I’m Gonna Be Okay…


My son.


The Prince, Heir to the Empire, Protector of the Realm…


GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE … and is embarking on a great internship. He also has made it to the final selection round to become a State Trooper.



Living his dreams.



…and I’ve managed to keep it together (mostly) as the apron strings slowly unravel. My baby boy, my Prince  - he is all grown up. He’s a man. Mommy not needed- not like before. Now, I’m just Mom and my job is done.


I think we did pretty damn well. We raised up a great young man, as we should, and now I got to let him go and do his thing. I thought it was going just about kill me, that whole letting go thing, but I’m okay, I think.


I’m gonna be okay. I’m pretty sure.


We are so proud of our son. Cheese eating grin proud. He is going do great things…and I’m going to be okay.


Just call your momma erry now and then.