Pumpkin Carving & Decorating

We carved and decorated some pumpkins on Saturday. Let me tell you...carving pumpkins is NOT for young children...no matter how simplistic the face is. It involves a sharp knife (even those pumpkin carving tools are sharp) and just a little bit of muscle. No child of mine was gonna be handling a pumpkin & knife without help...which means I did the actually cutting part.

Princess Cara scooped & scraped (I didn't really want to do that part anyway), helped trace the pattern she picked onto the pumpkin, connected the dots with a pen and then I did the carving. To keep her occupied while I was cutting, we had another pumpkin that she could paint & decorate as she chose.

Worked out well & she had a great time.

Who does the true carving (if you do it at all) at your house?