Race Report: A Royal Family Weekend


It was a Fit Family Birthday Weekend at Disney. The 26th celebration of my 21st birthday was on February 21st and Princess Cara’s 9th Birthday was on the 22nd, so we decided to celebrate our birthday by playing the Mickey & Minnie and ALL of the other Princesses, Princes and assorted characters at Disney.


We had a blast.


But let me tell you, it’s a racket and Disney has this business down to a science. From shuttle buses to the expo (since parking was limited at the resort where the expo was) to brochures outlining where to park, where to spectate down to the CHear Squad (EXTORTION, but well worth it for your Spectathlete crew that gets up with you at 2am) – where for a mere $100/person you can have private seating, buffet breakfast etc etc. Mmmm Hmmm. We also went to the Pre-race Pasta Dinner at Epcot where for $40/person (cash bar) you got a pretty decent meal, DJ, dancing, activities, pictures with the princesses (we saw Cinderella, Tiana and Belle), access to the park just in time for the fireworks & light show. Princess Cara was in Disney heaven.


Ron and Princess Cara ran the Royal Family 5k on Saturday morning. Princess Cara had a stellar performance for her first 5k running the 1st 1.5 miles non stop, doing intervals for the next mile and running it in like a champ for the last .6.  The FireMarsall refused all attempts to get him in costume opting for the all black secret service look as Princess Cara’s Royal Guard.

           roncaraepcotTN roncarafinishTN roncaraTN

After the race, we made it back to the hotel in time for our free breakfast which was included in my hotel package and the Princess was ALL ABOUT going to the pool. At the pool she made fast friends with a lovely girl named Evie and fanangled her way into going to SeaWorld with Evie and her mom. That required me to get up off my lounge chair and play meet the mom, break bread & libations while talking about our daughters all the while both girls are floating to the edge of the pool with “Please, Please, Please!” every 5 seconds.

IMG_3179 IMG_3180

Off to SeaWorld the girls went and once back…inseperable. Quick to change, dinner and then we HAVE to go to the poolside movie. The FireMarshall is such a good sport as I had no interest in seeing Hercules with a bunch of kids.


Early to bed, early to rise as I had to be in Epcot for the Disney Princess Half Marathon NLT 4:30am to park (for free) and get into my corral by 5:30am. Team Spectathletes were AWESOME and up with me at 2:30am with not nary a complaint. Of course I got them a CHEar Squad package, so once they dropped me off, they were off to get their viewing seats and hot cocoa at the 5.3 mile mark in Magic Kingdom

               Cara_MagicKingdom2 Cara_MagicKingdom

9000 – NINE THOUSAND RUNNERS – mostly women almost all in costume (and some AWESOME MANLY guys dressed as Princesses, Mr. Incredible and I saw a couple of Princess Leah’s and Wonder Men – LOVED IT) lined up to run 13.1 miles. I was, of course, adorned in fairy wings, tiara and glitter ready to see if I could get ‘er done despite not running for the prior 2 weeks trying to heal a foot injury.



At 6 am the first corral was off…corral E probably got going around 6:30am and at 3 miles in I knew I was in trouble. That bruised bone or whatever it is in my foot started up with shooting pain and I was hobbled into a shuffle. I kept moving though, bummed that I was not keeping a pace that would allow me to stop for all the photo opps with all the Disney characters out. It was so cool. To be honest, this is not a race to get a PR on. This is a run for fun, grins, giggles. Definitely a race to do with a bunch of friends and just have a great time.


I had a terrible time in this race because I had to walk a lot and stopped at the med tent to get some more Tylenol and BioFreeze, but I finished, walking away with some awesome BLING!



After the race, we went back to the hotel to hang out and I immediately scheduled myself some spa time at the Ritz Carlton Spa followed by max pool side time with some frozen umbrella type drinks. My version of relaxing and hydrating!


I put together a little video slide show from the weekend.

Have you ever done any of the Disney Races? What’s your favorite? Which one’s would you recommend?