Race Report: Maryland Olympic Duathlon


This was the redemption tour of this race after last years debacle…if you missed it, read up on it here – Maryland Olympic Duathlon 2013 Race Report -


Last year was awful. I felt awful. I was still in pain from the foot injury, I was trying to train myself and it was just not coming together. AT ALL. I passed out at the end of last years race and knew, once I came to and was reassured I had crossed the finish line, I needed help.


I teamed up with RipIt Coaching and submitted myself to the rigors of a coaching plan from Danny & Suzy Serpico…and slowly but surely, under their tutelage, I have been making a comeback to the best me!


July 13th, 2014 was an EPIC day.


First, my BFF from since the beginning of time (40+years) and West Point Classmate who is like back in Oakland Mills Wrestling/Football Team shape (Mike Bennett), threw down the gauntlet and surprised me by signing up to do the race with me. WOW! It made this redemption race all the MO BETTA!

MikeLisaStart1RUN 2 MILES – 26:08 (+16 sec –bout the same as last year)

I took my time. My game plan was to take it easy, constant run, feel good and put it into the bike. I was happy with it.



BIKE 26 MILES – 2:14:43

HOT DIGGITY DAMN. Almost 4 min off last years time. You better werk!!! I still need lots of work on hills and climbing but I am so psyched about this progress on a rather challenging course. Those hills are NO FRIGGIN JOKE!!


What was different? Spin90, hydration/nutrition and a TIGHT HEAD GAME. I was ready – mind and spirit – for that second look. Just get ‘er done…and I DID.


BTW – I renamed my bike…OATH KEEPER (if you are a Game of Thrones fan, you will get the reference). Keeping my oaths, one stroke, one spin, one step at a time.


RUN 4 MILES – 1:12:07 LisaRun

Even though it was HOT AS HELL and my legs still felt more like cement blocks than bricks, I knocked 4 MIN OFF OF LAST YEARS TIME!! GO FRIGGIN ME!!! All I wanted was to finish standing up this time and to feel good (pain free) and that is how it went down. Shawn from HardBodies came and got me for the last 2 miles and for a short period I lost it. I got in my head that I was disappointing him, that if I didn’t get it together I would be letting him AND Suzy down. I think he could see me falling apart. I don’t know/remember what he said but just as fast as I was crumbling, he had me calm again – just like that – and back focused. And there was the finish line…


VICTORIOUS! with a total of  –9 Min off of last years time. RIPPING IT!


As for Mike, He RIPPED IT and RIPPED it good for his first race. AWESOME SAUCE!


UP next…The Ocean City Games 1 mile Open Water Swim – IN DA OCEAN! Stay Tuned.