Bad Omen? I think NOT!

There are two and a butt days till The Columbia Triathlon and this morning was an easy 25 min continuous swim. I left the house and forgot my swim bag with my goggles, lap counter, temp trainer in it and had to turn around to go back and get it.

I get to the pool, put on my goggles and SNAP! broken strap...(see pic)

Well, DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN! I sat there in edge of pool feelin mighty low. I started letting fear, doubt and uncertainty creep in. Da Hell I gon' do if this happens just as I'm getting in water on Sunday? Is this a bad omen of things to come? 

Oh HELL TO THE NAW!! I think NOT! It ain't going downt like dat!! 

I sat on the edge of the pool and it took me 10 min to jerry-rig those goggles. I turned my frown into a smile; deciding that instead of an omen it was an OPPORTUNITY---an opportunity to think through a solution (swim without and keep your damn eyes shut - won't be able to see nuttin no way in Centennial ) AND an opportunity to go SHOPPING for some new gear (see how I turned just needing goggles into a gear shopping spree).

Those jerry-rigged goggles held for exactly 26 min before the strap popped again. WORKOUT ACCOMPLISHED!

Meet me at REI! 

I may be slow...I may even come in last...but I WILL finish and, by the way, I WILL also look mighty good doing it!

Columbia Tri...I'm bout to RIP IT! And RIP IT GOOD!