SegWaying with the Ladies

Saturday Segway Tour of Annapolis. It was all grins & giggles till I flipped the damn thing in the middle of the street and busted my royal ass. Shit hurt, but the gazillion dollar camera was A-OK.


IMG_0907 IMG_0908 IMG_2250

IMG_2251 IMG_2252


We had a lovely tour of downtown Annapolis followed by lunch at Prussers – which had THE BEST PainKillers & Bushwhackers on the planet – like EVER! Rounded out the day with some light shopping with the Queen Mum (new beach hats, bags & replenished the cigar stash – ready for the OC Vacation).

IMG_0913 IMG_0921

IMG_0928 IMG_0924

You should take the time to check out downtown Annapolis & the waterfront. Makes for a great weekend excursion.


Side note: Organizing an event for the Usual Suspects is like herding cats – damn near impossible. I pass the baton onto another member of the Tribe.