Race Report: Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon

womendu127This right here is EVERY. SINGLE. THING!

The race report – WHATEVER! The fact that Princess Cara wanted to race too and worked at it to earn her bling brought me sheer joy.

Watching all the kids pour their hearts out on that course was the highlight of the day. To see these kids hustling out there without fancy bikes (how bout that ToysRUs Barbie Bike with the basket on front or the SpiderMan “mountain bike” that looked like it just got its training wheels taken off), running shoes or heart rate monitors was AMAZING. Just getting some fitness in and having a blast doing it. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

This was my second year doing the Maryland Women’s Sprint Duathlon and it was the Inaugural RipItEvents Youth Sprint Duathlon. The Women’s Sprint went off first at 7:00am and Princess Cara insisted in coming with me at O Dark 30 to hang with mom and cheer me on until her race started at 10:15am.
womendu010 womendu019
Cara and I racked our bikes, got marked and hung out with a bunch of ladies from LiveNowTriNow and SoleTriSisters. Finally, it was time for us to line up and get the party started.
womendu024 This was the first race since the dramatic (and depressing) performance 3 weeks before and 2 weeks into workouts with my new coaches – Suzy & Dany Serpico. Those two weeks of pretty damn intense workouts and focus had me feeling I was getting my mojo back.

The JOY WAS BACK. Three weeks previous and even before that, I stopped having fun at what I loved and it was sucking the life from me. JOY WAS BACK. I was having fun again.
RUN                           BIKE                               RUN

….and collect the BLING!!
Sooooo, how I’d do?

Despite the foot issue, I knocked off 5:39 min off of last years time.

GO ME!!!!

Where did I get the time. TRANSITION and a few min on the bike mostly. TRANSITIONS DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE and I am a big time piddler in transition. Which Suzy gave me the side eye on during our 1st meeting. “No more piddling around, Lisa. Get moving, keep moving.” Yes, ma’am.

                   2012 Results                                                2013 Results
Run             23:53:91  (11:57 pace)                                 25:54:51  (12:57 pace)
TI                  3:36:23                                                     2:14
Bike             1:08:57   (11.3 mph)                                    1:03:42   (12.3 mph)
T2                 3:31:95                                                      3:11
Run              30:46:51   (15:24 pace)                                30:02   (15:01 pace)
Total           2:10:45                                                      2:05:06

I was thrilled. I felt pretty good during the entire race and I realized that maybe, just maybe I’m not going backwards with all this work. I AM moving forward and improving. Am I getting faster as quickly as I’d like – no – but I am getting better and I’m still having fun.

As for Princess Cara…she RIPPED IT!!!!
              womendu100 womendu108
She came in 10th overall out of 52 in her age group and the 5th girl. I’m so proud of her! She wants to get into a youth running group to work on her running and she is looking for the next race. I’m glad she finds JOY in the fitness too…but who doesn’t like to collect the bling.
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