Sidelined–Injury Setback

Foot-bone-diagram-with-labels The Saturday before the inauguration, I busted my azz – tripping over my own feet and somehow bruised (or something) to the medial cuneiform bone in my left foot. At least that is where the pain is.


I took a week off of running, but had to do all that walking during the inauguration weekend. I did a 6 mile run last Sunday, followed by 2 3miles runs later in the week. There was a mild ache but nothing that some motrin and biofreeze (yeah, I use that ointment of life everywhere). I thought I was past it and was all set to get in a 10 mile run this morning…


EXCEPT…I tripped up the damn stairs in my house and the pain in that area of my foot returned full force. So bad that by Saturday night I could barely put pressure on that area of my foot. I iced, motrin’d and biofreezed up and it was back to a dull ache this morning. Now, as I type this I barely notice it…unless I try to stand on my tip toes. I can do it while holding on to the wall or a desk, but not very long unassisted. BUMMER – those tippy toe poses in Bikram were some of my strongest. I’ve been reading up on injuries to the cuneiform bone and am no pretty much scared to death that this is just going to be something I have to deal with like FOREVER since (if not broken) is difficult to treat, rarely show up on x-rays or MRI’s and doesn’t heal quickly at all.


SIGH. I’m going to take another week of hard core running off and use the elliptical. Spin & Swim. I have a half marathon coming on Feb 24th. I’m thinking I need to reevaluate my goals for this race. I haven’t been able to get in the running time or keep to the training schedule due to this problem.


Back to the slow as frozen molasses pace. Definitely doing the 3:1 interval plan for the entire race. How about I finish and not last. This just SUCKS…but maybe, just maybe I’ll learn something from taking a moment to slow down and embracing the molasses.