IM70.3 Cozumel: Bike Packing–RET TA GO!


SOOoooo…The Bike Box exchange was made from another member of MidMaryland Tri and it was time to pack up the bike for Cozumel.


I GOOOO.GLED my box, downloaded the basic instruction and tonight I got busy putting my bike in the box – tucking Dominique Diva Dawes and nice & neat into her flight suit for our trip to Cozumel.


Mmmmm….Hmmm…It took me almost 2 hours to get Double D all snug as a bug. WHY you ask? ‘Cause I want her to arrive in the same mint condition (more or less) that I put her into the box.


Here we go…

bikebox2  bikebox4

I quickly got the wheels off of the Diva and then I used the Velcro ties to secure the chain (chain stays?).

bikebox3 bikebox5

Once the wheels were off, chain stay’s secured, I place the Diva in the box. There is a skewer inside the box to clip the front of the bike to and the frame rests on a Styrofoam block. I was ecstatic that I didn’t have to take off the pedals or the seat. Two less things I had to worry about.  There are “hooks” on the bottom of the box to secure your bike to and make sure it doesn’t move. I secured the pedals to the frame with more Velcro strips and then stared down the handlebars to figure that out. After looking at it for a while and finding the right hex key to fit, I was able to lift off the handle bars with minimal fuss & muss. I turned them on the side, secured them to the frame and WHA LA! I was ready to put the wheels, bike pump and some bubble wrap in for final measure.

bikebox6 bikebox7

Wheels in. Pump in. Some other bubble wrapped gear in the bottom. I put a layer of bubble wrap around around the tires and over the bike, top on, secure and I’m RET TA GO!!!


COZUMEL HERE I COME…best not forget that passport. Hmmm…let me go pull that sucker out NOW.