Hudson, New York - More Details

Well, we are back from our trip from the country and we were spared the projectile vomit from Cara on the way back. Everything was uneventful on the ride home except the fact that we knew we had to return to work. SUCKS.

While at the Pollhein Retreat, Terri and I visited the Sheep and Wool Show. Fascinating for a city girl. First time I saw an Alpaca in real life beside on one of those commercials where it would be great to have an Alpaca farm. Yeah right.
Cara is having a ball pushing her stuffed Llama (is that even spelled right) around and getting on the nerves of every New Yorker in site.

I saw so many types of yarn and wool, it would make your head spin. I'm crafty but this was over the top for me.

I'm going to stick to the antique shops - although some of these places thought that junk was worth a small fortune. I just couldn't see how an old RR sign that was mounted on a stand was worth over $700. I was just perplexed the entire day about how in the world that woman stayed in business. Really cute stuff but way over priced.

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  1. First of all, weren't you all trying to talk me into a llama farm at one time???

    Glad you made it home safe, but when are you coming back? I found a street in Hudson with all kinds of cute shops and (as far as I could tell) no livestock!!!