Lessons from Microbiology

Every now and then, take your phone out of its protective case and wipe that sucker down with an antibacterial wipe!

(Growth from cell phone-bottom pic, upper right)

Carry antibacterial gel, use it and or wash your hands after using public stuff...yuck.

(Growth from keyboard in college library - bottom pic, upper left)

Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough. Damn...just walk around with a mask on; the air is gonna kill you.

(Growth from 20 min of medium being exposed to air- bottom pic, lower left)

Good to know that people must be washing hands or using hand towels to open door as exit bathroom. JUST DO IT!

(Growth from inside bathroom door handle- bottom pic, lower right).

P.S My lab buddies call me Ma'am, apologize for every curse word and want to know if they can be in my study group...I am the group. I think I'm the lab group mom. Sigh.