The Creation of a Diva

The creation of a diva is no easy task. It requires dedication, focus and certainly money (wasted on a 3 year old). Anyway, we have started Cara's indoctrination early with an outing to the MALL...Starbucks, Nail Salon, the kid Jewelry Store, and the Merry-Go-Round.
The rules are simple:
2. Introduce them to the spa concept early.
3. Teach your diva apprentice how to sit quietly with your nails in "the light" so as not to ruin our polish.
4. Sitting quietly is best achieved with a Frappachino Mocha Light ONLY from Starbucks.
5. Shopping must follow immediately after with a Dora necklace, bracelet and matching purse (Heaven Forbid they don't match)
6. Daddy MUST "Sit Down" on horsey for two whirls on the Merry-Go-Round (Ron looked like someone shot him in the head as his horse went up and down and round and round).
7. Grocery Shopping can ONLY be accomplished if you have your own car.
You will know that you succeeded in you Diva Training when a new set of vocabulary words dominates vs the basic ABC's & 123's: Shopping, Amex, Nordstrom, NOW, Nails, Paint feet etc. The true test is when your budding Diva can point out the shoes she wants from the Nordstrom spring catalog. I believe I've created a monster.


  1. Oh! Poor, poor Ron! 2 Divas under the same roof!

    And speaking of Ron, how come no photos of him on the Merry Go Round?


  2. Anonymous10:13 PM

    My poor Daddy has three amazing DIVA's and a DIVO.... What is he suppose to do. Well, I know he better get ready to carry some luggage soon with 29 days until the BAHAMAS BABY!