Random Thoughts

I can't stand those bumper stickers that are all over How.ar.d Cou.n.ty...."Choose Civility". Bahh Humbug. It seems to me that the people with one plastered on their car are the FIRST ones to try and snap crazy.

HUMPH. To the lady who I parked crooked next to, apologized, and moved car again so you could get in - YEAH YOU - the one with the sticker who then had a smart azz remark....

I Choose Hostility.

I was not really surprised that the judge felt the way he did. I only have to turn on certain news or talk radio stations to know that that kind of mindset is alive and well. I was a little surprised that he would articulate his thoughts so well to a major news source and then kinda shrug his shoulders like "Whaaaaatttt????"

Doesn't matter...I have piles & piles of black friends and I even let them use my bathroom & kitchen.

I am looking into whether I can sue my mother for all the years of suffering she caused me by marrying a black man.

Doesn't make much sense though...she lives here - what would I get?


Yes, I was fascinated by the giant mylar balloon zooming across the Colorado sky. After a while, even my limited knowledge of the science of lift & flight made it apparent that the boy was not in the balloon. SO WHERE WAS HE?

Hiding in the attic? Really. "But you said we did it for the show" *Cue vomit*

I agree 100% with HandyHotNESS-KY...I don't think they should go to jail at all. Give them a bill for all the services they wasted perpetrating this hoax and then make them have to spend the rest of their lives working to pay that bill off.

Every last dime.

How many times/ways do I have to say NO! No, Nerp, Nada, Never, Not Happenning.

Stop asking.

I'm AM the 12th Man on the Army Football Team! So, every Saturday until after the Army-Navy game on December 12th you will be subjected to my On Brave Ole Army Team rants (win or lose).

Don't interrogate me about my product, tell me what can't be done and then ask me how you can get a job in my industry. Byatch, What?!

I had a wonderful time this weekend at a wedding. The FireMarshall and I still got it and can cut a rug. We were showing the young folk how to really dance.

Then we needed Mo.trin & Be.nG.ay.

I just tested my first commercial product. My review and contest coming shortly. Stay tuned.

My house has been taken over by a 5 year old. There are toys on every level - in every room of my house. Barbies in every state of undress. A tea party going on in my family room. A classroom in the sunroom.

And you wonder why I self medicate.

Heroes is just not doing it for me. I've switched to House. He chooses hostility. Me likey.

Soiz...shouldn't we kidnap HH-KY for her birthday? I think so. *looking at airline tickets*

What's she gonna do. REFUSE? Humph!

I can't wait for my son to come home from college for Thanksgiving. GMa Sandy and I are working on the FAB menu.

Our Army-Navy Football Party is DA BOMB! Dec 12th...be there or be square.