% in the class. I be smart.
  • I can’t wait to ride my new bike. I brought her home from an awesome fitting on Monday. The plan is to take her out on Sunday. Now I just got to name him/her.


  • All those gun position meme’s people are posting…I find it amusing, and JUST DUMB, that so many people have such an absolute opinion/position defending the need to keep every single weapon on the planet, but NEVER have a position or solution on how to keep it all and yet make it harder for wacko’s to get them. I see.
  • God don’t like ugly. That mess, that snark, the negative that you do behind the scenes will eventually catch up to you. Do better, please.
  • I realizing that something(s) are going to have to give to keep family, work, school, tri-training going. TV is it. That’s what a DVR/TIVO is for.


  • I Dreamed a Dream…and they will come true.