Product Review & Giveaway–Soy Protein Bars

I was recently given the opportunity to test out a variety of Soy Protein Sports Nutrition Bars. It can be pricey to try all the different varieties of sports nutrition until you find something that you like and works for you. I have usually gone by recommendation or tried something at an expo and if I like it – I stick with it. I don’t venture off the reservation too much and this opportunity gave me a chance to try 4 different bars.


I was sent receiving a variety of one Eat-Smart Bar, Nogii Protein Bar, Nogii Paleo Bar and NOW Energy Bar, as well as a “Powered by Soy Protein” Traveler Exercise Kit. 

EatSmart NOWnutschocolate-coconut_bar

Key Information Regarding Soy Protein:

• Soy protein is a high‐quality, plant‐based protein derived from soybeans

• Soy protein preserves lean body mass, promotes fat loss, and boosts satiety during weight loss

• A blend of proteins – soy, whey and casein, prolongs muscle building after exercise and increases recovery compared to whey alone

• Soy protein promotes muscle growth and development

• Soy protein is equivalent to whey protein for building muscle when consumed as part of a resistance training program

Soy protein has the ability to displace fat and sugar calories


I spread the taste test over a week either before or after a workout. My favorite was the NOW Energy Bar – DELISH!! The Eat Smart protein bar and the Nogii Protein Bar were very good as well. The Nogii Paleo bar – not so much. It tasted okay, but I couldn’t get through the whole bar. It was too sweet and I have “teeth issues” – I don’t like things that stick to my teeth, so this bar was a NO.


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“The products, information and two gift packs have been provided by DuPont Nutrition and Health.”