Princess Cara RUNS!


My Princess is turning into a regular athlete – and a bling seeking one at that. Wonder where she got that notion from?


I’m so proud of my little athlete.  Princess Cara always wanted to go with Mommie on her workouts/training sessions and so I got her some gear and took her with me when I could or put her on the treadmill…and now, since I gave her my old bike, I have her on the trainer as she learns to shift and break on a road bike. (Going from a Barbie bike from To.ysRU.s to a road bike is a BIG.DAMN.DEAL in my book)


And I’ve created a monster. What kid do you know that gets a ‘tude cause I wouldn’t let her get her workout in on the treadmill at 9:30pm on a school night? Only my kid would ask you about her next race and, when you present her some options, want to see what the bling looks like before even considering it. Only my kid NEEDS to go shopping for a coordinated outfit before the race AND wants her own sparkle gloss for her lips “like mommie.”


Careful what you say and do around your kids. They are sponges and mimics. I can’t help but laugh…if swim, bike, run for bling with coordinated outfits and gloss is what she got from me…I’ll take it.


IMG_2725 IMG_2726

These pics are from the Tridelphia Ridge Elementary School Retriever 5K Run – the PTA’s largest fund raiser for the year and first 5k. It was well put together for a first time event and Princess Cara was excited to run it with her BFF Sam (in the Gap sweatshirt).

IMG_2732 IMG_2733

Imma tell ya what…I see track star or distance runner Olympic hopeful in her future. Well, that’s the Ambitious Mother with dreams of scholarships and going to the Olympics talking. She might just only want to do it for grins, giggles and bling like her Mom. We will see. What I do know is the Princess is FAST. Gazelle fast. And makes it look effortless. (*secretly hates her guts* – HUMPH). Almost every picture I took of her, shows her feet not even touching the ground. She moves as if she is gliding along on the air. Speedy.

IMG_2734 IMG_2735

So, when I see her coming round the corner almost at mile 1, leading the adults and dusting the kids, I’m thinking she is gonna TAKE ‘DIS RACE. Like 1st in her age group and I’m jumping up and down like a RunMom wishing I had more cowbell and a horn.


…and just like that, her BFF said she just couldn’t go that fast any more. So, the Princess stops and says “Don’t worry, I will wait for you. I won’t leave you. We can do intervals.” As my hopes were dashed of a 1st place win, my heart soared that I had trained and raised her up to be a good BFF and running partner. I know she got that interval business from me (cause she is WAAAAY faster than I am and she needs to stay with momz when we run).


IMG_2739 IMG_2740

Princess Cara never left Sam and walked/ran with her until they got near the finish line – where she brought it in like a champ. It was way slower than I know she could have finished it, but she finished with her friend (who, I found out, had never ran before that day).


Princess Cara RUNS!!