Race Report: Maryland Olympic Duathlon & HEAD GAME


This race was HARD! Harder than TriRock Philly. Just friggin hard and hot as hades.


It was my worse performance at a race – EVER. This whole year has been one challenge after another in terms of illness and injury. I was floundering. Scrambling to put together a training program sans coach, trying to fit it all in with a promotion at work, school AND a family/home to care for…


Something had to give.


Turns out I let fear, doubt and uncertainty creep into my head. Suddenly, my self talk was turning negative and/or doubtful. “I don’t think I can…” kinda stuff. Ugggaaaaahhh.



Run – 2 miles 25:52

Well, hot damn! I was actually feeling kinda good about this two miles. Slightly under 13min pace, which since the foot fiasco, is like speedy gonzalez for me. This might not be as bad as I thought, but I noticed that I was LAST…AGAIN in my age group. My spirits dropped. Sigh.


T1 2:25

FASTEST transition EVER! GO ME. I have to say that I generally piddle around in transition. Eat, drink, be merry, get my ish together, piddle, piddle. This time, I decided to give – GET IN AND GET OUT – a try. Cut about 2 min off that piddle around time. It definitely could get even shorter.


STOP PIDDLING AROUND. Move along, nothing to see here.


Bike – 26 Miles 2:18:31

…at the blistering slow pace of 11.8 mph. I was doing fine on that first loop avg 13 mph on that HILLY.FRIGGIN.COURSE. There was just no let up on the hills. NONE. And the downhill portions were a short precursor to the next climb.


And it was HOT! Halfway through the second loop, I mentally checked out. Watch it…it happens quickly and it is damn near impossible to get back in the head game – impossible to get your mind back right. I just didn’t want to climb anymore. NOT.ONE.MORE.HILL! I was out.


Snivel, snivel, whine, whine. And the race was pretty much over. It wasn’t a race anymore. It was a “can I just get to the finish line before the cutoff” race mindset. Just endure long enough to get there.


…and then my West Point Classmate, John Crino, came WHIZZING past me on his bike, yelling “GO ARMY, CLASS OF 87’” and I got a little pep in my pedal. I mean seriously, I couldn’t have my classmate see me coming into transition all defeated and pathetic looking, right? NO WAY!


I beast it into T2 and try to hold it together for the 4 mile run to come…and of course, there was John look all fresh as a daisy, encouraging me to just keep moving. I’m almost done.


T2 – 3:43

PIDDLE. PIDDLE. SNIVEL. 2 TEARS (maybe 4) and I talked with my classmate for a bit. Sue me.


Run 4 miles 1:16:09

970066_10201049756382603_1044760491_nYeah, I pretty much walked that puppy. I was DONE. Stick a fork in me, DONE! My legs were lead. My foot was screaming at me. I was so hot, I felt like I was going to spontaneously combust. I don’t even remember the last half mile. I only recall sounds. I heard “COME ON LISA!!!” and “MISTY!! GET THE COW BELL”. I heard the cow bell and shuffled, hobbled and staggered to it. The cow bell got louder, I shuffled faster. I heard Shawn (Hard Body Outdoor Fitness) ask me what I needed. I think I said “The end” or “The Finish” and grabbed at the flag string that guided you to the finish chute.



…and in the most dramatic diva finish that only the TravelDiva could manage…I crossed the finish line, stood there a second and the lights went out. I came to seconds later to Shawn shoving bags of ice into every crevice he could find (and there are plenty) and volunteers and a medic pouring water all over me. First thing I said was “Did I cross the finish!!!??” If not drag me across the line, please.”


After a few minutes to make sure I was okay, I got my medal, shoved some more bags of ice in my shirt and walked straight over to Suzy Serpico of RipIt Events & RipIt Coaching

and asked if she and Danny would help me.


Laying on the ground – I KNEW – I was not going to make it the rest of the season without some solid guidance, some hands on, some serious accountability to get back in the game and get my HEAD GAME BACK.


Suzy & Danny took me on and after meeting with Suzy and discussing my challenges and goals, I knew I was investing in the right thing. Listening to Suzy and coming up with a game plan together was exactly what I needed and her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. The DIVA IS BACK.


So, I have my training plan for the month…and well, it’s not anything to joke with. However, this past week, getting out there and doing it – I felt the weight of doubt and uncertainty fall off my shoulders.


The HEAD GAME struggle is real. Despite all your conditioning and training, if you let the negative nellies & anxiety get in there – it’s like pour water on a gremlin. The resulting monster will wreak havoc on everything. The game; the race will be OVER.


Mental toughness. Head Game.


Get some. Now let’s RIP IT!!!