A Race Year In Review

2017 has been a year of big events and changes that required a change in plans & goals along with some awesome celebrations along the way. I haven’t had much time to blog and didn’t do my usual race reports. I decided to do a year in review instead to celebrate an awesome 2017 as I prepare for a FABULOUS 2018!

APRIL 9TH – Clydes 10k – 1:30:35 (14:28min/mile)
2017-04-09 13.08.15
Coming off of a shot in each knee and a recommendation that I learn to power walk if I want to keep at it and I had a goal of doing IMMD.

The brace helped and I felt like I crushed it even with that disrespectful hill coming up Rt 108.


21 MAY – Columbia Triathlon (Redemption)
Swim 47:56   Bike 2:20:58   Run 1:39:09
15 min overall improvement (5 Bike, 10 on Run)
        SWIM (2) BIKE
            Finish2 (2)  2017-05-21 12.07.14-2
You can practically feel the joy and exhilaration I felt at the completion of this race. Columbia Tri is a BEAST and has been my nemesis for ever. 2015 – Bronchitis and I raced anyway having to pull out of the run. 2016 – DNF having to pull out of the water, too damn cold, panicked and ended up in med tent for 30 min for high BP. YES I CAN!!

MAY 29th – JUNE 6th –
   2017-05-30 12.20.29 - Copy   2017-05-31 16.41.33
2017-06-01 17.46.24
2017-06-02 16.35.58 2017-06-04 15.17.44
2017-06-05 16.44.27
I had the most wonderful time celebrating 30 years together. Here is looking for 30 more. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

9-10 JUNE – Moved into New Home
This was the same weekend I had to make the command decision on moving forward with IMMD. All move, the travel and the new job travel requirements made it so I could not train like I needed to do if I wanted to be successful. Looking back at it now, I made the best decision for me and my family.
2017-06-18 08.06.0918 JUNE –Ellicott City 10k- 1:34:08 (15.16min/mile) – coming off of a decadent trip to London & Paris with the most training being lots of walking and a bike tour followed by the move, I was impressed with my wog! Especially, having to do that two mile climb. THAT WAS RUDE!
2017-06-17 19.04.16

15 – 16 JULY – DU THE 2 – Maryland Duathlon Challenge
        2017-07-15 09.59.37  2017-07-16 11.21.17
                    2017-07-16 12.09.11
Let’s just say that after 2 years of this back to back race…yeah. Imma stick to the OLY and call it a day. I seem to not be able to get my nutrition right, it is always hot as a mofo and running is my Achilles heel. My Sprint time pretty much the same from previous year and the Oly was the same except add 10 min onto the run time. I was so glad to cross that finish line. 2018…Just the OLY.

26 AUGUST – West Point Sprint Triathlon
Swim 21:49   Bike  1:04   Run 46:40 –
142291-036-021h (2)       2017-08-20 12.06.16
Took the podium again with a 3rd place Athena! YES!!

(SuperSprint & OLY)
2017-08-26 12.19.28
IMG_15038364558702017-08-28 12.32.26-2
Back to Back races and I didn’t drown, crash or fall. WINNING!! I followed it up with a vacation with my GlamBaby (and her parents too). Another fabulous racecation.

2017-09-11 09.03.13I decided to do this race at the last minute for grins and giggles since I wasn’t going to be doing IMMD. It is the first triathlon I ever did back in 2010 and I wanted to see how I have progressed over the years.
I cut off 47 – FORTY SEVEN MINUTES – off my race time and came in 1st in my Division. 10 min off the swim and 37 min faster off the bike – run was essentially the same. WOW!!!
I won an entry to ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ in 2018. Guess what the A race is for 2018!!

       2017-09-29 15.52.33-1  2017-09-30 11.14.37

5 NOVEMBER – Across the Bay 10k 1:32:05 Nothing to write home about, but I am not losing pace ground. One more puzzle piece to collect.
2017-11-09 12.06.54

19 NOVEMBER – Turkey Chase 10k – 1:28:54
My last race of the season and one of the best as I ran it with my son, Trooper Jordan Steptoe.
         2017-11-19 07.55.522017-11-19 09.36.43
It was a wonderful year of racing amongst a lot of celebration and life changes. You adapt, improvise and overcome as things are thrown in your path. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams. Shoot for the stars and if you land on the moon, you have a better view of the stars and are that much closer.

Wishing all of you a wonderful 2018…May all your days be Merry & Bright!