Roots: Going Home w/Momz

At the beginning of this month, I went with my mom to her hometown, Honesdale, PA, to hang out, visit some old “haunts'” and go to the 151st Wayne County Fair – where Monster Trucks, 4H w/giant zucchini and pig races are the major highlights and fun.



I remember a many visit to my grandparents house WAAAAYY up the hill from the town proper in Bethany (I suppose you could call that a suburb or development – kinda). Grandpa wasn’t all that thrilled about my parents getting married, but he sure did love his granddaughters.


He would bundle us up and take us to his favorite bar each night we were there and we would have chili burgers and drink “soda” (sometimes we had beer) out of those old Welches Jelly jar/glasses and listen to old soldiers, factory workers and coal miners tell stories and dote on us.




I remember hiding in the library, which was a little house that didn’t look big enough to hold more than 50 books. When I was a little girl, the house/library was huge, smelled of old books, newspaper and wood and was the most magical place in the world to me. I hid under the entry hall table with a book and read all day. The library is still there.


I remember Day’s Bakery and the special holiday treat of Lebkuchen cookies. Guess what! Day’s Bakery is still there and they had Lebkuchen’s available in AUGUST! GO US!


I remember shopping on Main Street and going to the movie house. The only movie I remember seeing there was Fantasia. The movie house is gone but we still found great shopping on Main Street, although we had no idea how all those consignment, antique and nic-nak shops stayed in business there.


I remember the giant star on the top of the hill that was lit up every night. The Star is still there and is now a memorial park.


It’s funny that now that I am doing triathlons that I look at roads in a different light. How difficult would that ride/run be? What is the incline or elevation I would have to climb? I came to the quick conclusion that there was NOT.ONE.PLACE in Honesdale or any of the surrounding area that I would dare ride my bike as the climbs are IMHO damn near impossible. If you need a HEMI truck to get up the hill, then my bike certainly aint gonna make it under LisaLeg power.


It was a blast of a trip down memory lane with my mother. We had a great time and just so you know…you have not lived until you have YEEEEE HAAWWED at a Monster Truck Show or bet on your pig to win in a pig race. Good Times!


Check out the video slide show for grins and giggles.