Bobbing & Traveling

Well, its been a bit since I've chimed in with a daily adventure; however, I have been held captive at a training class for the last week and have to leave home to go back for another week tonight. I have finished the first week of training and while a lot of it is extremely interesting and "need to know", I have been doing the classic "bob & travel" around 2 pm each day. Perhaps its the lunch but more likely it has been some of the material. I was sure at any given minute my forehead would slam onto the desk and/or I would just bust my head on the giant 4" 3 ring binder that's open to some page describing Physiology and Normal Hemostasis - WHATEVER! Who the hell am I gonna talk to about platelet aggregation to. NOBODY. Nice to know. Not need to know. I am up to drinking about 3-4 XS energy drinks a day, trying my darndest not to eat another mf'n M&M and I still can't stay awake. I have resigned myself to standing up in the back of the class and praying that I just don't' pass out. Standing in 3" heels for an hours seems to be working thought.

I did have one extremely embarrassing but hilarious moment last week - Another Bathroom Hi jinks. I think the toilets in the women's bathroom are lower that the baby toilets at Cara's school. You practically have to do the Kimshe (sp?) squat to even get near the damn thing. Well, in a rush to get back to class after the break, I executed the ultimate hover maneuver without exactly ensuring that all clothing was out of the way of the impending stream. Well, to my horror we had a little splash area on the back of my damn BRAND NEW ST. JOHN SLACKS! SH*T!!!! Okay. What does a Diva do? I finished my business and waited till everyone had hustled back to the class. I removed the slacks, rinsed out the offending splash area, and proceed to use the hand dryer to dry my slacks. Envision this picture...I'm standing in my suit jacket, pantyhose and pumps, drying my pants by the hand dryer. THANK GOD nobody walked into the bathroom during this time. I was 15 min late getting back to class - nobody said anything and the secret is safe with you and me.

Only in my life.

Gotta get ready to catch my train back to NJ - don't ask...I don't know what exit. Somewhere near Newark.

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  1. Missed you last night at Wasabis....how was your trip? If you didn't have to study all night, I might just pop up there and see what kind of trouble we could find....LOL

    NOT your ST. JOHN'S PANTS! OMG!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! hee hee hee

    Later, diva girl!