Vow Renewal–25th Wedding Anniversary Party

weddingparty4The party was EPIC! OMG!!! We had just the best time ever.


So many of our friends and family joined us in what had to be one of the greatest celebrations EVER!!


From all of the friends & family, the food (which was delicious if I don’t say so myself), THE RUM PUNCH! (let me give credit to Ila Gator- girrrrllllll), the rum punch replenishment crew of Bert & Misty, the entertainment crew of Seth & Mirella who brought a moon bounce for the kids (the laughing & screaming could be heard 20 miles away) AND produced the FIREWORKS display – WOW, JUST, WOW! …

IMG_0840 IMG_0864

…to the SURPRISE of the century! (Ron is just way to good at that keeping secrets stuff) – my classmate, my differential equations buddy, bestest friend & WP Gospel Choir Director extraordinaire – Walter Cunningham & his partner Eric – flew down from Dartmouth to celebrate with us. What a most incredible gift!


Sunday was fantabulous as well! We had BIG BREAKFAST with all of our overnight guests - Jeff & Regina Thor, Walter & Eric, Val & Manny (and my baby Maia) & Darren Blackwell who came back over & provided champagne support for the morning mimosa’s.




Enclosed is a video from the Vow Renewal Ceremony! Thank you to our very own Pastor Robby Davis from our church home – Celebration Church –for blessing our day.