Journey to IMMD: It is too early for a Meltdown

At the beginning of this month…on a Sunday long run day…I had the first of probably plenty of meltdowns:


2017-04-02 11.45.42

Here I stand up against a tree at mile 5 of a 10 mile wog ~ which I WALKED ~ trying to get my head back in the game and get back to my car. (I reached out to my FB family of crazy for support)…Y'all send me some good vibes cause right now I wanna call Uber.

Imma eat my snack, stretch, do a gut check and get movin'.


I was no mo good and needed to get my ass in gear. My fellow RipItTeam Members, Friends, Family and #TeamRightBehindMe stepped up to the plate, gave me a virtual kick in the ass and I got to movin’….


I attacked 3.5 miles, which got me back to the lake and then I ran into turtle village…
2017-04-02 13.03.28  2017-04-02 13.03.36

I walked back to my car, enjoying the beauty,nature the sun and reminding myself why I am doing all of this. I checked in on my friend, Norm who was in the mist of slogging through IMTX70.3 and I prayed for his run as I know he struggles through injuries too. I made it back to my car and 10 miles were done. Ugly but done.


I wrote this on my FB page when I got home later that day:

I am humbled by the response to the first of probably many meltdowns as I adapt, improvise, overcome and train like a madman towards 140.6.


My friend and consigliere, Brett H Lewis, sent this to me to remind me of my why and that I am RELENTLESS!

I love you all and I hope you will stick with me through the ups and downs of this journey.
#TeamRightBehindMe #IMMD2017

2017-04-02 16.07.04