IM70.3–Purpose Driven Training


I’m 3 weeks into my training plan with Coach Lionheart and last Saturday after a grueling brick workout, that there is a method to his madness. The first two weeks were pretty much a constant of me debating, arguing, fussing & fighting over each workout, frequency, timing, duration.


I believe that both of us (Coach & I) have evolved. Tarus in how he coaches me – me in how I accept and execute the information.  When Tarus started explaining to me the “WHY” behind whatever I was supposed to do that day/week…it started to make sense and in just this short period of time, I was feeling like the Six Million Dollar Man – better, stronger, faster.


With a PLAN & a PURPOSE, I have absolutely no fear that I can and WILL achieve all of my goals this season – especially FINISH STRONG in my 1st IM70.3 race. With my Coach & training plan…we have the technology, we can rebuild her…she will be better, stronger, faster.


I highly recommend that if you are taking on a big goal/race for the 1st time that you get and follow a plan. Train with a purpose. If you can’t afford a coach for your
event(s), there are SO MANY virtual, online, books, videos, youtube training plans, clubs, workshops etc. that you can use. I HIGHLY recommend that you follow some kind of plan. If your training is all over the place and you are just doing stuff to be doing it, then expect your results to be, well, all over the place.


So, you want to increase your run pace? Are you just running or are you putting in some intervals, speed work, hills etc.? You want to do a tri and you are sure that because you know you can frolic in the water at the beach swim…mmmm okay. Have you done any open water swims, practice swimming over a mile in the pool, come up with a game plan for when there are 300 other people in the water with you? How about that bike? Are you practicing specific skills, cadence drills, hill work?




Last year, I completed all those races. Yeah, I finished, but I didn’t get better, faster, stronger over time. My finish times were about the same. Yes, I got better from my very first tri, but then I was flat. Finished and that was all. This year, I want to be better, get better, look better. I still may not age group place, but I WILL improve. And that Ironman 70.3 – STRONG!!!!



Tell me, friends…are you Training with a Purpose? Share with us what you got going on.