The Future of Army Cheerleading

Take a look at the future of Army Cheerleading. Cara went to school on Halloween in her Army Cheerleading outfit yesterday. She attends a private Christian Academy and we got in a little trouble when we went to pick her up for dressing her in a costume. "We don't celebrate Halloween, you know." Well, LA DE DA. We don't either, but I didn't think it any harm to have her dress up as the DIVA she is in training for. SO THERE!

Since today is picture day, I ran right over to Target yesterday and bought her the cutest outfit (red sparkle pants with a matching holiday sweater and new kicks that have sparkles on them too) HA! Got comments now?

Anyway, Cara will be ready for the Army-Navy Football game. We are trying to teach her the Army Cheer. GO ARMY-BEAT NAVY

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