Race Report–RipIt Events EC5K


                                                    NUFF SAID!!!


This is what exhilaration and victory look like. Victory over pain, victory over fear, doubt and uncertainty. PURE JOY. Did I complete the 5K in a pace to write home about? NOPE. However, there is victory in the small blessings…

  • I RAN the whole way, even uphill.
  • I RAN without pain. The foot is on the mend. FINALLY.
  • I was not DAL (dead ass last).
  • I finished feeling like I could have done the 10k.

The journey to IM70.3 Princeton is looking good. The plan is coming together and I’m gaining ground week by week. I do have “bad” days…like when you are in the lane with some kid from the swim team and they lap you doing the damn back stroke. BASTID. Or when someone 20 years your senior passes you on a hill climb on a gosh darn hybrid. SERIOUSLY?!! And EVERYBODY runs faster than me, so I’m at least over that.



Truth of the matter is that I’m competing with only myself and I am whoppin’ her ass day by day.


Let’s RIP IT!!