Race Report: Team HardBody @ Rebel Race

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Team Hard Body Outdoor Fitness under the auspicious leadership of Shawn Chavalier gathered together a group of fitness crazies to tackle the 2014 Rebel Race. Erin and I, for grins and giggles joined the team and off we went.


I had a blast and I’m sure I can speak for the rest of the team. It was a 5k course full of ‘relatively’ easy obstacles, a bunch of trail running and a good amount of mud. I took it leisurely like on the course because all I could think about was the tongue lashing I would get from my coach, Suzy Serpico, if I injured myself…and while I attempted every obstacle, if I felt like I couldn’t make it or busting my azz was a certainty, then …well…I let it pass.

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This was a lot of fun – made even better with friends – but I would not do it again. My passion is Triathlon/Endurance Events and the obstacle course races require a different type of training and skill set that I don’t possess. I can use pure strength, determination and perseverance; however, that will get you only so far and brute force and will power will end up getting me hurt. I put too much money, time, effort, sweat & tears into training (suck it up, Princess) that ain’t nobody got time for a “self-inflicted” injury.


Thanks for the great time Hard Body Outdoor Fitness! I had a blast with all of you!

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