10 Year TriVersary–Do EPIC SHIT 2019


So, yeah, I was gonna do my first IM in 2017, but life sometimes gets in the way and you have to take a detour. I pulled out of doing IMMD17 – new job, job travel, injuries, family situations – not ideal.

2018 turned out to be a EPIC year of racing for me as it seemed that things started to click for me. Redefining what success looked like FOR ME, finding the joy in triathlon, changing my perspective about adversity & challenges and just #racinghappy brought Triathlon into a new focus for me.

The first race of 2018 that I just KNEW it clicked was at the 1st Bear Triathlon:

I was skinning and grinning the WHOLE DAMN TIME. I was happy that I could move forward. My mind was clear, the day was glorious (it was a rainy muddy mess) and the water was warm (it was not). I stepped up to the line and my only thought was it is a great day to be alive …let’s have some fun.

2018 EPIC Races:

Escape from Alcatraz         The London Triathlon         IM70.3 Atlantic City –Aquabike

After such an awesome 2018, what next? I decided that it might be a great time to go ahead and get that bucket list item done…My first Ironman – Full distance –140.6

I had the family meeting and The FireMarshall and the QueenMomz was in for the support system. Talked to Coach Suzy and she was YES YOU CAN!! And FastChix Hannah VonTanna came over and held my had while I registered on the IM Layaway A Race Plan – I was in dem “circumstances” from losing my job the day before A/C. So here I am!

I also registered for Eagleman70.3 in June.

Training started in January and I’m on pace to be ace!! I’ve been told that I have been remiss in my blogging (I have), so I’m going to try and do better on this journey to IMMD.


1. I pulled my “Talismans” out again and started wearing them everywhere like I wear my Garmin. Here is an excerpt about them from the post – Journey to IMMD – My Talismans:

…Then I started looking at all the "talismans" and their meanings and decided to put a set together that represented my journey to IMMD. My coach, Suzy McCulloch Serpico and trainer/mentor Shawn Chevalier always encourage to have that one word/phrase to get you through the tough times.

This is my word -->

RELENTLESS - to be a fiery, driving force that lets no obstacle or setback get in the way of achieving a noteworthy goal.

I put this set of bracelets together as my reminder of my why...  

SWIMMING - Perseverance, Heart, Sportsmanship

BIKE - Wellness, Movement, Spirit

RUN - Endurance, Heart, Sportsmanship

5 (Numerology) - Adventure, Free, Variety

FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Blessing, Fortune, Prosperity

GODSPEED (Cuff) - Journey, Blessing, Protection

2. Because my knees just ain’t what they used to be, I have had to find another way to “run”. I am more like a power wogger now. I have actually be training with a metronome set at 170 bpm (ultimate goal would be 180) and 1:30/:30 intervals. I have gone from averaging a 16/15:30 pace to a 15/14:30 pace in a few months. My first race of the season was The 41st Clydes 10k and I crushed it with an avg. 14:22 pace. My goal is to be able to walk a marathon like my classmate Charlie Jackson does (avg walk pace of 12:30 over 26 miles) when I grow up. Maybe not that fast after 112 on the bike, but a girl has GOT TO HAVE GOALS.

Join me as I go on this journey to do EPIC SHIT and be a BADASS! See you out there!